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When the elevator stops, just open the door to get out. Look around and youíll see the green lighted way to the agency. At the end of the alley youíll end up before closed doors. Try to open them. Damned... locked! Remember this door! Now walk around the building to find the correct entrance of the travel agency. Open the doors and talk to the lady behind the desk. Of course you be polite.

Then you talk about music. You tell her you know the group. After having said that, the lady answers the telephone. Great... now you donít only have PiP (Picture in Picture) but you also can have a closer look at things. Turn to the left and walk towards the poster with the earth from out of space. Looks a little strange that earth, isnít it? Just push the earth and look whatís happening... It turns out to be a sort of knob that turns to the right. I wonder what this has done.

The very well hidden knob

When the lady finished the telephone call you tell her about the 3 latest hits from Blues Wire that youíve heard about. Now the lady is willing and able. So question her about everything you can. Especially ask her about Rania Dendrinou. At her desk you can find another strips of chewing gum. Take it. Itís just like the real world... chewing gum all over the place! The only difference is that in the real world itís used chewing gum. Turn to the left and get an advertising leaflet from the holder at the wall. Now leave the agency and look whoís entering the agency. Good old Rania Dendrinou.

When she comes out of the agency youíll speak to her of course. First youíre friendly of course. After that you continue more cleverly. Question her about everything you can. Soon sheíll tell you in a most calm way that her life is in danger and that she has no time to talk to you right now. She invites you at the Plaza Hotel at 6 A.M. this evening. After the conversation walk around the building until you reach the green lighted path.

Remember those locked doors? Well... try to open them now. Now you know what happened when you pushed the earth at the poster! The door is unlocked. So open it and go inside. Reshuffle the boxes so that you can open one of them. Pick up the GPS receiver. Do another reshuffling with the other boxes to find... a GPS transmitter. It is well hidden under the cello tape on the lid of that box!

The transmitter hidden under the cello tape

Now had back for the elevator. Enter the elevator and push the down button. After the elevator has stopped, open the door to step outside. Youíll notice a lot of storage rooms standing around. They all are locked... except for one. Go and find number E6 which turns out to be open for business. So find that one and open the doors to enter it. Youíll find some boxes inside. Open the box and pick up... the teleguidance. Of course it isnít meant for airplanes but for the teleguided clerk at Pallatino.

Leave the room and enter the elevator once more. Now donít push the upper nor the down button. In stead of that, push the center button. Now go to Pallatino to play with that teleguidance. Enter the alley with all the boxes. Iím sure you can remember them. Stand at the back of the clerk. Put your instruction receiver at the square hole of the clerk. Look how Nick is moving all the boxes. After the job is done, walk to where the boxes have been and youíll discover a manhole.

The opened manhole

Use the piece of bent iron on the manhole. Move the lid aside. Climb down the ladder. Itís a little dark inside. Have a good look to find the red knob next to the ladder. Push the knob to get... light. It seems that you are standing in the sewers of the city. Walk around and find yourself a dead body. Examine the body. See that there is a card sticking out of the poor manís pocket. Pick up the card. Shit... itís drifting away in the uhhhh letís say liquid... No panic!!! Itís stuck somewhere in one of those black grates you can see at the bottom line. Go and search for it. Grab it quickly before itís too late! Examine the card. It turns out to be a Chemtron security level 2 card.

Find the card in one of the grates

Walk back to where you entered the sewers and climb up the ladder. Head back for the double doors and go to the Hotel Plaza. Look whatís happening or better what is not happening. The girl behind the desk, helpful as she is, will give you a note from Rania. After that youíll see a commercial on the TV about this new medicine G53.

The next morning have a look at Raniaís note. It says that she couldnít make it and that sheís staying at her sisterís now, Renata. So head for the elevator and go to Renata Dendrinou. When you arrive there, a policeman is guarding the place. He wonít let you through. That is, he will let you through when you choose the correct words... That is Camaraderie and bad luck...

After you arrive home again, have a look at your laptop. Grab the fax from Dimitri Argiriou. Read the fax. It tells you to come to Detronics. It also clearly states that you shouldnít bring any stuff. So for just in case of... drop all your things from inventory on the floor of your apartment. After that call Pekas and ask him about Rania and about Aristos. Leave your apartment and head for the elevator. Now itís time to go to Detronics Mission. Have a conversation with Dimitri to get yourself into... the time machine which brings you back to the year 2019. So... back to the future!!! 


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