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Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

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Potions Lesson


Find the Potion Ingredients.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card.  Find 2 Secret Areas.


[3.9] Harry runs down the stairs to the Dungeons.

Keep going down until you reach a lugubrious room full of color-smoking cauldrons.

Meet a dark, unfriendly individual: I am your Potions teacher, Professor Snape. Today, you will learn how to mix a Wiggenweld Healing Potion. Youíre late for Potions, Mr. Potter. Inexcusable even for celebrities. Five points from Gryffindor. Potter, go to the Dungeons and fetch the Potion Ingredients for the class.

Bring back Wiggentree Bark, Moly, Dittany and Flobberworm Mucous. And quick about it or I shall deduct House points from Gryffindor. Now be gone and donít come back without the Ingredients! Stop pestering me and get to the Dungeons.

Follow past the central pillars and outside walk over the bridge. A camera view will fly to an Ingredient on the opposite side. Harry says: HmmÖ That must be Dittany.

When Harry crosses the bridge to catch the Dittany, it suddenly collapses and Harry tumbles down to a lower floor.

Harry crosses the bridge...

...and tumbles into the deep


Where am I? I wonder if Snape tricked me? Harry has landed on a lower bridge. Walk up to the Save Book.


[3.10] Harry may now enter a room with a Flipendo block locked up in small central room.

There are two more tall Flipendo blocks on the opposite side of the small room, past a deep trench.

Jump to the opposite side and take a good look at this puzzle. Obviously the blocks will have to be moved with Flipendo. You can see the tracks.

Two tall blocks...


You can push a block to the balcony, but the block is too high to climb.

Instead, move the blocks one by one toward the middle of the trench. The blocks will slide down in the trench...

...forming a path


That will also open the grilles of the central room. Go to the opposite side and push the released block with four Flipendo all the way over the path to the front of the balcony. Harry can now climb the lower block, jump to the balcony and pull up.

From what Hermione told me. I think thatís the Moly.


Walk to the Moly and Harry will collect it. That will also open the next grille. Stand on the pedestal and cast Flipendo on the switch. Harry will then be lifted up. Jump off the pole and ascend the stairs. Your next Save Book is left.

Better save here


[3.11] The next room contains two Flipendo switches, one left of Harry and one high on the opposite wall.

Flaoting blocks and two switches


Cast Flipendo at the one on the left wall and two floating blocks will start moving. The first is floating horizontally and the second vertically.

Jump on the first one when it approaches. Ride and jump to the second when it has lowered. Turn right and ride up. Harry has access to three floors now. Ride down and jump to the lowest floor, and take the Beans.

Careful in this room: there is no floor. Jump to the ledge on the left. Turn around and cast Flipendo at the switch on the opposite wall. Now the door behind Harry will open for a few seconds.

This door opens and will close soon


Quickly run inside and collect your Wizard Card #49: Elladora Ketteridge, 1656-1729. Witch who discovered the use of Gillyweed. She nearly suffocated after eating it, recovering only when she stuck her head into a bucket of water.

Cast Alohomora on the lock and this door will slide upward. Cast Flipendo on the switch and the door on the left will open. Go stand on the plate and cast Flipendo on the switch.

Harry will be lifted up. Jump off the lift into a new room with a switch and a door. Flipendo on the switch will open the front door. Jump back to the familiar vertically floating block (careful: Harry has a tendency to over jump; itís is a tricky jump).

Now jump to the second floor without falling in and grab all Beans. Jump back to the block (another tricky jump) and ride up. On top, quickly cast Flipendo on the switch.

That will engage another floating block on the third floor. Ride down and up again and finally jump to the third floor. Seize your 1rst Challenge Star.

Harryís first Challenge Star


Before jumping on the block open the door with the lock by casting Alohomora. Now jump to the block and ride all the way to your next Save Book. Jump on the block and save your game.


[3.12] And itís still jumping time!

There are four floating ledges on your left. Their shape tells you theyíre not very stable.

Keep running and jumping, they will quickly drop down when you step on them. Run and jump to the platform in front of the wall switch. Cast Flipendo to engage another floating block on your left. First cast Alohomora on the grilled door, and then jump on the block when it approaches.

Alohomora on the door first


Ride the block to the opposite side, jump to the platform and cast Flipendo on the switch. On your right there is a similar situation. Cast Alohomora on the door and ride the block. On the opposite side jump to the ledge with the Save Book, and save.

[3.13] Run and jump again the row of four collapsing blocks and jump to the platform with the Star.

Keep running and jumping


Take the 2nd Challenge Star and enter the corridor. When Harry continues left, suddenly a door in front of him will open up and a Ghost dressed like an 18th century Gentile comes floating in his direction. Oh no! Itís the Bloody Baron!  

Harry will see how the Bloody Baron floats out of a door that immediately closes again. Do not let him touch you ÖAuch! Stand aside when he passes. Heís following a steady track.

Do not take the stairs on your right but wait for the Baron to return and follow him through the door to a dark room with two chests each standing in an antechamber. Open each chest with Alohomora for a fair number of extra Beans.

Stand by the side of the grilled door and wait for the Bloody Baron to fly in or out again and quickly sneak through the door. Run up the stairs and enter a room with 6 Gnomes. Get all six on their but with Flipendo and three doors will slide open.

All Gnomes on their but


One of the doors gives access to an alcove with a Chocolate Frog. Go get the Frog. Another alcove contains a chest. Open with Alohomora and enjoy the Beans.

Cast Flipendo on the Dragon statue. It spins about its axis. Nothing happens. Wanna try Flipendo again? The second time it will shed a number of Beans. Leave by the third door.

Hmmm... That looks like Wiggentree Bark.


Grab the Wiggentree Bark and the next door will open. The following room contains a statue and two plates.

Move the statue with Wingardium Leviosa onto the left plate. That will open the corresponding grilled cage behind it and a second statue becomes available. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the second statue and move it onto the second plate.

The statue puzzle


That will open up the second cage and make a third plate available. Move the first statue onto this plate and the exit door will open. Leave.

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