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Forest Edge


Find Hagridís Hut.

Find 2 secret Wizard Cards. Find 7 Secret Areas.


[2.14] Follow the arrow into the hollow tree Ė a bridge to the opposite side.

Cast Flipendo on the log and that will roll away from Harry. Go left into an inner garden with all kinds of logs. Notice a number of Spiky Bushes on the ledge. Proceed on your right near the wall and turn left.

Cast Flipendo on the log blocking Harryís way, and let it roll into the niche in the rocks. Turn right and cast Incendio from this spot on the Spiky Bushes.

Incendio on the Spikies


You canít flatten the middle Bush though, now matter how hard you try Incendio on it. So climb the lower tree trunk on the left side of the long log.

Climb this trunk


Follow the log and climb the next trunk. Climb the ledge and the next log in the direction of the arrow.

From here, cast Incendio on the remaining two Spiky Bushes and hop down to the chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest and take the BB Beans out of it. Climb the previous log again and observe the situation.

View from above


Jump to the next log and cast Alohomora at the chest on the other log.

Cast Alohomora from here


The chest will spit out Bertieís Beans tumbling down. Youíll have to go all the way down and pick them up. Hey! Isnít that something? Now Harry discovers a Secret Entrance!

Thatís why the Beans fell down!


Go inside and cast Alohomora on the chest to extract a single Beanie. Climb the ledge in the dark area on your left. Climb another ledge and follow the passage.

Youíll be entering a garden full of patrolling Giant Orange Snails. Quickly cast Flipendo on the attacking Doxie.

Orange Balls and a Doxie


Pass the Snails (you may either stun them with Flipendo or quickly pass one, avoiding its track of acid slime). Past the second Snail another Doxie will attack. Apply Flipendo.

Climb three ledges at the end and apply Alohomora to the chest to obtain a whole lot of Beans. Return past the Snails to the log garden and climb all the way up, jumping your way to the ledge on your left.

Pass three more Giant Snails and find a Flipendo arrow pointing at a tree log and an arrow pointing at a Save Book.

Two arrows and a Save Book


Better save here.


[2.15] Go after the Chocolate Frog on the right of the Flipendo arrow.

This arrow means:

Cast Flipendo on the log...

...and it will collapse into a bridge


Suddenly 3 Doxies in a row attack from the left side of the bridge. Cast Flipendo on them one by one and get rid of these nasty flying pests.

Cross the log bridge and cast Alohomora on the chest on the opposite side. That will get Harry more Beans.

Run to the left side of the Snail, have a Chocolate and cast Flipendo on the next log (see that Flipendo arrow?). That will form a new log bridge.

Let the Snail pass by and climb the trunk. Cross the bridge. From the trunk past the bridge you may observe the scenery first.

Lots of trunks to jump on


Jump to the next two trunks on your left side. If you fall down, walk up the ramp and cross the bridge once again. Turn right and notice a hidden chest in the central bushes.

A hidden chest in there


Jump in and cast Alohomora on the chest. Itíll get you some Beans.

Jump out to the trunk again and to five more trunks on your right.

On the last trunk


Youíll see an arrow pointing at a Save Book. So Ö save.


[2.16] There are three Spiky Bushes on your left side.


Cast Incendio at the outmost right Bush and inflate it. Now that will unveil a hidden Flipendo switch on the rocky wall.

Cast Flipendo on the Switch and the hollow log above the water will rotate through 90į and form a bridge to those...

Spiky Bushes?


Cross the bridge and inflate these two Spikies from a safe distance with Incendio. Jump to the opposite side. The arrow is pointing at a passage infested by 2 one-headed Tentaculas glued on the walls.

Thatís right, Harry, youíve done that before. Cast Incendio on the first Tentacula and when itís stunned pass it and cast Incendio on the second one.

Turn left and jump from the ledge on the left side, out of reach of that Tentacula. Stun it with Incendio and jump from the ledge by the arrow.

Itís getting a bit tense now.  Youíll have to cross a narrow passage with two Tentaculas in front and three patrolling Giant Orange Snails.

Tentaculas and giant Orange snails


Stun the Tentacula on your right with Incendio and pass it. Immediately stun the Snail on your right with Flipendo and pass it.

Before following the arrow to Hagridís Hut turn left and cast Incendio on each of the five Spiky Bushes in the corner. That will unveil an arrow and a chest.

Cast Alohomora on the chest for a number of Beans and go left into the Secret Cave. Go up and down some ledges until youíll enter a dark cave with a couple of pools and a chest. Alohomora on the chest will get you more Beans.

Behind the chest thereís another arrow. Climb the next ledges and reach a chest in front of a waterfall.

Cast Alohomora on the chest and seize your Wizard Card #35: Bowman Wright, 1492-1560. Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.

The Card near the waterfall


Return all the way to the entrance of this Secret Area and quickly hit all three of the giant Orange Snails with Flipendo. When theyíre stunned all three together a secret block will rise.

The block left of Harry has raised


Climb the block and cast Incendio on the first Spiky bush on top of the steps.

Inflate that Spiky bubble


Climb the next step and cast Incendio on the second Spikey.  Climb the next step, follow the path over the bridge and take the BB beans on the way.

Youíll be entering a Secret Cave with a chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest, obtain some Beans and the Wizard Card #11: Herpo the Foul, Ancient Greek. First known creator of the Basilisk. Return all the way down and follow the arrow to Hagridís Hut.

Hagridís Hut


Approach the fence and Harry will go inside.


Let's follow Harry into the