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Fireseed Caves


Collect the Fireseeds.

Find 2 secret Wizard Cards. Find 8 Secret Areas.


[2.17] When Harry enters the fence, Hagrid calls him: Harry! Over here!

Come along, then... I’ve somethin’ ter show yeh at me hut. By the way, congratulations on making the Quidditch team! Word travels fast ‘round Hogwarts.

Hagrid takes Harry into his hut:

Welcome to me home, Harry


It’s small, but still roomier than yer cupboard under the stairs, eh? Now I can show yeh what I wanted ter talk ter yeh about.

Hagrid shows Harry a Dragon’s egg in the fireplace:

It’s a Dragon’s egg, Harry. But it’s our secret, mind yeh! The egg is in a very delicate stage. I can’t leave it here alone, but I need some Fire Seeds ter give it that last burst o’ heat ter make it hatch.

Harry, can yeh fetch me some Fire Seeds? I grow them in caves, out in me garden. I need yer to collect as many Fire Seeds as yer can find. Careful though. They’re spittin’ fire and the seeds are hot. Let ‘em cool down ‘fore yeh pick ‘em up. Off yeh go then!

Harry leaves Hagrid’s Hut. Follow the arrow behind the open gate. Immediately past the arrow a Doxie will attack. Make it vanish with Flipendo.

A pesky Doxie flies in past the corner


The road follows under an arch. Stun the two Giant Orange Snails with Flipendo and pass them safely.

Past the arrow pointing to the right, turn left behind the bushes and find a chest.

Cast Alohomora on the hidden chest


You’ll get a one and only Bertie Bott’s Bean out of that chest. Now follow in the direction of the arrow and enter a cave. Take care of an attacking Doxie.

Climb the ledges by the far wall, turn right and jump to the central block. Turn left and jump to the next block. Cast Alohomora on the Secret Door.

Alohomora on the Secret Door... unveils a hidden chest


Go inside and cast Alohomora on the chest for a number of Beans. Go out, jump from the vertex of the edge to the central block and from there to the block with the Chocolate Frog. Follow the arrow inside the cave. You’ll see two Giant Orange Snails in this cave with waterfalls.

The Orange Snails look rather green to me


It’s easy to pass the Snails without stunning them. But before doing that turn left and look down.

Some ledges are leading down...

...jump down...

...and find two chests


Cast Alohomora on each of the two chests in the Secret Cave and get out all of their Beans.

Go up past the Giant Snails and continue to the next cave where you’ll have to jump from block to block on your left side until you reach a ledge with a Save Book. Save the game.


[2.18] Look to your right.


You’ll notice a Doxie in a cave entrance and an arrow pointing at another cave entrance. For now, continue straight on. In the next room there are two wooden beam doors, left and right, and in front of Harry there is a mechanism with a Flipendo sign.

Cast Flipendo on the mechanism


The left door will slide upwards. Go in. Turn right and cast Alohomora on a Secret Door.

Alohomora on the Secret Door...

...unveils an entrance


Enter the Secret Area and turn right.  You’ll have to jump over a gap, but on the other side there is a patrolling Giant Orange Snail! First cast Flipendo on the Snail, quickly jump and continue jumping to the next ledge.

On your right there is another room, with a chest and a mechanism. Open the chest with Alohomora and take out the Beans. Flipendo on the mechanism will open the beam door on your right.

Go in. Recognize this room? That’s were you entered before. Go ahead and look at your left: that’s the cave with the Doxie and the arrow.

Continue straight ahead and follow the arrow into the open air. Jump right to the ledge.

Keep on jumping


Jump to the next ledges until you may enter a new cave with a Chocolate Frog. Do not enter the cave but instead look down.

There are ledges on your left side


Jump down to the first ledge. In this cave you will find your Wizard Card #17: Morgan le Fay, Medieval, dates unknown. King Arthur’s half sister. Dark Sorceress. Enemy of Merlin.

Your next Wizard Card


Cast Flipendo on the mechanism in this cave. The central pole will go down now. Jump onto it and ride upwards.

Ride the pole


Jump off. There’s a Chocolate Frog, catch and eat it. Go out here and observe the scene.

Cast Flipendo on the pole. It will fall and form a bridge to the opposite side. Jump and cross the bridge to the arrow. Jump to your right to the Save Book.


[2.19] Go through the waterfall and cast Flipendo on a boulder that is blocking Harry’s way.

The rock will roll further. Cast Flipendo on that boulder again such that it will tumble into the void. Jump to the opposite side where a chest is hidden in a Secret Area.

Cast Alohomora on the chest and take the Beans. Return to the cave where two boulders are blocking your way out left and right. Move them away with Flipendo.

Turn right and enter a room with a Chocolate Frog and a chest. Open the chest with Alohomora and augment your treasure of BB beans with one extra Bean.

The other room has an arrow pointing in the direction of another boulder. Move it away with Flipendo. Enter the new area and turn right.

That must be a Fire Seed plant. Hagrid told me to stay away from the hot seeds.

The first Fire Plant


Cast Flipendo on the plant. It will shed three hot Seeds. Let the Seeds cool off and grab the three Seeds. The log beam door will open then.

In the next room a Doxie will fly in. Make it disappear with Flipendo. Cast Alohomora on the chest in there and take away the Beans.

Now you’ll be entering that ledge where saw the Doxie before, remember? That’s the one you just made vanish. Turn left and jump to the ledge with the arrow. Continue left and save.

