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This is merely an overview of the single player missions, since I haven't played much multiplayer missions yet. Single player missions are also easier to write about, since you have total control over the success/failure of a mission.

I divided the missions just by numbers, not by category (SOC, Vasudan, Terran, ...). I suggest you read the general tactics section before going over the different missions. I was able to complete these missions with the tactics explained there!

The first missions are all very easy, but from level 20 and higher, you can notice a gradual climb in difficulty (some missions are more difficult than others). Strangely enough, the first missions weren't a high success (statistical wise - I didn't have a lot of kills), while in the latter missions I tend to be flying through enemy debris. Maybe it took some time to get used to the controls, or maybe I just had to get into berserk mode ... I don't know. When I replayed the missions, I did get a lot of extra kills.

This mission overview includes all training and SOC missions. If you decide to skip one of them, you should recalculate the missions numbers.

The missions themselves contain the following information: Keep in mind that the primary and secondary objectives given in the mission overview are the ones at the beginning of the the mission. During the mission, extra objectives may be added. You can view them by pressing the F4 key!

If some of the information mentioned here is incorrect or incomplete, please contact me. I'm only human and bound to make a mistake here or there!