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Level 6: The Gardens


Castle Area

[6.1] Harry is standing outside the entrance to the Diffindo Challenge. If you ever like to enter again for improving your score, cast... Diffindo on the vine that blocks the door and enter.

Further on your left thereís a staircase going up and opposite to the entrance there is an ďSĒ sign of a lightning on the wall. Cast Alohomora on that sign.

Next, cast Diffindo on the branches and enter a room with four Beans and a chest on the floor, all guarded by a Gargoyle. Take the Beans and cast Alohomora on the chest. It will give you the bronze Wizard Card #77: Norvel Twonk, 1888-1957.

The Diffindo Challenge area

Inside a loaded Secret Room


Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and outside the room run up the stairs. Harry will meet Ron: Harry! Hermione told me that you can find the shredded Boomslang Skin out in the greenhouse.

Follow Ron but donít turn right in the direction of the Dragon statue. Instead go straight to the next bordering wall where a trading girl is tossing a Bean and another girl is playing between two trees.

Light the wall between the trees: part of it will be charmed by the Lumos Spell Ė if Harryís wand is still lit, that is.

Follow to where Ron is pointing at

The wall is charmed by Lumos


Go up the stairs to the second floor and collect all Beans. Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn your silver Wizard Card #27: Mirabella Plunkett, 1839-unknown.

On the other side of the staircase youíll notice a large gray tile on the floor. Jump on it and it will lower, thus opening a secret alcove high up in the castle wall. You will see a silver Wizard Card in there. Remember that Card for later on.

The gray tile and the alcove in the wall



Go down and turn left.  Go all the way to the opposite wall where a girl would like to trade your Beans for Wiggentree Bark. We certainly donít need that. Cast Alohomora on the bright sign on the wall. Enter the garden and cast Diffindo on the vine to the left of the tree.

Enter a second garden, pick up all the BB Beans on the grass and cast Alohomora on the chest for an extra load of such Beans. Leave these two gardens for once and for all and follow Ron to the Dragon statue. Left of the statue youíll see two guys who want to trade; approach them.

They each sell valuable items for the Quidditch tournament. The left one has a Nimbus 2001 Broom for trade at 700 BB Beans: the best model available to the general public.

The other one has Quidditch Armor at 500 BB Beans: just like the Chudley Cannons wear. You own enough Beans for the Broom, so you may consider a trade.

Trading for Quidditch items


Notice two brightly colored Banners featuring a letter ďHĒ on each tower of the Quidditch entrance. Go to the entrance and cast Alohomora on each Banner.

Alohomora on each Banner


That will reveal a Secret Room on your left side between two trees.

A secret door swings open


The room contains 5 BB Beans and a chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest and capture the silver Wizard Card #36: Joscelind Wadcock, 1911-present. You may try out your brand new Broom or Armor on the spot. Why not go inside for a game of Quidditch?

After this, follow Ron, and when you arrive at the first small garden with the birch tree turn around and look up above the entrance door. Cast Flipendo on a tile high above the door. A door next to the trader guy will now open giving access to a Secret Area.

Cast Flipendo on this sign...


... and a Secret Area opens


Go inside and grab all Beans on the grass. Cast Diffindo on the vines that block a Gnome hole and release the Gnome. He will take care of the Horklumps Mushrooms.

The Gnome and the Horklumps


When all Mushrooms are dealt with, stun the gnome with a Flipendo Spell, pick him up and throw him back into his hole. Collect all the Beans. Now cast Alohomora on the chest and youíll obtain the silver Wizard Card #43: Cyprian Youdle, 1312-1357, Quidditch Referee.

Go out and follow Ron to Herbology class. Go all around the greenhouse classroom and pick up the Beans. Enter, go to the smoky cauldron and brew some Wiggenweld Potions. Go out to the backyard and release a Gnome by casting Diffindo on the vine that blocks his hole.

Heíll eat the Horklumps Mushrooms in front of the hole. Cast Flipendo on him, pick him up and carry him to the next row of Mushrooms to your right. When heís finished with the Horklumps, stun him with Flipendo and throw him in front of the hole. Cast Flipendo and heíll tumble in, leaving some extra Beans behind. Harvest all Beans.

While Ron is waiting by an entrance overgrown with plants, go to the other side of the backyard and cast Alohomora on a chest, next to a second entrance overgrown with plants. Youíll obtain more Colored Beans.

