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Inventory List

Family Room

Items Exact Location
Knife Display Case
Awl Display Case
Hacksaw Inside the locked panel (beside kitchen door)



Items Exact Location
Broken Fuse Inside fuse box
Skewer Hanging on the rope (left of sink)
Tongs Between cooking pans (right of sink)
Monkey wrench Inside the cabinet above the sink


Malcolm's Office

Items Exact Location
Nutcrackers Inside desk drawer
Jewelry box Inside the safe (behind Olivia picture)
Handkerchief Inside the jewelry box
Egg (with note and glass inside) Inside the safe (behind Olivia picture)
Silver teapot On the tray, to the left of Olivia picture


Merilyn's Room

Items Exact Location
Diary Inside the cabinet drawer


Lavinia's Room

Items Exact Location
Blade Inside the secret compartment on the bed


Lorena's Room

Items Exact Location
Feather pen On the shelf (left of her picture)
Magnifying glass On the shelf (left of her picture)
Journal On the shelf (left of her picture)
Compact case On the table (right of her picture)
Eyeliner (with ink inside) Inside the compact case


Hydroteraphy, ECT, and Fever Room

Items Exact Location
Bed sheet On the shelf in Hydroteraphy Room
Jewelry box key In the drawer on the medicine cabinet in ECT Room
Stethoscope Display case in Fever Room


Furnace Room

Items Exact Location
Spare fuse In the box on the left shelf
Lorena's locket In the circuit box behind the bars
Merilyn's lighter Inside the boiler


Abe's Lab

Items Exact Location
Music box Inside the locked drawer on the cabinet
Bone Inside the X-Ray machine


Torture chamber and The Crypt

Items Exact Location
Crowbar On the table in Torture Chamber
Finger box On the table in Torture Chamber
Rope On the top of Iron Maiden in the Torture Chamber
Paul's Stretoscope Inside the Iron Maiden in the Torture Chamber
Cage Key To your left when you're inside the cage in The Crypt


The Chapel and Main Hall

Items Exact Location
Lance The knight on the bench at the far end corner in the Chapel
Abe's Doll Inside the knight armor in the Chapel
Catacomb key Behind the rhino's head above the door to the Family room


Crash Production
December 1998
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