There is your next Save Book!


[2.20] Jump to the next two blocks and to the waterfall on your right.

Enter and cast Flipendo on the next Fire Seed plant. Wait for the seeds to cool off and grab 3 more Seeds. Go out and jump to the block with the arrow to your right.

Follow the arrow, jump to the next block, turn right and climb two ledges. You’ll spot a chest in a cave, but don’t jump there... Harry would tumble into the deep and... faint! Instead, turn left. Jump to the next block, and jump to the waterfall.

Jump to the waterfall


There is your 3rd plant. Catch up to 9 Seeds! Cast Alohomora on a Secret Door.

Alohomora on that entrance


Go inside, cast Alohomora on the chest and take out the Beans. Jump out the waterfall, turn right and jump to the next ledge. You’ll see an arrow in front of you, pointing to the right. Instead go left.

Here is your 4th plant. Cast Flipendo and take the cooled off Seeds. Now, you’ll have 12 Seeds. Go out, follow the arrow and cast Flipendo on the boulder.

This one will roll down from a ramp. Go down. Now you’ll be going to be acquainted with another fine pet: the fire shitting colored Turtle!

This one will point its ass at Harry and launch some fireworks at him! Cast Flipendo on the Turtle and knock the bugger on its back. Cast Flipendo to push it into the hole. Climb the ledges and save by the Book.


[2.21] Follow this passage to your left and cast Incendio on the two-headed Tentacula to pass it safely.

Harry already knows that. You’ll find a Chocolate Frog. Cast Alohomora at a Secret Door on your left, just past the Tentacula. Follow left, and cast Alohomora on the chest to retrieve the Beans. Cast Flipendo on the mechanism and the door on your left will open.

Go inside. You’ve been here before! Climb those ledges again and this time go right. Stun the one-headed Tentacula with Incendio and follow the arrow.

Back inside, follow left. In this corridor Harry has to stun two wall Tentaculas (with Incendio). He will enter a room with his next plant. Cast Flipendo on the plant to extract the glowing Fire Seeds. Now Harry has 15 Seeds!

Go out on the other side. Again, there are these two Tentaculas. Stun them with Incendio and follow the passage. In this room, you’ll find a Chocolate Frog, an arrow pointing to the right, a chest and a Save Book.

The room with the chest and the Save Book


Cast Alohomora on that chest and take one Bean. So, please, save.

[2.22] Follow the arrow, you’ll be back on a ledge above the pool.


What now? It seems like there is no way out of here.

Cast Flipendo on the Stalactite.


The Stalactite will fall down so Harry can jump onto it. Turn halfway left and cast Flipendo on the second Stalactite. Jump to that one too. Cast Flipendo on the next Stallie.

Now you’ll notice an arrow pointing left on the next ledge. Turn right and cast Flipendo on the Stalactite. Jump to the ledge with the arrow. Then, jump to the stalactite that just fell down.

Jump to the Secret Room with the chest and open it with Alohomora. Take out a couple of Beans. Go out and jump to your right and on to the ledge with the arrow.

First enter the room on your right and cast Flipendo on the plant. Now you have collected 18 Fireseeds. Go out by the arrow and cast Flipendo on the next Stallie on your right.

Cast Flipendo on the Stalactite


Again, one more Flipendo on a Stallie and you’ll be watching two Giant Orange Snails on the next ledge patrolling. Pass the two Snails by casting Flipendo on them and proceed to the next cave where an aggressive Turtle is shooting its ass to hell!

Cast Flipendo get the Turtle on its back, and once again Flipendo to push it into the water below.

Go left


Jump the blocks in the water and continue in the corridor. You’ll be entering a new cave. Jump to the block. Turn right and observe two Giant Orange Snails on other blocks.

Cast Flipendo to get them stunned and jump to these blocks and on to the third block. Turn right. Jump to the next ledge. Climb the ledges until you’ll reach a room with a chest and a mechanism.

Cast Alohomora on the chest. Take out the Beans and cast Flipendo on the mechanism. The door on your right will open. Go in, ignore the left opening and follow the passage to the arrow to your left.

First go right and cast Flipendo on your last plant. Collect up to 21 Seeds. Now follow the arrow and cast Flipendo on the boulder blocking Harry’s way.

Go down the ramp and on to your right. Harry will run to Hagrid’s Hut: Great work, Harry! Yeh’ve collected all the Fire Seeds I need. Here’s a Wizard Card fer yeh, from me own collection.

Hagrid offers Harry a Wizard Card


Walk to Hagrid and he will give Harry’s Wizard Card #48: Salazar Slytherin, Medieval Wizard, dates unknown. Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the Hogwarts houses.

Come on inside, Harry. Wipe yer feet now!

Hagrid and Harry go inside the hut: Go ahead and put ‘em in the fire, Harry. Yeh’ve done it, Harry! It’s hatchin’! Ain’t he lovely! I’ll call him Norbert. He’s a Norwegian Ridgeback, yeh know. Up Yeh come, me beauty!

Watch Norbert being born. Hagrid is very grateful: Thanks, Harry. Here, take this flute. It can be used ter help some creatures sleep.  Keep that in mind!

Harry receives a flute


You’d best get ready for Quidditch now. Should be an excitin’ game! Slytherin‘s a tough team, but you’ll show ‘em, eh? Hmm, we‘d better give Norbert his first feed soon. 


Let's follow Harry into the