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Level 10: The Forest


The Diary of Tom Riddle

[10.1] There is only one girl that has got something to trade here: Flobberworm Mucous. You’ve got plenty of Bark and Beans, so you might give it a shot. It’s only 50 Beans...

Trading Beans for Muke


You may purchase up to two Mukes. Now go to the smoky cauldron and mix the Potion(s).

Go up the stairs, take the first Floating Staircase and enter the Room with Four Locks on your left. Harry has got over 30 silver Wizard Cards, so go unlock the 3rd Lock.

One more to go!


Before leaving, remember that Spongify Carpet in the Secret Room on your right? Let’s go in there now and check it out. Spongify the Carpet and jump high up; grasp all the floating Beans. Harry will land on an octagonal ledge full of BB Beans.

A treasure of Beans


Go out here and take the second Staircase to where Ron is waiting for Harry. There is a Spongify Carpet here! Spongify! And jump. Harry will be propelled to the 3rd floor. Remember that Spongify Carpet you saw in the Infirmary ages ago (see [2.1])? Let’s check that Carpet before going any further with Ron.

So take the Staircase to the 4th floor and follow the corridor. Take a right into the Infirmary and proceed to the next corridor with the Gargoyle on your left side.

Turn right, down the stairs and enter the office. Go down the stairs – left or right – and observe the carpet lying in front of the open chest. Look up. What do you see? A sort of long dark hatch in the ceiling?

Go up the stairs and notice a big grey tile on the floor between the two cauldrons. Jump on it. It appears to be a Switch, similar to the one we saw in [6.1]. The tile will lower down causing the ceiling hatch to slide open.

A jump on the tile opens the hatch


Go down again, Spongify the carpet and jump to the secret Room in the ceiling. Grab the two Beans and open the chest with Alohomora. Harry receives the silver Wizard Card #38: Chauncey Oldridge, 1342-1379, Dragon Victim.

Jump down and leave the Infirmary for the upper floor in the Hall of floating Ledges. Remember that Secret Room on your left with the Ectoplasm that Harry opened in [2.1]? Let’s do that first. Cast Alohomora on the tile with the face.

Go inside and cast Skurge on the Ecto and set free a rope underneath. Cast Diffindo on the rope. A latch behind Harry’s back will open revealing a Spongify Carpet. Also two panels in the opposite wall slide down.

Alohomora – Skurge – Diffindo...

...and some changes occur in the Hall


In one of the new rooms a chest is visible. Stand on the Carpet and cast Spongify on it. Jump on it and Harry will fly to that Secret Room.

Harry in flight


Open the chest and retrieve Harry’s silver Wizard Card #30: Artemisia Lufkin, 1754-1825, Minister for Magic. Turn right and descend the stairs to a second chest. Alohomora!  This one contains a treasure of Beans.

Turn around and jump down to the balcony on the 3rd floor. Wait for the Staircase and ride to the 2nd floor where Ron is still waiting. Now follow Ron to Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom.

Myrtle is in the corridor of the toilets: Who’s that? Come to throw something else at me? The boys wonder if someone threw something at her. Yes, they did. It’s over there. Myrtle points at a book lying on the ground. Ron warns them: Careful! My dad told me some books can be very dangerous. The book is an old diary that belonged to T.M. Riddle. But whoever he was, he didn’t write in it.

The pages are completely blank


At once Harry hears a voice in his head. “Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle. I am at Hogwarts and horrible stuff’s been happening. Do you know about the Chamber of Secrets? (Of course I know about the Chamber of Secrets)

In my fifth year, the Chamber was opened and the monster killed a girl. I caught the person who’d opened the Chamber and he was expelled. I can show you, if you like. I can take you inside my memory of the night when I caught him.” Harry was entranced by the memory of Tom Riddle showing him:

A guy is trying to put something in a box in dark surroundings: C’mon now, gotta get yeh outta here... C’mon now... in the box... Tom Riddle approaches: Evening, Rubeus. I don’t think you meant to kill anyone, but monsters don’t make good pets.

Rubeus Hagrid claims “he never killed no one”. But this Tom character is convinced of the contrary: The least Hogwarts can do is make sure the thing that killed that girl is slaughtered.

Consequently, in the quarrel between Tom and Rubeus that followed, the thing that Rubeus was trying to smuggle outside manages to escape out of its box: a giant Spider!

It wasn’t him!


Harry had always known that Hagrid had an unfortunate liking for large, monstrous creatures. But he was equally certain that Hagrid would never mean to kill anybody.

