Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 1

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship
Mission: Get to the hangar bay

In this level you play Obi-Wan. As a droid enters, you notice the conference room fill up with poison gas. You can talk to the droid if you want, but do it quickly. Exit the room, and have your lightsaber handy.

Kill all the droids in the immediate area (you can also use force push). Qui-Gon will help you. In the room to the left of the conference room, you can find a thermal detonator in a compartment ("use" the handprint icon). There is also a full health powerup in the little round room (service closet). In the other room to the right of the conference area, the compartment has a blaster with 250 shots.

At the end of the hallway, there is an R2 unit fixing a broken door. Be careful, to the right of him are 2 battle droids waiting in ambush. Kill them, then go through the service closet and use the control panel to open the broken door. If you need it, grab the full health powerup in the compartment to the left of R2 droid.

Go through the newly opened door and you end up in a hallway. To the left is a destroyer droid carousel and a dead end. Destroyer droids are a nightmare! It is possible to kill the destroyer droids by having their shots reflect off your lightsaber and back at them, but this takes practice. The thermal detonator will hardly put a dent in them, so don't waste it. You really need a proton missile launcher, which you don't have yet. And at this point, you probably haven't had enough practice to take them out with your saber. You don't have to go left, but if you are quick, go beyond the destroyer droid carousel to the worker droid, and kill her immediately before she can release them.

If you chose not to go left, go right, down the hallway, and your path is blocked by a locked door. Go into the open control room on the right near the locked door and use the handprint panel. It will open up a hidden area with a battle droid in it directly across from you. Go across and kill the battle droid. There's a full health in the service closet, but it will only open if the R2 unit is in this room with you. If he's not already there, go back down the hallway and find the R2 unit (he may be hiding behind the destroyer droid carousel or he may have been destroyed) and coax him into this room. He should then open the service closet for you. Then use the handprint panel to unlock the big door.

Follow Qui-Gon and go straight ahead all the way to the next intersection. The trade federation viceroy closes the blast doors (you may even get a quick glimpse at him), and you are ambushed by more destroyer droids. These guys have personal shields and are hard to kill. So follow Qui-Gon's advice: tuck your tail between your ass, Jedi-boy, and get the hell out of there! Go right, and another locked door blocks your path. Take the small opening to your left. You run down a long hallway, but the floor gives way and you fall into a shaft. You are separated from Qui-Gon and on your own for the rest of this level.

Follow the catwalk into a hangar, and watch as your ship is blown to bits. Keep going down the path. Maintainance droids are cleaning this area, and can electrocute you to death if you're not careful. Avoid walking too close in front of or behind them, or they will zap you. Use your blaster (not your saber) from far away to kill them.

This area is a bit of a maze, but it's not very big. Keep to the right side of the maze until you come to a door with a red, double triangular symbol on it. Face the door. Then go to the area to the left where you will find a handprint panel that opens this door (note the same triangle symbol near the panel). If you find yourself at the ventilation fan (or blades in the floor) then you've gone too far. Just turn around and you should see the control panel on the wall.

Use the control panel, and run as fast as you can back to the triangle-symbol door you passed earlier. There is a maintainence droid inside, so let him pass first. Go inside quickly and use the handprint. Notice the double circle symbol -- it opens a door with this same symbol on it. Exit the room, go straight until you hit a wall, then right into the newly opened door. The doors are timed so if you don't make it, you'll have to do it all over again. The control panels and two doors are in such close vicinity so you can't get lost too easily (I hope).

Follow the new path past the fan into another cramped hallway. The fork to the left will take you to a room with 3 battle droids and a full health powerup. After you're done taking them out, go back down the hallway. There's a grate in the floor. If you can manage to jump the grate, you'll come to a room with a thermal detonator. Go back, and the grate will give way under your feet. Go straight until you reach an intersection with 2 blue doors and a red door. There are a lot of battle droids here to kill. They'll come out the right door first, then the door straight ahead. After that, look at the hallway behind you for more droid action.

Directly across from the red door is a room with two boxes and a pit in the floor. The box on the right has a full health powerup hidden inside it. Push the box into the pit to reveal it, and hopefully hopefully you'll take out a droid or two in the process. Jump down into the pit and kill any battle droids that are left. Turn around and use the handprint to open up the big doors. Talk to the Neimoidian for background information. Go into the service closet on the left and use your lightsaber or blaster to destroy the power generator (the lights will go out). The red door should now be open.

To get out of the pit, just jump up onto the ledge or wait for the small elevator to lower/raise and exit the room. Fight more droids. Go through the red door. Immediately go to the elevator to the left and use it, because there is a starfighter droid (the big one with pointy legs) on the ground. If it's not there, walk forward a little bit to trigger its arrival before you get on the elevator. Kill the battle droid waiting for you on the upper platform. To make the starfighter droid disappear, go through the small, open hallway about 2-3 feet (relatively speaking). When the starfighter sees that it has nothing to kill, it will go away (you can watch him leave to the left through the grates). It should now be gone for good.

Once its gone, exit the hallway and take the elevator back down to the ground. Kill any battle droids that are left. There is a small health powerup on top of one of the crates. Snatch it. And do you see that bottom crate sticking out? It's just begging to be touched. If you move it, you can find a secret room with a thermal detonator and a small health powerup. In the upper right corner of this room, you can pull out another crate and find a secret room within a secret room. This second room has a proton missile launcher with 5 missiles.

If you want a nice view of the hangar bay, exit into the blue tunnel off to the side. Once you're through, go back up the elevator onto the upper platform. (If you missed it earlier, you can use the panel and go through the big door to find 3 droids and a full health powerup). From the upper platform, go back into the hallway (where you hid from the starfighter) and continue forward until you find yourself on a catwalk. Keep walking, and you'll soon hear Qui-Gon say "Obi-Wan." He's on the left catwalk below you. Wait for him to speak. Follow his directions, and find a way offplanet.

Keep walking until you reach a dead end where an elevator should be (look for the square-shaped metal on the ground). You need to find a way to bring the elevator up to this area. Go down the path near the elevator, and it's time to play the moving catwalk game. There is a purple barrier blocking your path. Go left, press the control panel to move the barrier. The barrier is now blocking the path that you just came from, and freeing the path that was blocked before. Follow the new path until you get to another control panel. Press it, and it will activate a moving catwalk to your left. Quickly cross it and press the control panel at the end. This control panel calls up the elevator. Wait on this catwalk until it moves back into place on the other side. Once in place, use the control panel on this catwalk one more time. This will move the purple barrier back into its original position. Exit, and now you are free to use the elevator.

At the bottom of the elevator, you will find yourself on the lower catwalk where Qui-Gon was. There is only a dead end to the left. So go the other way (right) towards all the battle droid ships. A couple of hovering platforms with droids on it will start rising up towards you. You can fight them or just keep running forward. A platform on your left (near the dead end you're coming up on) will have a control panel on it. Walk onto this platform, and the level will end.

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