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Look around. What a mess this place is. Typically a bachelorís room. Empty bottles and pieces of paper all over the place. Pick up the papers from the floor. Walk towards the stove. Open the right door of the stove. Pick up the coffee pot. You can open two other doors of the stove if you like. In order to open the center door you have to remove the empty bottles first. Try to open the door at the left of the stove. Hmmm... this one is stuck since you broke the handle... Walk towards the strange shaped cupboard.

Strange cupboard

Open the drawers to find vitamins for the plant, your map and a Vid Phone card. The map doesnít appear in your inventory. But donít worry, itís where it should be.

You can pick up the papers near the waste bin. Just rubbish... In the game you sometimes find items you donít need in the game. You can find out which items you donít need by throwing them into the waste bin. If you like you  can even burn them in the waste bin with your lighter. I advice you to try this from time to time. This keeps you from carrying around to much stuff you donít need after all. For instance you are carrying around the papers you just picked up from the floor. Simply drop them into the waste bin to find out you wonít need them in the game. Try to drop the Vid Phone card into the waste bin to find out that it wonít work. This means you gonna need then later in the game. All the items that I couldnít use in my game are written in yellow.

Look at the left and walk towards the jacket thatís hanging on the wall. Take the jacket. Notice that something is falling on the floor. Pick it up. Open your inventory to find out itís sugar. Open the cupboard next to the jacket. Take the bag of coffee. From the shelves at the left of the jacket pick up the tennis ball and the boom lighter. You can also study and switch on the fan if you like.

Turn to the left and pick up the codyfax from your laptop and the note from Thanos Pekas. Examine them both. Open the drawer under the table to find your diary. Close the drawer. Examine the diary to find Pekasí telephone number.

Your diary...

Walk towards the red door. Turn to the left and climb up the stairs. Walk towards the nightstand at the right side of the bed. In the upper drawer youíll find a message from your not-to-be-wife Anita. Study it in your inventory. What a waste...

Walk to the other nightstand. In the lower drawer youíll find the secret codes Anita and you made. Combine it in your inventory with your codyfax to read the message from Anita. Move the pillow on the bed to find... nothing.

Open the door to the bathroom. Enter the bathroom. Pick up the toothpaste and the spoon from beneath the mirror. Notice that there is no water because you didnít pay your bills. Go downstairs and try to leave your apartment via the red door. Hmmm... you donít want to go anywhere before you had some coffee. Now you are facing the first problem. Nick wants coffee but there isnít any water in the house. Now what???

Walk towards the book shelves. At the left side youíll notice a fish in a container. Fish normally do swim in water... So use your coffee pot to get some fresh water from the container. In your inventory, combine the spoon with the coffee bag. Combine the coffee bag with the coffee pot. Add the sugar to the coffee pot. Walk towards the stove. Put the coffee pot on the stove. Now walk to the table with your laptop. Pour some coffee into the coffee cup. Drink the coffee. Now you can leave your apartment. Time to meet Thanos Pekas!

One fine cup of coffee at last

So open the red door to go outside. Go and find the elevator. You can recognize the elevator by the double red doors. Enter the elevator to reveal your map. Turn the map to find the correct red spot to meet Pekas. Heíll ask you to help him to solve a murder case. Of course you wonít refuse. In return he gives you lots of credits. While he gives you the credits he drops something on the ground. It seems to be a picture of his wife. You pick it up and return to your apartment.

Enter the apartment. In your inventory you examine the check you got from Pekas. Select the photo in your inventory and left click on the photo. Now you can turn around the picture by left clicking your mouse and pressing the Ctrl-key. Read a secret code 25/11/2059 at the back of the photo.

Study the back of the photo

Put your Vid Phone card into your laptop. Choose the Universal Database. Enter the code you just found 25/11/2059 including the dashes to enter Pekasí database. Make an inquiry about all files. Have a good look and note down the Web page address of Hapacom. After that use the Vid Phone and dial Pekas number 55568374639. Question him about everything you can. After the conversation hang up the phone.

Go and stand in front of your TV. Turn on the TV. Now choose interactive TV. When you wake up next morning go downstairs. Turn on your laptop. Choose Vid Phone. Dial Pekasí number once more. Question him directly about Mikes. After that you can also question him about the new options. Hmmm... he clearly doesnít want to be involved in politics. After this conversation donít forget to take your Vid Phone card from the TV. 

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