The Grounds

[10.2] Hermione is talking with Ron by the fireplace at the Gryffindor Common Room: Riddle might have had the wrong person. Maybe some other monster was attacking people.

Ron isn’t very convinced though. But everyone knew that Hagrid was expelled and the attacks must have stopped then. Otherwise, Riddle wouldn’t have got his award. Harry comes joining in: Riddle’s diary: it’s gone! Only a Gryffindor could have stolen it. Nobody else knows their password. Suddenly the place turns purple again (see also [2.1]):

Kill this time... let me rip... tear...


Apparently no one else but Harry has heard that frightening voice. But Hermione thinks she’s just understood something! She’s got to go to the Library!

And although McGonagall said they had to stay in here unless they were in class, Harry’s got to talk to Hagrid. If he set the monster loose last time, he knows how to get inside the Chamber of Secrets. Ron replies that Hagrid’s hut is out in the grounds… Follow me, Harry!

First open that chest again: it contains a Bean (it must have grown in there). Go out and follow Ron outside the Castle. It’s dark now. Before going any further, remember that Wizard Card in the alcove that we opened in [6.1]? We’ll have to open the alcove again. Turn right of the door but first cast Spongify on the Carpet at the corner.

Finally you can jump to that Card


Jump to the Secret Ledge and capture a couple of Beans and the bronze Wizard  Card #64: Jocunda Sykes, 1915-present, Flyer.

Hop down and on your right you may cast Alohomora on the wall sign for a third time. Inside cast Diffindo on the vines and grab all the Beans on the grass and from the chest.

Go out and descend the stairs on your right side. Turn right and cast Alohomora on the “S” sign on the wall. Now cast Diffindo on the branches that must have grown again overnight. Take the four Beans and open the chest with Alohomora for an extra Bean.

Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and run up the stairs, to your right again where you’ll see the charmed wall between the two trees by the wall. Climb up the stairs and gather all renewed Beans. Open the chest with Alohomora and take out one more Bean (you’ve taken the silver Card last time).

Finally return to the plate and jump up. The alcove in the wall will open again. Go down the stairs and straight to the Carpet underneath the alcove. Cast Spongify on it and jump up. Grab a couple of Beans and your silver Wizard Card #45: Dunbar Oglethorpe, 1968-present, Chief of Quidditch.

Jump on the plate...

...and the silver Card is yours!


Before entering the grounds, again cast Alohomora on the two Banners of the Quidditch Towers (see [6.1]) and for a second time take out the renewed Beans from the Secret Room and the chest.

Now follow Ron to the grounds: Sshh... I just saw someone who looks very much like Lucius Malfoy coming into Hagrid’s hut. Ron and Harry witness a conversation of Lucius Malfoy - the Chairman of the School Governors and father of Draco - with Hagrid Rubeus and Professor Aldus Dumbledore:

Very bad Business, Hagrid, things have gone far enough


I’ve simply got to act and send you away. Rubeus is afraid they’ll send him to Azbakan – the Wizard Prison. To Dumbledore: A dreadful thing, Dumbledore, but all twelve of the Governors feel it’s time for you to step aside. As of this moment, you are suspended as Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Of course The Professor will step aside if the Governors want his removal: However, Lucius, you will find that I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me. You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

Dumbledore and Malfoy leave the scene and Hagrid keeps mumbling: O’course, if anyone wanted to find out some stuff, all they’d have to do would be to follow the spiders. That’d lead ‘em right! Hagrid says the spiders are the key to the whole thing. Malfoy calls Hagrid. All right, I’m comin’.

Ron and Harry get the creeps: We’re in trouble now. No Dumbledore. There’ll be an attack a day with him gone. Our heroes now notice how the spiders are heading for the Forbidden Forest through the door that has now opened (see [2.6]).

Before Following Ron into the Forbidden Forest, open the chest for a nice load of Beans and proceed to the pigs’ lawn. Grab all of the Beans you can. Now follow Ron into the Forest.

The Forbidden Forest

[10.3] Ron is giving Harry a leg up since the ledge is too high to climb. Harry will have to brave the Forbidden Forest alone: Good luck, Harry!


The first thing Harry sees in the Forest is a Gargoyle. Past the corner the path ends at a long and deep trench. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That will unveil two Spongify Carpets nearby. Also, unlike other locations, Harry’s Wand will stay lit for as long as he stays in the forest.

