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Lorena is a patient in this asylum that also consider she's a royal family. Just like Lavinia case. Some parts of Lorena puzzle have been solved in Case 2 because it's tightly related to Lavinia case. There's one more quest to solve here and it's not an easy one.

Q : What she wants from you now ?
A :
She wants you to get her locket from Malcolm safe. Even though you know that there is no locket inside the safe, she keeps on insist that the locket is there. Ask Malcolm about her locket.

Q : Where is the locket ?
A :
It's hidden in the Furnace room in the basement. If you go to the back side of the room, you'll see a small room that protected with a lock. On the wall, you'll see the locket hanging in the circuit box (and .. surrounded with the electric current also !!). That's great.

Q : How could remove the electric current on the door ?
A :
See that water dripping from the ceiling. Something wrong with the water pipe. You have to find the source and fix it first before you could open the lock. Go back up to the kitchen and you'll see the freezer doesn't work so the ice is melting. So this is the source of the dripping water.

Q : How could I fix the freezer ?
A :
Open the circuit box and remove the broken fuse. Get the spare fuse from the furnace room. It's in the fuse box on the left shelf. Replace the fuse. Now the freezer works again and no more water omes out from it.

Q : Where is the key to unlock the padlock ?
A :
There is no key for that. You have to cut the lock. You already have the blade from Lavinia. The only thing left is a tool to hold the blade. Go back up to the Family room (near the kitchen). When you face to kitchen door turn left. You'll see a compartment on the wall. Use awl to remove the hinges. Open it and get the hacksaw. Insert the blade to it. Go back to Furnace room and cut the padlock with the hacksaw.

Q : How could I get the locket ? The electric current is surrounding it.
A :
There is a bed sheet in Hydroteraphy room (it's on the shelf to the left). Get it. Go back to the Furnace room and drop the sheet in front of the circuit box. Get the locket. Oh no ... another timed puzzle.

Q : How could I solve this Electric Chair puzzle ?
A :
Remember the clue that Jack told you. You have to make the number on the back panel (behind the chair) match the number on your right panel. Open the compact case and look in the mirror. You'll see number 158 on it. Use the button to choose the numbers.

Q : I use the number but it doesn't work. Is something wrong ?
A :
That is the 'reflection' problem. Remember you look at the reflection of the number in the mirror. So it must be 821 instead of 158. That should do it.

Return the locket to Lorena. Put it on the empty stand. She'll giving you an advice on how to find your son. She told you that Malcolm has a secret room behind the bookcase in his office. He has special key to unlock the bookcase. It's related to his favourite medical character. You have to push an appropriate book on the bookcase to open it.


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