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Potions Challenge


Find the Potion Ingredients.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card. Find 2 Secret Areas.


[3.14] Harry arrives inside a very dark and huge tower containing an inner central tower.

There are a number of ledges coming in and out of the walls. Jump to the first ledge on your right when it has just turned horizontal, wait for the second to emerge, jump to that one. There are two more ledges until you jump to the balcony with the Save Book, and save.

A Save Book and a Gargoyle


[3.15] Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and watch how three Magic Clouds are charmed constituting a Magic Stairway to a Challenge Star.

Magic Stairway to the Star.


Jump from Cloud to Cloud until you reach the ledge with the Star. Collect your 3rd Challenge Star and enter the central tower. Past the entrance on your right there is a Chest. Open with Alohomora and acquire the Ingredient.

On the left side of the entrance there is a Flipendo switch. That will open the central cage containing a Potion Ingredient. But Harry canít access from this side.

The location of the third Ingredient


Return from the Magic Staircase, and continue jumping to the ledges on your left. On top is your next Save Book.


[3.16] Cast Lumos on this Gargoyle and watch how a Magic Stairway is charmed to a second entrance of the inner tower.

Jump and climb the couple of Clouds and go inside. Harry has now access to the location of the IngrediŽnt.

That must be the Flobberworm Mucous


Catch the Flobberworm Mucous and an exit door will slide open. Leave by this door, turn right and follow the catwalk around the inner tower to a third entrance.

Inside on your right is a Flipendo switch. Stand on the plate by the entrance and charm the switch. The plate appears a pillar that will lift Harry up. Jump off. On top is another switch. Cast Flipendo on it. Turn around and watch how a floating block is engaged.

A new floating block


When the block approaches, jump to it and ride to the tower wall. Jump off, climb the steps and save by another Book.


[3.17] Continue along the steps to your right.

Go left and enter a room where the Bloody Baron is floating around once again. Go to the left and open a chest with Alohomora for extracting a number of Beans. Wait by the chest for the Baron to arrive.

Enter behind the Bloody Baron


Follow the Baron inside the corridor but not through the second door yet.  Instead, promptly cast Alohomora on a door to your left. Enter a Secret Room and open the chest with Alohomora.

Wait for the Baron to fly in again from your right, and now follow him through the second door. Immediately cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner and take some Beans.

Run around the sealed area. Behind the corner enter an antechamber to your left with a Gargoyle. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle which will charm a floating Magic Cloud.

The Magic Cloud


Jump to the Cloud when it approaches and ride to the opposite side. Jump off and turn left, up the stairs. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That will charm two Magic Clouds dancing in a weird pattern. They are each floating in circles.

The following two jumps are very tricky since you canít distinguish very well where and when the Clouds are near. Jump on the first one and wait for the second to approach. Try to figure out at which point both Clouds are nearest, then jump and ride to the balcony with the Save Book.


[3.18] Follow the Bloody Baron to your left and sneak in.

The door closes fast


Going right and left behind the corners you will see a Dragon statue on your right. Cast Flipendo on the statue and a door behind it will open.

The Secret Room contains a Wizard Card


Pick up the Wizard Card #96: Hengist of Woodcroft, medieval, dates unknown. Driven away from his home by Muggle persecutors, Hengist is supposed to have settled in Scotland where he founded the village of Hogsmeade. The Three Broomsticks Inn is alleged to be Hengistís former home.

Go out and wait until you see the Bloody Baron floating in the left direction. Then, turn right and run till the balcony with the chest. Open it with Alohomora and Harry will be loaded with Beans.

Wait on the balcony for the Bloody Baron to return and cautiously follow him all the way back past the exit door. Immediately turn left to the ledge above the sealed room you saw before.

Jump down and Cast Flipendo thrice on the block in the direction of the balcony on the opposite side.

Move this block towards the balcony


Jump from the block to the balcony and follow the corridor. Youíll notice an Ingredient at the end of it.

Hmmm...That must be Dittany


Pick up the Dittany and the exit door will open. Cross the bridge Harry fell through in the beginning and you will meet Professor Snape again: Late again, you lazy boy. A further 3 points from Gryffindor should teach you a lesson. I see you collected a few Challenge Stars, but Iím afraid they have no value in my classroom. Iíve ended the lesson without, Potter. The other students are off to the Halloween feast. Join them, if you must.

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