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Level 3: Skurge

[3.1] Leave this area and turn right to the entrance of the Quidditch Arena.


Your Quidditch entrance


Follow Oliver to the Quidditch Pitch. We’re going go make sure we win the Quidditch cup this year and the way we’re going to do that is practice, practice, practice… First, a quick recap of what we learned last year.

The red ball is called the Quaffle, and it’s the job of the three Chasers to get it past the enemy Keeper into one of the Goal Posts. But you don’t need to concern yourself with that.

There are also two Bludgers flying around, which you don’t want to get hit by. But don’t worry, each team has two Beaters who try to keep them away from you.

The Goal Posts and the Bludgers


Last and most importantly, it’s your job as Gryffindor’s Seeker to catch the Golden Snitch before the enemy Seeker does.

Since Harry’s been off all summer, let’s start out easy. Oliver is going to throw up just a Snitch for you: try and catch it.

When you are nearing the Snitch press jump to catch it!

Well done! You’ve caught the Snitch!


The rest of the Gryffindor team arrives so let’s play a mock game of Quidditch. Oliver is going to have a Gryffindor stand in as an enemy Seeker. You’ll need to make sure she’s out of the way before you can catch the Snitch. Press jump to push her away.

Both Seekers have their own Health meters


After the practice the Slytherin team comes joining our friends. Hey, they’ve got new brooms… and it looks like… yes they are! They’re Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones!

Apparently Lucius Malfoy made a very generous donation. Remember that jealous guy we’ve met in the bookstore? What are you doing here, Malfoy?

I’m the Slytherin Seeker now! Perhaps someday Gryffindor will be able to afford new brooms!


Mudblood… the nasty name some Wizards use for other Wizards who were born to non-magical parents. And speaking of mud, October arrived damply at Hogwarts, spreading a soggy chill over the grounds and into the castle. A different kind of chill would soon set in as well…

The Wiggenweld Potion 

[3.2] Harry meets Hermione: It’s time for Potions class with Professor Snape! We don’t want to be late…you know what he’s like.

Before following Hermione to the Dungeons turn back and go up the stairs to the Gryffindor Dormitory. Enter the Common Room and turn left. Cast Alohomora on a chest.

You will obtain the bronze Wizard Card #26: Almeric Sawbridge, River Troll. There is a Save Book by the fireplace. Remember that Book should you want to save later on.

Go down and follow Hermione to the Dungeon in the Entrance Hall. Down the stairs turn left and cast Alohomora on the wall, where there is an “I” sign.

There is this funny sign on the floor. Look up and you’ll see more Beans hovering above. Would that sign mean some future magic Spell for jumping higher? It sure looks like a spring to me!

You’ll be entering a dark corridor and Hermione enters the first opening to your left. Better go check the whole new area first. The opening to your right leads to a room with some green jelly. Not much to see in there – for the time being. But remember that place.

Walk in the corridor and cast Flipendos on the iron soldiers. (right: 3 x / left: 2 x). Boy, that will give you some Beans. Get more Beans out of the chest. Ignore both entrances past the chest and follow Hermione.

Enter the classroom. Today you will attempt to learn the art of mixing one of the most useful potions ever concocted…the Wiggenweld potion. It seems like Harry has just volunteered to show the rest of the class how this is done.

A Wiggenweld potion will restore some of your lost stamina. Even a single bottle is capable of healing the most grievous wounds. Walk up to the chest and take out the two ingredients: Flobberworm Mucous and Wiggentree bark. Then walk up to the cauldron near to the chest. Don’t go to the other chest since Prof. Snape will call you back: where are you going boy? Get back over here and complete your lesson!

Observe Harry adding the ingredients from the chest to the cauldron and mixing them


You now have a Wiggenweld potion. To drink the potion, press space bar. From now on you may purchase the ingredients and brew the elixir for yourself!

Therefore, there are cauldrons like this one throughout Hogwarts:

These are the only cauldrons in which Wiggenweld potions can be made


So now you know what these smoking cauldrons were all about.

Harry, Ron and Hermione return to the corridor and discuss the brewing of the concoction. Suddenly the scene turns purple once again and the evil voice says: Come… come to me… let me rip you.

