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Abe is a special case in this asylum. Dr. Metcalf cut him in pieces to make an experiment of the pain. Abe always thing that he is a girl (at least that's what it said in Malcolm's computer).

Q : How could I open the secret path behind the bookcase ?
A :
If you go to the main hall and see the medallions on the top of the main door, you'll see the first 3 characters. The last one should be Dr. Metcalf himself, because he is so proud about himself. Push the four books that represent this interesting characters.

Paracelcus, Hipocrates, and Freud The bookcase key

Q : Which serum is the appropriate one to cure my desease ?
A :
By now, Dr. Metcalf should tell you the correct symptoms of the desease. It is shivering, headache, muscle pain, and nausea. You got Bourbonic Plague. Look to your right. You'll see a box. Open it. Choose the appropriate antidote. To your left, you could get a journal and read about Abe. Poor kid. Your father cut him in pieces to 'cure' him. Go down the stair.

Q : What Abe wants from me ?
A :
You could talk with Abe through the jar on the cabinet (those are Abe's body part). He wants you to find his doll.

Q : What are the answer to Abe's riddles ?
A :
They are 'Table (something that begin with 'T')' and 'Light (something that begin with 'L')'. Just click on the appropriate item and choose 'guess' to answer. He'll tell you about the key to the chapel upstair.

Q : How could I open the drawer on the cabinet ?
A :
You have to picklock it. Go upstair to the chapel and open the display case. Get icepick and the hammer. Use the icepick to picklock the drawer. Inside you'll find a music box.

P.S : Inside the chapel (at the back side of the room, near the organ) you'll see a knight sitting on the bench. If you try to cut it with your hacksaw, Frank Morgan will not let you. Maybe later.

Q : What are the answer to Abe's next riddles ?
A :
They are 'Diploma (something white)' and 'Grate (something that begin with 'tiger' --> it's begin with 'grrr')'. After this Abe will tell you that sometime people use the knight to keep things inside. You could open the head and insert the item. Now you're be able to open the knight. Go to the chapel and cut his head with the hacksaw.

Q : How could I cut the strap inside the knight, my knife is not sharp ?
A :
Go to the kitchen and use the strap above the sink to sharpen your knife. Use the knife to cut the strap in the knight. It's Abe's doll. Get it. Oh noo.... another trap.

Q : Who could I escape from this cage ?
A :
It's easy. Turn left and use the lance to get the key. Turn right again and use the key to unlock the padlock. While you're here you could check the sarcophagus, but you could not open it yet. Go upstair. The door will be locked again behind you. The clue to open this door is 'Nose ... cold'. You'll find it later on in this game. Give back Abe's doll. Put it on the shelf.

Q : What is Abe's final riddle ?
A :
'Something that is read' is a book. Click on the book and guess it. In return he'll tell you that Metcalf use name and number as a code. Like Abe as '125'.

Q : How could I open the door with the lock number on it ?
A :
Try to open the music box in front of the door. Abe will tell you that the music is the key to open the door. This is interesting. Go back to chapel and open the music box. The pianist will tell you that the music is Bach's. Malcolm adore Bach very much. Hmmmm ... Bach is 2138. That should do it. Go back down and push the button. Turn the door handle and enter .....

This is the last clue in this section. In the final section I'll finish the hints for this game. You'll find Joshua and see the final conclusion of this game.


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