Cast Diffindo on the vine and enter a Secret Room with 4 Beans and a Chest. Charm the chest with Alohomora: it will open and offer Harry the bronze Wizard Card #33: Beaumont Marjoribanks, 1742-1845.

Now go and meet Ron: The greenhouse is right inside that door, Harry. Iíll watch out for Professor Sprout, good luck. Cast Diffindo on the vine and pass through the door to a dark corridor.


A Revolving Bridge

[6.2] Cast Diffindo on the branches and enter a new garden with a walking Tentacula.

Watch out for these guys. Theyíll keep chasing Harry. Sever both arms of the Tentacula. Thatís the only way to prevent them from moving any further. Go further and stun the standing Tentacula. Another walking one arrives. Get rid of its arms too.

There is an overgrown Gnome hole in the corner and a number of Horklumps are distributed around the corner. Open the hole with a Diffendo Spell and let the Gnome take care of the Mushrooms. Do not throw the Gnome in here but stun him with Flipendo and capture all the Beans.

Donít throw the gnome into this hole


Sever the arms of the next Tentacula. Cast Diffindo on three SpiPri Plants in the elevated lawn in the other corner, then go stun and pick up the Gnome. Carry him to this lawn, jump-and-throw him into the Horklump Mushrooms and let him deal with them.

After all Horklumps are turned in to BB Beans, stun and throw the Gnome in the open hole, seize the Beans and eat the Chocolate Frog. Look under the bridge from here. There is another entrance blocked by plant growth and there are two more SpiPri plants. Cast Diffindo on each of them. Now cast Diffindo on the plants and enter.

Cast Flipendo on the flower-pot in the corner for some Beans. Turn around the corner and quickly cast Rictusempra on a Fire Crab in ambush and ready to fire from the top of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and turn left. Cast Rictusempra on the second Crab on top of the next stairs and ascend. Harry will enter the wooden bridge now. Observe the garden from here. There are 4 entrances and two of them are connected by the isosceles L-shaped bridge. In the opposite doorway a Save Book is visibleÖ

The L-shaped bridge


Turn left and jump to a lawn in the corner. Collect the Beans. Climb up again and follow the bridge inside. Cast Diffindo on each of the ropes that block a mechanism and the L-shaped bridge will rotate through an angle of 90į.

Second position of the bridge


Jump out, down in the garden and follow the stairs up again. Watch the fire Crabs. This time the bridge is connecting two doors of another quadrant. Go in. There is second mechanism blocked by two ropes. Cast Diffindo on each rope and the bridge will rotate once again.

Third position of the bridge


Before leaving here cast Flipendo on a tile in the floor. A secret room is then unveiled on your right. Take the four Beans from the floor and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle inside.

Cast Diffindo on each rope

Cast Lumos on this Gargoyle...

...and run to this charmed wall


Run outside, follow the new position of the bridge, past the Save Book and see the charmed wall on your right. Go in and cast Alohomora on the chest. Seize the silver Wizard Card #90: Sacharissa Tugwood, 1874-1966.

Save your game.


The Greenhouse

[6.3] Cast Diffindo on the vines that block the entrance to the greenhouse garden.

Promptly cast Diffindo on two SpiPri Plants. There is a Chocolate Frog should Harry need one.

Cast Flipendo twice on a watering-can by the greenhouse corner for a load of Beans. Youíll hear the nasty sound of Bowtruckles coming from the Wiggentree above. Turn around the corner and sever both arms of a walking Tentacula. Cast Diffindo on 4 Horklumps Mushroom and sever arms of the walking Tentacula behind them.

Turn around the next corner and cast Flipendo on each of two flower-pots on the ground for gathering some Beans. Cast Diffindo on two SpiPri Plants next to an overgrown entrance. Clear the entrance with Diffindo and go inside.

Get rid of a spider web with Diffindo and a giant spider will stand in front of Harry. This is a particularly nasty variety of spider. Their bites are extremely poisonous, so stay away and cast Rictusempra to stun them.

Go up the stairs and destroy a second web. Quickly stun the spider around the corner with Rictusempra. Follow the next stairs with a web and a spider. Harry arrives at the ledge with the Wiggentree and some Bowtruckles.

On the ledge


Make the tree Spirits disappear with Diffindo and grab the Wiggentree Bark they left behind. There is a Choc Frog in the corner. Go further left and notice a Switch on the floor. Take a Bean and proceed to the next Wiggentree in the corner with two Bowtruckles. Make them vanish with your Diffindo Charm.

