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Hogwarts Front


Attend the second Flying lesson which is located in Hogwarts’ grounds.


[2.11] Harry is standing on the path leading to Hogwarts’ Entrance door. He watches Hagrid trimming the bushes.

Walk up to Hagrid.

There yeh are! I hope yeh did well in yer Herbology class!

Hagrid is always pleased to see Harry again


I’ve got somethin’ I need to talk to yeh about. Be best ter discuss it back at me hut. Meantime yer goin’ to be late fer yer Broomstick trainin’. Off yeh go.

Continue along the path and find a chest on the right of the fountain opposite to Hogwarts’ Entrance. Cast Alohomora on the chest and retrieve a whole lot of BB Beans.

Go left but don’t follow the ramp going down yet. Turn right and you’ll meet Hagrid again. He’ll give Harry some precious advice, one of the following three variations:

Yeh’d best go an see Neville Longbottom, he’s over by Broomstick Training. Yeh’d best get over an’ see Neville. He’s got himself cornered by a pack of Slytherins.  Or: Looks like yer friend Longbottom is havin’ a bit o’ trouble with Malfoy.

So now you understand that there is something going on with Longbottom being hustled by Malfoy and his gang of Slytherins!

Go on and turn left under the bridge. Grab all of the Bertie Bott’s Beans you find on the grass and talk with the guy by the Quidditch Pitch entrance.

He may also formulate one of three phrases that he obviously keeps repeating:

Go to Broomstick Training, Potter. Don’t be late.

Come back when you’re big enough to fly a broomstick!  Or:

Go to your lessons, Potter. Quidditch isn’t for first years.

OK, got the point? Harry has to go practice Broomstick Lesson! So, return and you down the slope. Ron comes running into Harry:

Here comes Neville – he looks quite upset. Best go and see what he wants.

Neville seems in panic:

Please help me


All of a sudden, Malfoy and his Slytherin pack join in: So Longbottom has gone snivelling to you. And you want me to give you his precious Remembrall?

Apparently Malfoy has taken away the Remembrall from Longbottom: I think I’ll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to collect... how about... up a tree?

Think you can catch me?


Come on then, Potter!

So, THAT’s Harry’s Broomstick Lesson, in


Let's follow Harry into the