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Incendio Challenge (B)


Continue collecting the last 3 of 8 Challenge Stars.

Find 1 Secret Wizard Card. Find 2 Secret Areas.


[2.8] Harry is standing in a room, in front of a closed gate.


Turn left and cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner. You’ll be rewarded with 4 Bertie Beans. On each side of the door you’ll spot a Flipendo switch in the corner. Turn left and cast Flipendo on the switch.

Flipendo on the switch    


That will open the gate but also a hidden hatch in the wall between the sign and the gate, releasing a Gnome. Be prepared to stun the Gnome with Flipendo.

Turn to the other side and repeat. This will open the second gate (a grille) and release a Gnome.

Get rid of the second Gnome too


Enter through the gates and continue. Left you’ll find a Save Book and a Challenge Star behind a closed gate. Turn right and behold... a monstrous six-headed Tentacula!

Cast Incendio on the giant Tentacula


When the Tentacula is (temporarily) stunned run around it and do not touch its leaves (auch!). Cast Flipendo on the switch in the opposite room. That will open the gate.

Turn around and cast Incendio on the Giant Tentacula once again. Run around and grab your 6th Challenge Star and save.


[2.9] Cast Flipendo four times on the green Dragon statue to extract its BB Beans.

Go around the statue and catch a Chocolate Frog.

A Chocolate Frog is hiding behind the Dragon statue


Go out and on your left there is a corridor with a row of three Spiky Bushes on each side. Cast Incendio on all six to clear the walls.

When you’re inside, a gate behind Harry’s back will close. Check the corners of this room: you’ll find a Choc Frog and two chests. Open them with Alohomora to collect more Beans.

From the middle of the room you’ll notice two blocks facing the walls each carrying 3 Flipendo signs. Harry should move the blocks sideward.

Stand in the sliding track – left or right, it’s all the same - and cast Flipendo on the block. Behind it was a hidden switch. Cast Flipendo at the Switch on your right side; it will open the opposite gate. The switch on the left wall will open a second gate (grille).

Flipendo at the switches...

...opens the gates


Enter the gates, turn right and – if you need more health – catch the Frog. If not, keep the Frog as a desert, you may need it a bit later.

Now you’ll see a dark corridor with fluorescent Tentaculas.

Fluorescent Tentaculas


Cast Incendio on the first Tentacula on your right and temporarily stun it. Pass it very close and climb the ledge. Turn around and when the Tentacula wakes up, stun it again with Incendio. Climb the second ledge and eat or leave the Choc Frog.

Ascend the slope and climb two high steps. Turn around and jump to the ledge. Again, turn around and jump to the ledge. Turn around and you’ll see a ledge with a Flipendo switch. Jump to the ledge and cast Flipendo at the switch.

Flipendo at the switch...

...will open the exit gates


Turn around and notice a Secret Ledge with a Challenge Star and a chest. Jump to the ledge and acquire your 7th Challenge Star.

Would that be my final Star?


Get a whole bunch of Beans out of that chest with Alohomora. Go all the way down to the step with the Frog. From the edge on your right cast Incendio on the Tentacula.

Cast Incendio from here


When it’s stunned, jump down and run through the gates. This way, you have avoided the middle Tentacula which is very hard to stun. Eat another Choky and turn left where you can save by the Book.


[2.10] You’ll be entering a small labyrinth with 10 one-headed Tentaculas hanging on the walls.

Cast Incendio on the first Tentacula to stun it. Harry can safely pass and quickly stun the next Tentacula. Be fast and pas all 10 Tentaculas. There are two Chocolate Frogs on the way. Past the tenth Tentacula you can climb the step on your left and lift up on the wall.

On the other side of the Secret Area there is a chest. Jump from wall to wall and open the chest with Alohomora. Harry will earn his Wizard Card #47: Edgar Stroulger, 1703-1798, Inventor of the Sneakoscope.

Harry’s 10th Wizard Card


Return to the opposite side by the grilled gate and jump down by the door. Stun the Tentacula opposite to the door (the ninth) and cast Flipendo at the switch on the wall. That will open the gate to the 8th and final Challenge Star.

Follow the path until you’ll arrive at a very peculiar Greenhouse with a central (but dry) fountain, four kind of geysers and four Flipendo sluices. Cast Flipendo on each of the water sluices. That will let water flow from four sides into the fountain which will start pouring water. The opposite gate will now also open.

Flipendo on the sluices


Pass the gate and follow the path until you’ll meet Prof. Sprout:

Congratulations, Mr. Potter. You completed the challenge!


You’ve collected all the Challenge Stars! 20 points for Gryffindor! Now, off you go.


Let's follow Harry into the