Take two more pieces of Bark and proceed till the end of the ledge. Grab 4 Beans and cast Flipendo on the flower-pot in the corner. Cast Alohomora on the special tile on the wall. That will open a Secret Room containing a chest. Go inside and cast Alohomora on the chest for an extra load of Colored Beans.

Return to the Switch and step on it. A ledge is sliding out building a passage into the greenhouse from a hole in the roof.

A ledge to the greenhouse

Jump into the greenhouse


The Boomslang Skin

There is a flower-pot on the long table hiding tasty Beans.

The corner on your right has got a bottle with Flobberworm Mucous and two watering-cans. Cast Flipendo on the bottle for the Muke and twice on each of the cans for Beans.

On the left side is a pot on the floor containing Beans. Cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner and obtain the bronze Wizard Card #28: Tilly Toke, 1903-1991. Finally walk up to the central stand and take the Boomslang Skin.

Harry finds the Boomslang Skin


The Weekly House Point Ceremony

[6.4] Harry meets Hermione by the Entrance door to Hogwarts: Hey Hermione! I found a bunch of shredded Boomslang Skin for the Polyjuice Potion.

Thatís great, Harry. Iíll go add it to the potion right now.


Hermione takes off and a guy comes in: The weekly House Point Ceremony is starting soon. You remember where that is, donít you? So letís follow him up the Monumental Staircase and left to the entrance of the weekly House Point Ceremony.

Before entering though, turn left in the antechamber and cast Alohomora on the sign on the wall. Inside cast Skurge on the floor blob and Diffindo on the spider web.

Jump in the opening and in the room downstairs cast Alohomora on the chest. It contains a number of Beans and the silver Wizard Card #73: Mopsus, Ancient Greek.

This room is on a lower floor and the exit has opened. Exit in the passage to the Dungeons. Now that Harry is standing here, letís go find out what that rope was all about that we had found in the Dungeons.

Turn left and follow the main corridor of the Dungeons. Enter the first passage on your right. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm blocking a sliding door to a Gargoyle alcove and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle.

Turn around and go to the opposite corner where the Lumos Charm reveals a rope inside a beam (remember that?). Cast Diffindo on the rope and a floor section lowers down in the corner, unveiling a secret Chamber with a chest and Beans inside.

The Secret Chamber


Grab the Beans and cast Alohomora on the chest. Harry will earn the silver Wizard Card #20: Wendelin the Weird, Medieval. Climb out of the depression and leave the Dungeons. Climb up the Monumental Staircase and turn left again. Now itís about time for the weekly House Point Ceremony.

Meet Albus Dumbledore for the third time in here. It appears that Gryffindor is in the lead again, so off you go! After youíve collected as many Beans as possible, a cut scene comes in.


To the Hall of floating Ledges

In the second week of December Professor McGonagall collected the names of those who would be staying at school over Christmas. Harry, Ron and Hermione signed up. They heard that Malfoy was staying, which struck them as very suspicious.

The Christmas holiday would be the perfect time to use the Polyjuice Potion and try to worm a confession out of Draco.

[6.5] Harry ought to head to Moaning Myrtleís bathroom and see how the Polyjuice Potion is coming along. Letís hope Hermione doesnít need any more ingredients. Moaning Myrtleís bathroom is on the second floor of the Hall of Floating Stairs.

Go up the Monumental Staircase and turn right. On the left wall is a window with a spider web. Cast Diffindo on the web. Enter the Secret Room.

Grab two Beans from the floor and go inside where there are four more Beans and a chest. Charm the chest with Alohomora and it will offer you the silver Wizard Card #35: Bowman Wright, 1492-1560.

Leave this room and on your left proceed to the spiral Staircase up to the Gryffindor Common Room. Pass the Pink Lady and climb up the stairs at the other side of the room. While standing on the balcony look up at the ceiling. Isn't that a strange tile?

Looks a little odd...


Cast Alohomora on the tile. It only moves a little... Isn't there nothing else to happen? Well... yes! Turn around and see that one of the pillars has opened! It seems to contain a rope!

The rope in the pillar


We know what to do with ropes by now. So... Diffindo. It seemes that somewhere a secret passage is opened. Climb down the stairs. Right at the bottom of the stairs look to your left to see the secret passage!

The secret passage


Enter the secret passage and cast Alohomora on the chest to get the silver Wizard Card #39: Gwenog Jones, 1968-present Captain and Beater. Exit this secret passage and go to the fireplace in the other room.

Save your Game by the Save book and let's head for...

Level 7