When charmed, the lower Carpet will propel Harry to the opposite side of the trench. But you don’t want that for now. Climb the octagonal block and cast Spongify on the Carpet. Jump far to a log on your left side and look down.

The Gargoyle, the Carpet and the log


Cast Rictusempra on the giant Spider and descend. Cast Diffindo on the spider web that prevents the log from dropping down in the trench.

On the opposite side two Bowtruckles are hiding, if you look well you can spot them behind the tree and the log. Cast Spongify on the Carpet and jump to the opposite log from where you can cast Diffendo on each of the buggers. Harry may get tremendously harmed here, so act quickly!

Come down and pick up two parts of Wiggentree Bark. Cast Diffindo on the spider web and cast Alohomora on the chest for a number of Beans.

Turn around and cast Diffindo on the web that prevents a second log from falling down. That also unveils a charmed square hiding a Spongify Carpet.

Charm the Carpet and the jump will bring you down on the second log. Jump to the first log and turn right; notice a Flipendo sign on the rock. Cast Flipendo on it and a Secret Room will become accessible.

Flipendo on this sign... Sesame!


In this foggy Room take some Beans and open the chest with Alohomora. You’ll receive the silver Wizard Card #16: Cliodne, Medieval, Irish Druidess.


Go out and proceed past the second log; take a Chocolate Frog. Around the curved corner you’ll notice a guardian Tentacula, a freak with 4 arms! Sever its arms one by one and enter this small garden. Cast Diffindo on the vine that’s blocking an entrance.

When you walk up the bridge it will collapse and Harry tumbles down to an area full of Horklumps Mushrooms. You can hear the grumbling sound of Gnomes though. There is a hole sealed off by plant growth on your left. Cast Diffindo on it and two Gnomes will evade and take care of all of the Horklumps.

Diffindo on the vine...

...makes the Gnomes do their job!


When all Mushrooms are turned into Beans, stun each gnome with Flipendo and throw him into the hole. Climb the charmed ledges on your left and save by the book.


[10.4] Harry is facing a spider web. Clear the entrance with Diffindo and immediately cast Rictusempra on the giant Spider that will attack.

There are two more spider webs to unravel with Diffindo. Watch out for lots of (harmless, but pesky) spiders. You’ll be entering another foggy area and when you leave the hole there’s one more giant Spider to stun with Rictusempra as well as a couple of Cornish Pixies that will fly in from your left.

Behold a giant hollow tree in front of Harry. Some kind of Sequoia. On your right side there is a bronze Card on top of a branch that you can’t reach yet.

Take a right along a narrow ledge and notice a Carpet at the end. Cast Spongify on it and use it to jump to a next ledge with a Carpet.

Grasping some Beans while in the air


The Beans indicate the direction in which to perform your Spongify jumps. Repeat this kind of jump four times more until you’ll end up on a low branch. Turn left while making this last jump so Harry will nicely land near the entrance.

A final landing


Jump inside the hollow tree and eat the Chocolate Frog down there. Spongify the Carpet and jump to the top. Make sure you’ll land on the branch with the bronze Card.

Jumping high up... a bronze Card


Capture your bronze Wizard Card #57: Gifford Ollerton, 1390-1441, Giant-slayer.

Now you don’t want to drop down fainted so you’ll better jump down from the Carpeted ledges outside the tree and return to the foot of the tree the same way as you did before. Jump to the charmed ledge inside the tree and to the opposite branch.


Cast Diffindo twice on a spider web. You’ll be entering a cave full of webs and three giant Spiders. On your left and right you’ll notice such a Spider crawling behind a web.

Cast Diffindo on each web and immediately stun the attacking Spider with Rictusempra. Remove the third web and climb the blocks. Remove more webs until you’ll see a third web hiding a Spider. Cast Diffindo on this web and immediately stun the Spider that will attack.

When the three Spiders are stunned a hatch turns down and forms a bridge to a Secret Room. Turn around and jump down.

The bridge to a Secret Room


Enter the Room, grab the Beans, open the chest with Alohomora and earn the silver Wizard Card #65: Gondoline Oliphant, 1720-1799, Researcher. This is Harry’s 40th and last silver Card!

Harry’s 40th silver Card


Cast Diffindo on the last web, grab the Beans, eat the Frog and some spiky blocks will drop down and seal off the way back.


Turn around and cast Alohomora on a chest. This one will provide the bronze Wizard Card #25: Perpetua Fancourt, 1900-1991, Inventor Witch.




