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She is another patient in the asylum. She think that she is Mary Queen of Scotland.You could tell from all the tapestry inside the room that she really think that she's the Queen.

Q : What's wrong with her ?
A :
From the conversation with her through her portrait in the case and by examining all of her things in the room (the sewing box and the silver pen/ink holder), you know that she's looking for four things: the handkerchief for her friend Lorena, an ink, a pen, and a knitting needle. Ask Malcolm also through the nutcracker.

Q : Where could I find the 'knitting needle' ?
A :
Go down to the kitchen. Head to the sink and turn left. Get the skewers on the rope above you.. Go back to her room again and put this skewers in the sewing box on her table (close to the bed). Now you are her friend. You'll hear a different answer if you try to go in the bed before and after you put the skewers inside.

Q : Where could I find the pen and the ink ?
A :
Visit Lorena room in the next section. Head directly to the back side of the room (near the painting of Lorena). Turn left and look closely to the hat. You'll see a feather on it. In the early days, you could use it as a pen. Get the feather. Now turn around until you face the brown make-up case. Open it. You'll find a black compact case on the lid. Get it. Open the compact and you'll find an eyeliner. Open it and you'll have a case and an applicator. There is still plenty of ink inside the case. Go back to Lavinia room and head to her desk. Fill the ink place with the ink from the case and put the feather on the pen holder. Now it's only the handkerchief left. You have access to the Fever room.

P.S. : For now I just ignore Lorena case because I'll explain it in detail in Case 3. So I stay focus on Lavinia case and some parts of Lorena's that connected to Lavinia's.

Q : Where is the handkerchief ?
A :
It's hidden inside Malcolm secret room. Maybe Lorena know something about it. Try to ask her something. Damn, she won't anwer until you do something for her. She wants her silverware back (if you examine her collection on the case near the door, you'll see something missing there. Yes, the teapot). Ask Malcolm about it also.

Q : Where is the teapot ?
A :
You could find it inside Malcolm office downstair. Go there. Walk to your mother's portrait. Turn left. Get the silver teapot from the tray. Go back up to Lorena's room and try to give it to her. Darn, doesn't work either she wants you to proove that the teapot is really hers.

Q : How could I proove it to her ?
A :
First you have to find out what is her true name then you have to match it with the writing on the silver teapot. If you look closely to it, there is a writing M.M carved on it.

Q : What is Lorena true name ?
A :
Go to her display case and read the book. Hmm... Mrs. Martin. What is her true name and who is this Mark Kendall ? Go back to her portrait. Turn left and you'll see a journal. Read it. Hmmmm...... "to Merle". Is she Merle Martin ? You could make sure of it if you search her files in Malcolm's computer in his office. From the journal you'll learn that she loves bird also that's why she has bird as her special mark.

Q : What is the password to Malcolm computer ?
A :
The password to his computer is : SCOOTER. It's written on a piece of note on the monitor. Enter the name Merle Martin or Mark Kendall. Hmm .. her true name is Meril Martin. Go back and try to give the teapot to her. Hmmm... she needs more proof.

Q : What other proove that she needs ?
A :
Maybe the engraving will work with her. Turn left and get the magnifying glass. Use it to examine the teapot closely. Hmmmm.... bird symbol instead of dot. Try to put the teapot to the tray and she'll ask you about more proove. Tell about the engraving. Now she believes you. The ECT room is opened for you now. She also tell you about Malcolm secret room. It's behind your mother painting in his office.

Q : I try to tap her painting but nothing happens. What should I do ?
A :
You need extra device to do that. Remember the device that a bank robber always use to open the safe ? The stethoscope. Go down to ECT room and talk to Jack Kramer. He's an interesting character. For now just remember his clue about the torture device here. Open the display case nearby. Get the stethoscope. Go back up to Malcolm office and use the stethoscope while tapping the frame. Try to open the safe. Damn, what's the combination number ??

Q : What is the combination number to Malcolm's safe ?
A :
Look closely to the your childhood picture on his office desk. He said the day you were born is the most important thing in his life. Hmmm ... 4/24/55 and it's your third birthday. So the combination should be 4/24/52. Use this number to open the safe. Be precise with it. If you're right, you'll be able to open the safe. Inside you'll find an egg and a jewelry box.

Q : The jewelry box is locked how could I open it ?
A :
There must be a key somewhere. Go down to Fever room in the basement and talk with Nick. He tells you that Malcolm hides a key inside one of the drawer on the medicine cabinet. He only remember 'Mandy Lee' as the clue to the correct drawer. Who is is this Mandy Lee ?

Q : Which one is the correct drawer ?
A :
Go back to Malcolm office and turn on the computer. Enter Mandy Lee. Hmm... interesting. She is Nick's daughter. Maybe her appartment number (#3C) will help you, anyway that's the only number there. Go down to Fever room and try to open the bottom right corner drawer inside the first group (top left group). Because you count from the top left so 3 represents the row and C is the column. Gotcha, there's a little key inside and Nick tells you that he remember now, it's her address. Yeah right. Unlock the box with the key and you'll find a handkerchief inside.

P.S : By this time you'll get poisoned by a strange disease. Don't worry about it because you won't die because of it (at least not yet). You'll find the cure later on in this game. Dr. Metcalf will tell you about the symptoms during the game until the time is right to get the antidote.

Go back to Lavinia room and put this handkerchief on the empty stand. She'll be very gratefull to you. In return she'll tell you about her secret compartment and she'll tell you that Sir George (or Malcolm in this case has an antidote box somewhere).

Q : Where is her secret compartment ?
A :
Turn around and face the bed. Push the crown mark on the right bed pole. A secret compartment will open. Get the blade inside.

You'll need this blade to deal with Lorena's case later on.


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