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Walk towards the doors and try to open them. Hmmm... locked. Notice the key hole at the right side of the door. Push the black button to retrieve the key card. Take it and use it to put it back into the slot again. After that you take back the card from the slot. Open the doors and enter the house. Wow... ainít that a place for a living. Especially notice the fine art structures at the wall besides the staircase.

Walk towards the TV screen. Turn to the right and open the drawer of the little wooden table. Get the remote control. No... this not the one you need to control the teleguided clerk! Examine the remote control in your inventory. Notice the key symbol on top of it. Hmmm... clearly to unlock... doors? Go and find a piece of paper in all four green plants. Now try to open the doors in this room. Hmmm... locked.

Now have a look at the four pieces of paper in your inventory. There seems to be a 1, a 3, a 7 and an 8. Could this be the secret code to unlock the doors? Nope... not yet! You have to find another piece of paper to accomplish the code to unlock the... doors? Notice the plants in the center of the room. You can find the last piece of paper there. You canít find it? That figures, neither could I. Notice the brick columns these plants are standing on. Go to the column at the right side. Stand between the column and the brown wall. Now have a closer look at the brick column. Click on the third brick from top...

Sneaky again

Your fifth piece of paper! Now have another look at the pieces of paper in your inventory. Hey... they are all together now! This means that the code is complete, right? Wrong! Right click on the pieces of paper to move them apart. Notice that all pieces can fit together as some sort of jig saw puzzle. Fitting them together in the correct order gives you the number 18537. Notice that the last piece of paper has been burned. By that the last figure of the code has been burned away. So the correct code exists of 6 digits. By trying and eliminating numbers youíll soon find out the correct 6 digit code. With me it was 185375 at all times. So... now you have the correct code to open the doors? Nope, not yet. It is the correct code but not to open the doors. This code only opens the door to open the doors so to speak!?

Walk towards the piece of art at the left side of the stairs. Try to touch it and youíll notice some kind of force field. Get your remote control from your inventory and activate it by left clicking. Letís punch in the code 185375 and push the send button. After that youíll hear a weird sound. So it must have done something. But believe me, the doors wonít still be unlocked. What did this code do than!? If you watched carefully you have seen that the force field has vanished.

The force field has vanished... 

Touch the upper yellow dotted piece of art. Walk to the right side of the stairs and see that a secret compartment of that piece of art has opened. And not only that... it contains a piece of paper with some code. Get the piece of paper and examine it in your inventory. It reads 283456. Would this be the code to unlock the doors? YEP... you finally got it. So use the remote control once more, activate it and punch in the code 283456 and send. Now you will hear the nice and desired sound of opening door locks!

Before opening the doors, we will do another trick with the piece of art at the left side of the stairs. After this you won't need the remote control anymore so you can drop it if you want. Now move the green dotted piece of art. Walk to the right side of the stairs and notice that the upper piece of art has opened. Alas it is to high to look if thereís something into this piece. We will look at that later. Now itís time to visit the two other rooms. 

Walk to the door next to the TV, so at the right side of the room. Open the door and enter the room. Nice... a swimming pool. Jump into the water and snatch the rubber duck. Climb out of the water and walk towards the lockers at the left. Open them and search them. In the locker that is standing against the longest wall, you can move a pile of towels. Pick up the pepper spray that was hidden by the towels. 

The pepper spray is waiting for you...

Walk towards the stretchers. From the last one you pick up the swimming costume with goggles. Leaf this room and enter the room at the opposite site. From the drawers of the left night stand pick up the plastic film. In inventory combine the pair of scissors with the plastic film. Combine the five pieces of plastic with your sticky glove. Turn to the left and youíll see a mirror hanging on the wall. There is a stool standing beneath the mirror. Pick it up. Itís good that you have big pockets :>)

Is that all there is? Nope... just look under the bed to find a big suit case. Move it from under the bed and open the lid. From the lid pick up the ring and the travel ticket to Brazil. In inventory examine the travel ticket. Leave the underwear alone. Exit this room. Now walk towards the art at the right side of the stairs. Place the stool at the floor. Now you can look into the upper opened piece of art. Pick up the bottle of green liquid. Exit the apartment. Use the elevator to go to Ermis Travel Agency.

The antidote

Let's head for...

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