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The Dungeons


Find Professor Snapeís Potion classroom, located in the Dungeon.

Find 2 secret Wizard Cards. Find 2 Secret Areas.


[3.8] Harry runs out of a door and enters the Second Floor Landing.

Turn right and cast Flipendo thrice on the statue.

There are Beans in that statue


Turn around and run from the stairs. Cast Alohomora on the large mirror.

Render the mirror transparent


Jump into this Secret Area and to the next ledge. Walk backward and automatically jump to the opposite lower ledge. Turn around and walk backward such that Harry will drop down to ground level. Continue right and cast Alohomora on the lock of the door.

Careful: youíll have to stun two Gnomes in there. Cast Alohomora on the chest and obtain a lot of BB Beans. Go out and climb the ledge on your left. Turn around and jump to the higher ledge.

Repeat this twice and come out of the mirror. Turn left and right behind the corner cast Flipendo on a jar.

Flipendo on this jar


Take out the Bean and return upstairs to the statue Harry just charmed. Continue left of the statue and ascend the stairs. On top of them turn right and cast Alohomora on the painting.

Alohomora on this painting...

...I did it again!


Climb into the Secret Room, open the chest with Alohomora and catch the Beans. Go out, turn right and a voice will call Harry:

Psst, Harry! Over here!


The painting opposite to the stairs slides upward and Fred and George appear from behind:

Have you collected 25 Beans?


Jump on the table with the candles and approach Fred. Nice work Harry, you found all the Beans we needed for now. Here is a Wizard Card, then. Hope you donít have this one, yet. Remember, you donít know anything about us collecting Beans. Itíll be our secret, right?

The painting secures again and the Twins disappear. Harry is left behind with his Wizard Card #62: Ignatia Wildsmith, 1227-1320. The Witch who invented Floo powder.

Jump from the table and collect the Card


Continue left and go down the stairs; turn right and cast Flipendo four times on the Witch statue.

The Witch keeps on viciously laughing


Turn around, down the stairs and on your left there is another jar to break with Flipendo.

Thatíll also get Harry a Bean


Proceed to the armors and Ron will run down the Monumental Staircase.

Next is our Potions lesson...

...and it looks like weíre already late


First cast Flipendo on each of the armors. You may go on casting Flipendo on these tin guys forever, but only the first shot will shake a Bean out of them.

Go down the Monumental Staircase and immediately turn around left and spot a chest in the corner. It wasnít there before!

A hidden chest behind the Stairs


Cast Alohomora on the chest and obtain your Wizard Card #57: Gifford Ollerton, 1390-1441. Famous giant-slayer. Killed the giant Hengist of Upper-Barnton.

Another nice card...

Proceed to the door where Ron went in: the one to the right of the Staircase.

The door will open and Harry will run in.


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