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Level 8: Slytherin


The Bathroom of Moaning Myrtle

[8.1] Harry is standing at the third floor of the Hall of Floating Ledges. He needs to take the bit of Goyle back to Hermione in Moaning Myrtleís Bathroom.

Proceed straight to the Bathroom, you know the way now. Harry adds the bit of Goyle to Hermioneís Potion. Now heís got to drink that thing! Harry changes into Goyle. He talks in a lazy way!

Harry turns into Goyle


Let Goyle/Harry investigate the Bathroom. First open the chest in the octagonal section of the Bathroom. It contains the bronze wizard Card # 37: Cassandra Vablatsky, 1894-1997, Celebrated Seer and author.

Now enter the toilets section. About halfway on your left you may cast Flipendo on a toilet. Grab the Beans. Myrtle keeps going on, donít pay attention to her babble. Harry/Goyle has got to find the Slytherin dormitory. Itís somewhere in the Dungeon!

When youíre passing the second floor you may as well visit the Room with Four Locks and unlock a next lock, because Harry has collected over 20 silver Wizard Cards! Go out of the Hall and down the Monumental Staircase. The entrance to the Dungeons is on your right.

As soon as Goyle enters here, youíll see some Slytherin guy running into entrance #2 (the first one your right). Follow him. The guy says the password: Pure-blood!

Ah! So thatís the password. Goyle goes on with his slow voice: I bet I can use that to get into the Slytherin Common Room. Goyle has to follow the guy, apply the password and enter the Slytherin Common Room.

Goyle is entering the Slytherin Dormitory


The House of Slytherin

[8.2] Goyle is entering an octagonal room with three monster faces on the walls. You are hearing the grunting of Gnomes. Step on the central green circle and the room will rotate.

Rotation of the room


Enter the next room with a brightly colored tile on the floor. Cast Flipendo on each of both tin soldiers and shake out some Beans.

Then, cast Flipendo on the brown statue and it will rise. Now that fellow is standing on a Flipendo block. Cast Flipendo on the block while Goyle is standing on the tile and he will go down together with it.

Flipendo on the block


Enter a room with an octagonal wooden wheel immobilized by two ropes. Cast Diffindo on each rope and the doors will open. In the next room, three Gnomes are making troubles. Stun and throw each of these nasty fellows in the hole.

Enter the next room with three brown statues. The door will close behind Goyle. Cast Flipendo on the one on your right, then on the next two, starting from your right. The plate will go up, and jump off there since it will promptly go down again. Youíll enter another octagonal room will wall monsters. Step on the central circle.

Now youíll see how some chap is casting Skurge on three Ectoplasms inside a next room and heís saying: have fun Goyle!

This will make a large trap-door go down


Before saving by the book, cast Flipendo on the ringed tile on your right and that door will open up. There youíll notice a Flipendo sign. Cast Flipendo on it. A secret entrance then unveils behind the corner where the Save Book is waiting.

Now save


[8.3] Enter the Secret Room on your right. Walk down the stairs and cast Skurge on a floorblob. Down the stairs youíll enter a room with three monster faces on the wall. Cast Flipendo on each face and three blocks will come out of the wall outside this room.

The blocks lead to a chest


First cast Alohomora on the chest in this room and extract the BB Beans. Run outside and turn right, where youíll jump to the three raised blocks, and further to the balcony with the chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest and retrieve your silver Wizard Card #3: Elfrida Clagg, 1612-1687, Chieftaness.

If you step on the footprints the large trap-door will go up again Ė for a short while, and then it goes down. There is a Flipendo block on your left side. Cast Flipendo on that and some ledges start to move.

Two floating ledges


If you jump to both ledges youíll hop into a room on the second floor with some Ectoplasms and a Gargoyle. Cast Skurge on all of the green ones. A purple Flipendo sign has now set free. Cast Flipendo on it. Now some green stuff is falling down below and forms three new Ectoplasms.

The Ectos act like glue blubbers on the trap-door


You may cast Flipendo on that sign forever, itíll always repeat the same movie. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. A part in the floor on your right is now being charmed.

Jump down in here


Youíll drop on the floor plate with footstep signs on it, and this time the trap-door goes upÖand stays up!

Leave these Ectoplasms!


Proceed and cast Flipendo on the cauldron for a Chocolate Frog. Turn left and a next cauldron contains Beans. Now go in. Youíll arrive in a Hall with a Gargoyle and 4 Cornish Pixies flying around. Get rid of these pesky Pixies.

At the right of the Gargoyle you can look over the banisters. You'll see floating platforms. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Then climb over the banisters and jump on the first floating platform.

Climb over here


Go on walking and jumping across the platforms until you reach the correct spot. Be careful to not fall down and be sure to reach the correct spot in time before your light goes out.

