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Hogwarts Main Entrance/Corridor to the Girl's Toilet (Troll)

Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

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Hogwarts Main Entrance/Corridor to the Girl's Toilet (Troll)


Follow Ron and help find Hermione.

[3.19] Harry leaves the Dungeons and enters the Main Entrance.

Ron comes running into him: Harry! A huge troll is on the rampage! Itís concerned Hermione in the girlís toilets!

Ron seems upset


She needs our help! We must try to rescue her straight away!

Follow Ron up the Monumental Staircase, but go right instead and cast Flipendo at a jar on your right that has mysteriously resurrected.

Flipendo on this jar


That will award Harry with an extra Bean. Turn around and pass the tin soldiers: there is another such jar on your left.

Cast Flipendo on this one too


Another extra Bean! Now follow Ron.


Corridor to the Girlís Toilet

Escape the Troll.

[3.20] Ron and Harry are deliberating in front of a locked door.

Harry... whatís that smell?

All of a sudden the door breaks into pieces and giant Troll with a huge club appears.

This way, Harry!


In true Crash Bandicoot style, Harry has to run away from the Troll in frontal view towards the camera!

The only way you will succeed in this hell of a run past staircases and bridges is by controlling Harry with the arrow down and the mouse.

There are all kinds of gaps in the floor, so youíll have to meticulously follow the track of Beans which will lead your jumps over the gaps. Watch the blue Beans carefully while running. When the Beans start getting multi-colored Harry is nearing a gap! 

Keep running like hell: the Troll is right behind Harry and if youíre hesitating he will knock Harry down with his club.

The Beans are showing the correct track


When you will have reached the Save Book on the way, the worse part will be over.

The Save Book you desperately need!!


[3.21] Keep running for a short distance and Harry will meet Ron.

Theyíre hiding behind the door to the Girlís Toilet when the Troll runs in.

Harry and Ron are preparing a trap


Harry and Ron run out and the door shuts. Suddenly they hear a fearful cry: Hermione is trapped in there! Harry and Ron run in again and watch the Troll threatening Hermione who is lying on the floor.

Harry: The Troll is enormous!

Ron: Harry, Iíll try to charm the Trollís club, so it bashes him on the head!

Ron is able to pull the club out of the Trollís hands with Wingardium Leviosa, but the Troll starts throwing all kinds of junk at Harry.

Ron: Cast your Flipendo Spell to keep that junk from hitting us!

The Troll is throwing junk at Harry


Youíll have to cast Flipendo on the pieces of junk before they hit Harry or Ron. Meanwhile Ron is diverting the club in the direction of the Troll.

The more the club approaches the Troll, the faster heíll keep throwing things. When the club hits the Trollís head, heíll drop down.

Hermione! Are you alright?

Thanks for saving me! Is it dead?


I think itís just been knocked out. Come on, letís get out of here.


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