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Marilyn Wilson

First Direction: The asylum is a three case building. You could find Chapel, the office, and the kitchen on the first floor. Second floor holds the patient's rooms. You could only gain access to the woman's area throughout the game. On the basement you could find all the special rooms like the Morgue, ECT, Fever, Hydrotheraphy, and Furnace. The first patient you could interact with is Marilyn Wilson on the second floor.

Q : Nobody home, where should I begin ?
A : Look at the picture above the staircase. It's Malcolm. You could talk with him now. Exhaust all the conversation. If you want to talk with him again later on, just pick up the nutcracker from inside the drawer in his office to the left of the stair. Speak with him through it.

Q : How could I operate the elevator on the top of the staircase ?
A :
From the note inside the elevator you know that the lever is kept inside the office. Go there (it's the left room on the top of the staircase). Open the case, get the lever and the keyring also. From time to time you would be given a clue to choose the appropriate key for unlocking the rooms. Attach the lever into the lever holder inside the elevator. Go to second floor.

Q : What is wrong with her ?
A : She wants you to get her lighter. If you look closely to the case on the left, you'll see an empty stand. That's the place for her lighter. Talk with her through her portrait on the dresser to get more clues. Ask Malcolm also about her through the nutcracker.

Q : Where is her lighter ?
A :
You could find a valuable info in her diary. Open the drawer on the dresser and get the diary. Read it. Two of the pages are stuck together. Hmmm... it's strange. One of the page told you that Dr. Metcalf throw her belongings into the boiler inside the Furnace room. She also told you that she always visit the hydro theraphy room for theraphy. She mentions about the key to unlock the room also. Maybe it is worth a visit.

Q : The door to the Furnace room is locked. Which one is the key ?
A : The clue is 'stucked' in the diary. Do something first to it.

Q : How could I release the stucked pages ?
A :
Find something to heat it. There's a steam box in the Hydroteraphy room.

Q : I hear a woman voice inside, but nobody here ?
A : It's Jane. You could talk with her through the Heat Chamber. She will tell you the story of the Heat Chamber.

Q : How could I operate the Steam Box, I try the switch but it doesn't work ?
A : Marilyn should know something. She always come down here. Go back up and ask her about the Steam Box. She told you to push the second and the third buttons from the top on the control panel. Go back down and do what she said. The control panel is to the right of the Steam Box. Open the box, put the diary inside, close the box and turn it on. Then get the diary again. Hmmmmm....... it explains about the key to the furnace room.

P.S. : Inside the furnace room you'll find another interesting character, Seamus O'Rourke. He's not very essential for the game but you could get lots of info from him regarding the Furnace room and the lighter.

Q : How could I open the boiler door ?
A : You need a wrench to release the bolts. Go back to the first floor and enter the door to the right (not the chapel door). Turn left and open the case. Get the knife and the awl. Head to the kitchen. Look at the cabinet above the sink. Use the knife to move the door latch. Inside you'll find the wrench.

Q : There's a lighter inside, how could I get it ?
A : You need a tongs for it. There's one in the kitchen, lying between the cooking pans (to the right of the sink).

Q : How could I solve this Heat Chamber puzzle ?
A : The key is the thermostat. The Chamber door will open if the thermostat reads an extremely high temperature. Turn left. Flick the lighter and use it to heat the thermostat. You made it.

Now you could return the lighter to Marilyn. Put the lighter back on its stand. As a reward, she'll tell you that the woman next door might knows something about the secret room.



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