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Joshua Metcalf

In this section you'll find your son at last and free him from the evil Malcolm.

Q : Where could I find Paul Becker, the voice in this room ?
A :
Turn left and touch the skin. Hmmm .... he is the associate of your father. In the other word, he is the torture guy (the executioner). Exhaust all the conversation. He'll tell you about your son if you could guess the contents of the finger box on the table. The thing is you have to put your finger inside the hole. Through the pain (it will cut your finger), you'll learn the answer. Yikes .....

Q : Is there any way to fool this guy. I put my finger inside but nothing happens ?
A :
Get the finger box and bring it to the Abe's lab. Put it inside the X-ray machine and turn it on. There is an ankh inside. Tell Paul about the contents.

Q : He gives another quest before he could answer my question. What should I do ?
A :
He wants you to open the Iron Maiden at the far end corner and pick up his item inside.

Q : How could I open the Iron Maiden ?
A :
Get the rope from the top of the Iron Maiden and look closely to the button on it's body. Paul tells you that Malcolm has the key kept in his safe. It must be the egg. Use the nutcracker to break the egg. Inside you'll find a piece of glass and a note. It said "The word you seek is the thing itself". What does it meant ? Hmmm... the clue is the name itself: IRON MAIDEN or a word that close to it. Push the buttons "eye" as an I, "run" as an RON, and "Maiden" as a MAIDEN. Voila, you open the Iron Maiden.

Q : I couldn't reach the item, the door always close before I could reach it ?
A :
Turn around and get the club from the wall. Use it to keep the door open. Get the item.

Q : How could I escape from thie torture device ?
A :
Turn left and use the rope to pull the handle. That should do it. But alas, Paul is dead now.

Q : Where is the key to the crypt where Malcolm sarcophagus lies ?
A :
The clue is 'nose ... cold'. Go back to the main hall and use the lance to move the rhino head. Sure it has a cold nose because .... it is dead. A key will fall down. Use the key to unlock the door.

Q : How could I open the sarcophagus ?
A :
Get the crowbar from Paul table in the torture room. Use the crowbar to pry open the sarcophagus. Climb in and go to the secret room downstair. Noooooo ..... Malcolm has moved your son and he got your wife also now.

Q : How could I defeat Malcolm ?
A :
You have to destroy his power. Destroy his things one by one. First, carve the nutcracker with your knife. Then rip off his journal (the M.M. book). After this, smash his skull with the hammer. Finally burn his painting.

Q : How could I burn his painting ?
A :
Break the case with the crowbar and get the lighter. Flick it and use it to burn the painting.

Finally you beat the game. If you want to see what's happen if you're not quick enough, just watch your son kill your wife.


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December 1998
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