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Herbology Class


Complete the Spell lesson.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card. Find 1 Secret Area.


[2.3] Harry enters the Greenhouse and meets Professor Sprout.

Welcome, class. I am Professor Sprout. Today weíll learn the Incendio Spell, which is useful against all manner of dangerous plants.

Observe the correct Incendio symbol. Hold down the left mouse button and follow the pattern. Then, release the button.

The Incendio pattern


Obtain 5 points for mark 50%, 10 points for mark 65%, 15 points for mark 80%, and 20 points for mark 95% - the same thing as always when learning a Spell. You can get a total of 50 House points for Gryffindor!

When you master the Spell, Sprout says: Now itís time for the Incendio Challenge. Through the doors, Mr.Potter. Iíll watch you from the balcony.

Harry enters a room full of a kind of cactus plants: Those are Spiky Bushes, says Prof. Sprout. You may cast Incendio on them but step back to avoid their needles.

Cast Incendio on all of the plants and step back whenever you do.

Incendio on a Spiky Bush


Cast Alohomora of the chest and extract a BB Bean. Cast Flipendo on the wall switch. A door will open, releasing two Gnomes. Quickly stun each of them with Flipendo.

Proceed through the opened door and cast Flipendo on a cauldron. Careful here! A third Gnome will try to get you! Behind the corner thereís a save book.

Save by this book


[2.4] In the next greenhouse room Harry will find lots of Spiky Bushes and a Tentacula.

Approach the Tentacula and Sprout will say: This is a typical species of Venomous Tentacula. Cast Incendio to wilt it.

After you wilted the Tentacula with the Incendio spell Professor Sprout goes on giving instructions: Good work. Now collect the Challenge Stars to complete your lesson. Away you go!

Now why are all of these Spiky Bushes here? Of course... to deceive Harry! Cast Incendio on each and everyone. Find a chest in each of the four corners and cast Alohomora to retrieve the Beans from them.

A chest was hidden


Now leave this chamber and get your first Challenge Star.

1st Challenge Star


Now you will arrive in another Greenhouse with a tree in the middle. In each of the four corners there is a plant case. Cast Alohomora on each. The case will then fall down and unveil a Flipendo switch on the wall. Cast Flipendo on these four switches. Each plant case will erect and hide the switch again.

Then, the tree in the middle will rotate and go down in the floor, opening a staircase going down.

Go down and stun the two Gnomes with Flipendo. When thatís done youíll get a Card! Take the Wizard Card #19: Newt Scamander, 1897-present. Celebrated author of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

Wizard Card and Challenge Star


Cross the bridge and take your 2nd Challenge Star. Ascend the staircase and save by the book.


[2.5] Cast Alohomora on the lock of the door.

Harry enters the next room with a girl who is standing in front of a large tree: Those vines are attacking that poor tree!

A kind of Fairy is flying in: That looks like a Doxy!

When the Doxy attacks cast Flipendo on it to get rid of it. Donít let it come near to Harry, it will bite him.

If Harry approaches the tree heíll say: Those vines are dangerous! Iíd better not step on them.

Donít step in the water either, itís some kind of acid. Cast Incendio on each of the vines and the treeís branches will lower down.

Incendio on the aggressive vines


On the right side there a Frog jumping up and down on a branch. Jump to that branch first and have the Chokkie. Jump to the second branch.

On the second branch


Next, jump to the third branch and get your 3rd Challenge Star. Jump to the fourth branch and gather the Beans. Jump off the tree and cast Alohomora at the lock on the second door.

When the door opens, two Doxies fly in. Cast Flipendo on each of them. Go inside and cast Flipendo on the cauldron to earn a few BB Beans. Thereís a save book on the right side. So... save.


[2.6] Jump to the wooden ledge where you will see an arrow pointing to the right side.

Follow the arrow: climb the spiral staircase. Youíll arrive at a ledge with another arrow. There is a Tentacula behind the tree. Cast Incendio to temporarily stun the carnivorous plant.

Stun this Tentacula before jumping


Jump to the opposite ledge and stun the next Tentacula. Go down from the stairs and an elevator will lift Harry.

You may now look down in the hollow tree. Climb these stairs, turn around where the arrow is pointing to the left side and jump to the ledge. Cast your Spell on the Flipendo switch.

Flipendo on this switch


That will trigger the elevator by the tree left of the switch. First cast Incendio on the Tentacula, then jump on the elevator platform when it arrives.

Ride down and jump to the ledge with the next Challenge Star. Grab your 4th Challenge Star and ascend the stairs to save by the book.


[2.7] There are 4 Gnomes in the room on top of the stairs.

Some kind of Flipendo stuff first!

Left cast Incendio on all the Spiky George Bushes Jr. That will release a chest! Cast Alohomora on the chest and release a whole lot of Beans!

Go to the next room and empty the cauldrons with Flipendo. There are three Wingardium Leviosa statues here. Levitate each of these onto the plates behind them.

Place the statues where they belong


When the three statues are lifted onto the plates return to the previous room where the grille door will now have opened unveiling a Flipendo switch. Cast Flipendo on the switch.

That will open the door to a next Challenge Star! Go take your 5th and final Challenge Star and enter a next sublevel.

Let's follow Harry into the