Our friends flee to the common room and witness the murder on Mrs. Norris (the cat of Filch). In her blood is written on the wall:

The game is turning somewhat weird now


Then this nasty Malfoy and his gang arrive: Enemies of the Heir, beware! You’ll be next, Mudbloods!

But then Aldus Dumblemore appears. She’s been petrified, but how? I cannot say…

Please, return to your dormitories!


Everyone at Hogwarts was disturbed by the attack on Mrs. Norris and the mysterious words scrawled on the wall. Rumors and speculation spread…

Hermione, in particular, was especially affected. Ron and Harry became sure that she was up to something… but, whatever it was, she remained tight-lipped.


The Skurge Spell Lesson

[3.3] Harry meets Hermione again outside the spiral staircase. We have to get to Charms Class, Harry. And I have an idea.

We should ask Professor Flitwick about the Chamber of Secrets. He’s bound to know something. Let’s go!  Follow Hermione to the Hall of Floating Stairs. Welcome to Charms class. Today we shall be learning the Skurge charm.

Hermione and Harry ask questions about the Chamber of Secrets. Prof. Flitwick tells about Hogwart’s history. There were four founders of Hogwarts:

Godric Gryffindor

Salazar Slytherin

Helga Huttlepuff

Rowena Ravenclaw

Prof. Flitwick


Slytherin wanted to admit only the Wizard-born students at Hogwarts. The other founders refused and as a result, Slytherin left the school.

He built a secret chamber in the castle, of which the other founders knew nothing… with a great monster to guard the chamber from within.

The legend states that one day, Slytherin’s true Heir will return to open the chamber and control the horror within. And then, all who are not Wizard-born will be purged from Hogwarts.

Now, back to magic reality. Try not to focus on all this Chamber of Secrets balderdash… concentrate on the symbol in front of you.

Hit the corresponding arrow key


When you’ve successfully learned Skurge in three rounds, it’s time for you to test your newly learned knowledge in the Skurge Spell Challenge!


The Skurge Challenge

[3.4] You’ll start with 2,000 seconds and you know what to do to reach the completion Star!

This is the Completion Star of the Skurge Challenge


Cast 2 (right) and 4 (left) Flipendos on the iron guys in the antechamber. That will give you a few Beans and take away a lot of seconds. Now you know how that green substance is called: Ectoplasm!

Skurge the first Ectoplasm and enter the next room.  Turn right and then left, down the ramp.

Turn left by the 2nd Ectoplasm and hit the cauldron with Flipendo. Now Skurge the Ecto and unveil a hidden Flipendo sign in there.

Cross the wooden beam and Skurge two Ectos on the floor to clear the way (you can cast Skurge to free items that have been trapped by Ectoplasm).

Clearing the way to push the beam


Now cast a number of Flipendos on the beam. The beam may then serve as a launch pad for your next jump.

Before doing that, jump down and cast Alohomora on the “S” sign in the right corner. Inside, open the chest for the bronze Wizard Card # 32: Bridget Wenlock 1202-1285, Famous Arithmancer.

Climb up to the beam and jump to your 1st Challenge Star. Go down the stairs, see a Choc Frog and flip the cauldron for a Bean. Save by the Book.

Save here!!!


[3.5] In the next room there are many Ectoplasm blobs.

Cast some Skurges on them to clear the passage and open the Chest. Do a Alohomora on the red bottle. Stun the fire Crab with Rictusempra and cast Flipendo on the green bottle for more Beans.

Eat the Cocoa Frog and proceed into the passage with 3 more Crabs. Get them on their back with Rictusempra and flip the cauldron for Beans. Catch your 2nd Star and run down the stairs.

Harry’s 2nd Star…it’s Peeves!  Skurge him 4 or 5 times and he’ll run off.

Well, if it isn’t spotty grotty snotty Potty-wotter! 


The door to the next room has also opened. Look through one of the three windows in Peeves’ room and notice 3 green Ectoplasms on the opposite wall.

We’ll have to get to that room as well


Pass the door to the Dragon statue and Cast Alohomora. A cut scene shows how a panel in Peeves’ room slides down and how another panel above a ledge slides up in the other room. Go in there and cast Skurge on each of the green blubbers so you may proceed along the narrow ledge. Capture the Beans and… Star #3.

Walking up the stairs to the Star


When you take that Star a door to your left slides open.