The correct spot


Empty the two Armours and the chest to get lots of Beans. Now go all the way back. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle once more. Walk to the left  and jump on the next set of floating platforms.

Another set of floating platforms...


Walk/jump all the way until you reacht a correct spot again. You'll see what it is.

... and the correct spot again


In this room you find one Armour and two chests. The Armour and the chest at the right are containing lots of Beans. The chest in the center of the room contains the bronze Wizardcard # 24: Adalbert Waffling, 1899-1981 Famous magical theoreticien. Now go all the way back and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle once more. Turn to the left and walk until the end of the carpet.

A newly charmed wall


Youíll be entering the Slytherin Common Room. Look at the second sign on your left. It is an upside-down triangle with a circle in the middle.

Cast Alohomora on this sign and enter.


There are lots of Beans and spider nets. Cast Rictusempra on the giant spiders. Youíll find a tile-and-a-ring in the wall. Cast Alohomora on the thing. Now enter a Library. Turn left and notice another tile-with-a-ring on your left.

Cast Flipendo on the tile. On your left a bookcase will lower down. Jump to the shelves and look to a panel that will lower, revealing a chest.

A secret chest


Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn the bronze wizard Card #67: Justus Pilliwickle, 1862-1953, Celebrated Head. Go out of the Library, and you will see a brown statue. Cast Flipendo on it and it will treat Goyle on a vicious laughter, spitting spiders at him.

Turn left and right. There are two Slytherin Banners. Cast Alohomora on each of them and in the middle a door will open unveiling a Secret Room with a chest inside.

Another secret chest


Cast Alohomora on the chest and seize your silver Wizard Card #17: Morgan le Fay, Medieval, dates unknown. Go out of this room, turn right. Behind the corner go left and enter a room with a blue Gargoyle face in it. Cast Flipendo on the two tin men in there. Get out the Beans. Cast Alohomora on the blue face and that door will open.

Slytherin seems to be loaded with secret chests


Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card #95: Yardley Platt, 1446-1557, Serial goblin-killer. Go out here. Turn right, left and right and enter the Slytherin Common Room.

There is a fireplace. Turn right and cast Flipendo on the bottle with Flobberworm Mucous. Take out the Muke. Go further to the round table and cast Flipendo on a bottle with Wiggentree Bark. Take the Bark.

Proceed opposite to the fireplace. Turn right. Malfoy will join you: There you are Goyle. Draco has been looking all over for Goyle: Come on, follow me.

Draco talks with Goyle by the fireplace:


You know, Goyle, I suppose Dumbledoreís trying to hush up all these attacks. Heíll be fired if they donít stop soon. And as for Saint Potter, heís another one with no proper Wizard feeling. And people think heís Slytherinís Heir!

I wish I knew who it is. I could help them (can you believe this guy? What an arrogant prick!). Goyle (Harry!) replies: You must have some idea whoís behind it all? But that didnít do the trick: You know I havenít Goyle, how many times do I have to tell you? But now Draco is confessing.

But I know one thing: last time the Chamber of Secrets was opened a Mudblood girl died. So I bet itís a matter of time before one of them is killed this time. I hope itís Granger.

Harry/Goyle doesnít feel all that comfortable with this kind of talk: Anyway, er, Draco, Iíd best be going. Goyle insists that he wants to go to the hospital wing. Heís got a so-called stomach-ache and needs to get something for it.

Go on then!


Draco doesnít want Goyle hanging around here all night with that pained expression on his face. Go back opposite to the fireplace. Turn right. Then, take a left and go up the stairs. There is a chest between two sealed doors. Cast Alohomora on the chest and take the Beans out of it.

Go down again, turn right. Go left, back to the fireplace. Go up the stairs on your left side. Now you will see Goyle changing back into Harry: Iíd better try to keep my distance from the Slytherin kids and sneak out. If they spot me in hereÖwho knows what might happen!. Your game will be automatically saved now.

[8.4] Harry is standing in front of the two Slytherin Banners. If heís got caught by any of the Slytherin kids, Prof. Snape will punish Harry!

Ah, Potter, I do believe expulsion is in order!


Harry needs to get out of here without any of the Slytherins seeing him! Just run through the corridor in the direction of the Hall with the Gargoyle. Youíll be followed by angry Slytherins, and then a cut scene comes in.

The news that Nearly Headless Nick had been petrified spread through the school like a dark cloud when everyone got back from holiday. If a Ghost can be petrified - the students thought - then no one is safe?!

The first years moved around the Castle in tight-knit groups, afraid they might be attacked if they ventured out alone. A furious trade in Talismans, Amulets, and other protective Devices was sweeping the school. In the meantime, Harry had learned that Draco Malfoy was not the Heir of Slytherin. But... if it isnít Draco... and it isnít Harry then who is it?

Now let's head for...

Level 9