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Remembrall Chase


Knock Malfoy off his broom until he returns Neville Longbottom’s Remembrall.


[2.12] Harry and Malfoy face one another hovering on their brooms.

Give me back Neville’s Remembrall, Malfoy!


But Draco Malfoy keeps on challenging Harry: You want the Remembrall back? See if you can catch it. And you better watch out for my Bludgers!

Follow Malfoy in what is going to become the thrill ride of your life!

You’ll have to constantly press the acceleration button to keep track of him AND avoiding obstacles, bushes, trees, tunnels, bridges and on top of the Bludgers Draco is erratically launching.

If Harry hits any obstacle he’ll loose stamina, so keep an eye on his health meter.

The ride is like hell!


Each time you succeed in hitting Malfoy he will loose some stamina too. Watch his own health meter in the lower left corner.

After some 4-5 hits a warning message will appear if you’re still on his tail:

Press JUMP key to bump Malfoy!


Press the jump key and it all will come to an end. A cinematic will follow where a deeply frustrated Malfoy is blaming Harry: You damaged my broomstick, Potter!

You’ll pay for this!


Here, take the stupid thing! I’ve no use for it. Malfoy throws the Remembrall at Harry.


Let's follow Harry into the