You’re back in the passage with a Crab. Quickly turn left and run down the stairs to Peeves’ room. Outside there is A Save Book near the Dragon Statue.

[3.6] Leave this section for a next room.

Cast Flipendo on a beam. It will rotate through 180° and barricade the access to a Challenge Star. Casting Flipendo won’t help…

Cast Flipendo twice on the Wizard Statue and get more Beans. Then, cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and a secret entrance will light up.

Descend the stairs, grab a couple of Beans and cast Flipendo on the bottle on the floor. You’ll get a Wiggentree Bark in return.

Cast a spell on the Flipendo sign and the beam will turn to its original position.

You’ll be entering a low room with a Choc Frog and some Beans. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm and unveil an exit. Proceed till the chest, cast Alohomora and take the bronze Wizard Card # 53: Greta Catchlove, 1960-present Author.

Run up the stairs, grab a purple Bean and turn left. Take the orange Bean, turn left and stun the Crab. A door opens: watch the Crab in there.

You’re back in the room full of Ectos! Run straight to Challenge Star #4.

Harry’s 4th Challenge Star


Turn left and smash the chest for the bronze Card # 66: Flavius Belby, 1715-1792 Only wizard. Go down the stairs to a Save Book.

[3.7] Eat the Frog if you’re hungry.

You’ll hear some funny voices now.  Skurge the Ectoplasm to your left to unveil a Snail plate. Stun the Giant Snail with Rictusempra and shuffle it onto the plate with lots of Flipendo. That will open a secret door in the passage. Cast Alohomora on the chest inside and earn the silver Wizard Card # 14: Fulbert the Fearful, 1014-1097 Famous.

Flip that cauldron. Turn toward the room on your left and notice two Ectoplasms on the floor, a Snail and a sealed exit door in front of a Challenge Star.

Cast Skurge on both Ectoplasms and look up to the ceiling. Cast Alohomora on the trap-door. A Snail drops onto the platform that will lower by its weight and partly open the exit door. With some luck the other Snail will drop in as well.

Look through the windows in the other room and shoot a Flobberworm Mucous out of the bottle on the ledge. Return and jump on the other platform. You will ride down and now the door to your 5th Star is completely opened – at least for a while. Run out of the pit to the other room, grab some Beans and the Flobber Muke and head for your 5th Star. Open the chest for a couple of Beans.

Your 5th Star and a chest on the side


Go down the stairs and flip the cauldron. Ignore the Gargoyle for now. In the blue Hall you’ll make acquaintance with a Cornish Pixie. Troublesome and annoying creatures, they are. If they touch you, they will bite, so try avoid them. Rictusempra will stun them.

Now be careful here, because this is where you may easily miss the 6th Star. DO NOT follow Nick and certainly don’t shoot the Ectoplasm down there. If you do, the ledge will lower down with Harry and you can’t go up again.

Cast Alohomora on the wall fresco but don’t enter the new room yet. Return to the Gargoyle but first cast Alohomora thrice on the small chest on the table and earn some tasty Beans. Now cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That will temporarily light up a hole in the floor of the room you’ve just opened in the blue Hall. Go inside, take all the Beans and jump down to Star # 6 and some more Beans.

A trap-door is sliding open after you’ve jumped in here


Jump below and stun 2 Crabs. Quickly cast Alohomora twice on a small chest on the floor.

Catch the brown Frog. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm above the grilled door, remember? That’s the one I warned you about when you just stood upstairs. The door will open, get inside and seize Star #7.

Your 7th Goldstar


Run and jump to the ledge with the Ecto and Skurge it. The two ledges will start moving now. Make a tricky well-timed jump to the other ledge and cast Flipendo on the opposite sign. When you do this, you'll see a secret passage being opened BEHIND YOU!!! So, turn around and jump from the moving ledges. Turn to the right and enter the room to find the silver Wizard card # 59: Gregory the Smarmy Medieval, dates inknown.

Jump back to the silver Card

If you miss the jump you’ll have to start all over at [3.7]. Jump to the ledge with the cauldron and cast a flipping Spell on it.

Walk up to your right and open a chest. Stun the Pixie that flies in. Enter a strange looking room with a Star on top of a ledge and a sort of balance in the center. Flip the cauldron. Look up to the ceiling and cast Skurge on a Green slime.