Cast Spongify on the Carpet and cross the void to a block. Climb the next block and one of the Imps may jump in the water and try to come after Harry.

Jump to the shallow water and proceed behind the rock until you notice a chest. Go inside the Secret Area and open the chest with Alohomora.

A secret chest behind the rock


Take out the Beans, climb the steps and immediately stun each of the Imps. Throw them in their hole and save by the book.


[10.5] Cast Diffindo on the branches that block your way to the next passage.

Follow the track of Beans and cast Rictusempra twice on those three tougher giant Spiders. Harry’s way is then blocked by a new set of branches with 3 Bowtruckles behind it. Run in and immediately cast Diffendo on one and run out again. Repeat on the second Spirit and finally get rid of the third. Pick up the three parts of Wiggentree Bark and eat the Chocolate Frog.

Cast Diffindo on the rope by the tree and all of its branches will unfold (a phony Christmas tree?). Climb the tree steps. Cast Diffindo on the vine in the entrance on the ledge and enter. You’ll notice an arrow with a Flipendo sign on it. All you see is a big shaft with a central pillar and millions of webs. Act like the arrow is suggesting: cast Flipendo in that direction.

Cast Flipendo on the pillar


Now the pillar sinks and you can jump to its top. Look up to a hole in the roof. Charm the Spongify Carpet under Harry’s feet and jump to the hole.

Upstairs go out and hop to the tree branch, cast Diffindo on the web and open the chest with Alohomora. That will give Harry the bronze Wizard Card #86: Dorcas Wellbeloved, 1812-1904, Founder. Jump to the lower branches and to the path with the next chest.


Cast Diffindo on the spider web blocking the way to the Horklumps Mushrooms and then open the chest with Alohomora. No Card this time but a... Gnome! The Gnome will take care of the Mushrooms. Follow him and when he’s finished, stun him and throw him in the hole opposite to the chest.

Continue, grab all the Beans and you’ll see a second Flipendo arrow. Cast Flipendo on the tree and it will fall down, thus forming a bridge to the opposite side. Walk the bridge and it will fall down before Harry reaches the other end.

Turn around, cast Diffindo on the branches and enter a Secret Cave with a chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest and acquire the bronze Wizard Card #19: Newt Scamander, 1897-present, Author. This is Harry’s 49th bronze Card, still one more to find!

Walk to the other end of the tree and cast Diffindo on the branches on each side. First jump to the ledge on your right and cast Flipendo on two bottles of Flobberworm Mucous. Collect the two parts of Muke.

Then hop to the other ledge and mix some more of your Wiggenweld Potions in the smoking cauldron. Return to the tree bridge and cast Diffindo on the spider web. Enter and your game will automatically be saved.

The Lair of Aragog

[10.6] Harry arrives at a immensely huge cavern full of Spiders and webs.

Aragog! A human is here!


This is the Lair of Aragog: Is it Hagrid? Harry says he’s a friend of Hagrid’s and came to help him. Aragog wonders why Hagrid needs help? Harry explains that Hagrid released a monster long ago in Hogwarts – at least that’s what some say. It killed someone and it must have come back.

It was me he released


I’ve never gone back, says Aragog, and I’ve never hurt anyone in Hogwarts. Harry: So you’re not the Guardian of the Chamber of Secrets?

Aragog: No. The Guardian is an ancient creature that Spiders fear above all others. It killed the girl in the bathroom, not I. Harry thanks Aragog and thinks he should go now.

But Aragog prevents Harry from leaving: I cannot deny my children such fresh meat. Goodbye, friend of Hagrid. Now Harry has to think very fast. If I cut those support webs with Diffindo, I bet Aragog will fall into the pit!

Start running and make a full circle, casting Diffindo on each support web, and try to avoid the spiders that will attack Harry.

Support webs


When all support webs are cut Aragog’s web will fall down. Now you’ll have to beat Aragog. Keep watching his life meter in the lower left corner.

When Aragog rises up you'll notice a Rictusempra sign on his belly. Continuously Cast Rictusempra while you’re strafing left or right. Better stick to one direction and keep going in circles.

Battle with Aragog


When Aragog’s gone Harry realizes at least he learned something from Lockhart’s class. Rictusempra! And suddenly Ron comes flying in with the Anglia: Amazing work, Harry!

And look, I found dad’s car!


But Hermione’s been attacked! She’s been petrified like the others. They should get back as soon as possible!

Now let's head for...

Level 11