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Area 51 - Level One

Start in Janitor's closet. Exit Room, Turn left and go forward until you reach the genetics lab, which will be the only door on your right. Zoom in on the door's lock.. Solve puzzle, Back out and open door. Enter Room. You will encounter Dr. Johnson. Pay attention to what she says. After she leaves, L, F, R, & Zoom in on the hydraulic lines, of the embryo lift, that are mis-configured (the red & green tubes at bottom center) Solve the Puzzle:

Back out, leave room, & ride the walkway. Enter the Cafeteria, & walk over to Dr. Johnson. The Dr. will ask you if you have anything to tell her, and if you paid attention to her in the lab you will know to enter something like "I fixed the lift". She will leave, Turn around and leave the way you came, & ride the walkway again, R, F3, R, & Enter Dr. Johnson's office, which is now unlocked. You can answer "No" to her question and she will leave. Zoom in on the top drawer in her desk, open it, take the DNA scanner, Zoom out, Zoom in on the computer screen, Enter "E" to finish the password. Think numbers for this one. Note the current transformation matrix on the screen (1111 1010 1100 1110). Back out, leave the room and return to the Research Lab. In the room, walk around to the back side of the embryo lift. Zoom in on the computer screen under the alien, and enter the Xform matrix, from the Dr's computer screen, to grow the alien Zoom out, and then Zoom in on the dead adult alien Use the DNA scanner on the alien to get an incomplete sample. Leave the room. In Hall, R, F3, L, Enter Captain Sherman's office, Zoom in on plane model, Zoom in on base of plane with data, Note length of plane (48ft), Back out, and walk to being behind the Captain's desk. Zoom in on the desk blotter and take the pencil. Use the pencil to make a rubbing from the torn sheet of paper to get the Captain's PIN . Note PIN. (Notice on blotter the Cpt. likes to play Rock Hopper, in normal play you would have to play the Rock Hopper game in the cafeteria to get the Captains initials from the High Score table.) Zoom out from blotter, L, Zoom in on the computer screen, Get the 1st (unlocked) message from the General. Back out, R, F, Zoom in on the Captain's locker. Enter Personal ID code (Initials & 7 digit PIN - JRS1872194), Open Locker, Take Level 2 Pass card from locker shelf. You can go read the 2nd message from the General - Nina is the password. Exit Room, Go back into the Cafeteria, Once in turn right and immediately exit through the other door, Straight ahead is Garnet Hall, Go in. Go to the far end, Click on the glowing red display, Now click the panel at the base of the display, Enter "RAMEY" to unlock the EM field protector, Zoom out, Zoom into the Roswell metal piece to see the alien writing. This sequence is the solve for the slider puzzle in the UFO.

Back out, Turn around and walk back to the other end of the hall, to the last set of displays. Turn right and walk over the USA looking display. Zoom in and click the button in the state of Nevada. (this is where you are…). Back out, and note the number on the display (0000 1437 3890) Turn around and go over to the display directly ahead of you, Zoom in on the model of the base, Click the model of the X29 plane and note that it tells you the plane is 1/3 the length of any hangar on the base (48x3=144=length of hangar in feet), Click the hangar and note that it tells you the width of the hangar is 96 feet. Leave Garnet Hall, and take the tunnel to the left. Enter the door on the left. Go to the Blast door and zoom in on the card reader unit on right side. Use the Level 2 card on the card reader to unlock the door. Back out and open the door. Proceed to Level 2


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