Go in the other room and flip the cauldron. Proceed upward, pick up some beans and flip the cauldron before entering the top room.

The top Room with Challenge Star #8. Notice the Gnome


Take the Star, and throw 2 Gnomes in the hole in the small room with a chest that you should break. It contains the bronze Wizard Card # 84: Roland Kegg, 1903-present President.

Cast Flipendo 3 x on the block with the sign on it and it will fall through the hole onto one half of the balance.

The block will keep the balance in position


First flip 2 cauldrons in the top room, cast Alohomora thrice on a small chest and Flipendo on a red bottle. Gather some Beans.

Jump into the hole after the block, ascend the balance and catch the 9th Star. Take the beans and also those in the chest. Watch out for the Snail.

Now cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Run down the ramp and jump on the lit ledge. Look up and cast Alohomora on a spot near the ceiling. A secret door will open to a ledge with Star #10.

Alohomora! Your final Challenge Star!


Jump, take your Star and turn left where a door just slid open. Turn left and jump down. You may wish to open the chest: it will let Peeves escape. So… you better don’t.

Hit the Completion Star to finish Skurge Challenge with your personal high score.

The Completion Star! End of the Challenge!


You may always return here and improve your score. It’s the door next to the statue. Your next objective: follow some chap to the House Point Ceremony.

The Second House Point Ceremony

[3.8] Now before following this chap to the House Point Ceremony room turn left of the Statue, go up the stairs and follow the corridor till the next stairs that are going down.

Look at the wall on your left side and notice a discolored part in the wall. Cast Alohomora on that part and a Secret Room will open.

A Secret Room in the corridor


Cast Skurge on the two Ectoplasms that are blocking your way up, and climb the ledges. Pick up some Beans. Inside cast Alohomora on the chest and Harry will retrieve his silver Wizard Card #99: Daisy Dodderidge, 1467-1555, First Landlady.

Go out of this room, turn left three times and this chap will meet Harry again. Follow him to the House Point Ceremony Room.

Before entering turn left in the antechamber and open that secret entrance once again. Skurge the Ectoplasm this time. Pooh…there’s a spider’s net underneath. I think we’ll have to wait for some later Spell… Take the Beans anyway.

Now go and grab as many Beans as you can in the second House Point Ceremony. This time you may also open some Ectoplasm doors and find more Beans…

New doors for more Beans…

Harry, Ron and Hermione are making Secret Plans

After that our friends will meet again in the Hall of Floating Stairs.

Hermione: Harry! I want to investigate the scene of the crime. Filch usually guards the hallway where his cat was petrified. But he’s away… so now is our chance!

They all proceed to the second floor: Do you really think there’s a Chamber of Secrets?

Nobody could protect Mrs. Norris. Whatever attacked her might not be… human.


Harry: Remember all the water that was on the floor? Where had it come from? From in there, says Hermione. Let’s have a look.

Ron: I can’t go in there. That’s a girls’ bathroom!

It is actually Moaning Myrtle’s Place. She haunts one of the bathrooms. It’s been out-of-order all year because she keeps having tantrums and flooding the place.

I wish people would stop talking behind my back


Who can the Heir of Slytherin be though? Who’d want to frighten all the non-magical folk out of Hogwarts?

Ron: Draco Malfoy! You heard him call Hermione a Mudblood. But how do we prove it’s him?

Hermione: We’d need to sneak inside the Slytherin Common and ask Malfoy a few questions without him realizing it’s us.

All they would need is some Polyjuice Potion. It transforms one into somebody else.

Hermione: We could change Harry into a Slytherin. No one would realize it was really Harry!

Two of the potion ingredients are a bit tricky, though: powdered Bicorn Horn and shredded Boomslang Skin. And where to find those?

YES! There is some Bicorn Horn in the Snape’s storage room!

Hermione is not sure about the shredded Boomslang Skin. Perhaps checking at the Library?

Lovely! Molting Boomslangs and corridors full of goo. This should be enjoyable

But first go save somewhere. Go out of this Dungeon entrance and up to the Monumental staircase. Go all the way right to the Gryffindor Dormitory. Pass the portrait of the Pink Lady and go in. Open the chest and grab a Bean. Then, save by the Book at the fireplace.

Well then, let's go to...

...level 4