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Area 51 - Level Two

From passing through blast door enter the first room on your left - The Contigency Planning Room. Go around computer console to sunken area at front of room, under wall map. Zoom in on Strategic Simulator:

Solve and the access cover will showing "Operation Red Tiger" which is the solve for the Contingency Planning document in the communicator. Leave Room. L, go down hall and take the first left, walk up to the guard blocking the entrance to the hangar He asks for the area in Square feet of the hangar: It is 13824 (gotten from plane model in Captain Sherman's office, and the Area 51 model in Garnet Hall) Enter Hangar Go down stairs into hangar. F2, R, F, R Click the plug on the floor to plug it together and reconnect the power to the degaussing system Return up stairs to the control room Zoom in on the degaussing access panel, on the control panel. Open the control panel to expose the red flashing button Wait until the scientist walks out onto the hull and then press the button Go back downstairs and enter the UFO In the middle section of the UFO are three silver cylinders. On the middle cylinder, is the locked access panel to the Element 115 chunk. The solve to this puzzle is the letters on the Roswell metal piece in the cafeteria. Once solved, take the piece of E115 Back out, R Go up ladder Once in Upper section of UFO L, F, R, zoom in on alien computer panel. Note word ELOKIEN This matches the large panel in the hangar except the big panel is translated. Elokien=Diagnostic and this is the solve for the UFO plans in the Communicator Leave Hangar and control booth Once in Hallway: F2, L, F2, L Open door to Jarod's office and enter R, Jarod tells you to set his bath temp. and leave… L, F, L Zoom in on control panel on side of bath Enter 76.5 and press enter. Jarod will go into his bath - (the temp is gotten from reading the UFO plans in the communicator and it says in there the solution has to be 9 Glumbah, this is translated to F by using the formula on the blackboard in the embryo lab) F, to behind Jarod's desk, R Zoom in on computer screen, Click unlocked document from Dr. Snidley, Note frequencies - 166 is the one we want. Back out, F, R Zoom in on safe on floor, Zoom into safe's control panel Use the DNA scanner from inventory and plug it into the scanner port on the safe Since the scan was incomplete you will have to manually complete the sequence. Solved:

Solve. Back out. Open safe door. Take Level 3 access card. You can take the scanner back too. Back out. Leave room. L, F2, Zoom into card reader in door Use L3 pass card to unlock door Back out, open door, enter elevator to Level 3


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