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Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin


As the Gryffindor Seeker, catch the Golden Snitch and help defeat the Slytherin team.


[2.23] Welcome to Quidditch, Iím your commenter, Lee Jordan! Itís Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

The Quidditch pitch has three goals at each end


The Chasers throw the Quaffic and try to put it through the hoops to score. Watch out for the Bludgers. These are charm balls that can knock you off your broomstick! Two Bealers on each team try to keep them away. Gryffindorís new team Seeker is Harry Potter. Itís his job to find and catch the Golden Snitch.

Another voice (rebuking) says: Jordan! No favoritism!

Sorry Miss!


Remember, first avoid the Bludgers, then find and catch the Snitch. The game is over when the Snitch is caught. Good luck!

And theyíre off! Letís play Quidditch!

This is a hell of a flight! Youíll have to follow the Snitch and itís going up and down, left and right. Itís fun though! But when Harry comes near a warning will tell you:

Press JUMP to catch the Snitch!


Press jump and catch the Golden Snitch. Harry will have won the Quidditch game!

Harry caught the Snitch!


Let's follow Harry into the