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The Chess Game

Defeat the giant chess pieces.

[5.5] Hermione says: the next puzzle is a gigantic chess board! Ronís gone through to play. I hope heís alright!

Turn right and run up these stairs.

Here is your next Save Book

[5.6] Turn left and find your way up to the chess board.

In front of the chess board Harry finds Hermione and Ron, who is lying on the floor, slightly hurt.

Oh, Ron are you alright?

Ron: I defeated most of the pieces, but Iíve been hurt! Itís up to you now Harry!

Hermione: Harry, you have to be careful and avoid the pieces. They all move one square at a time. You have to make the pieces fight each other in order to get across safely. Walk on to the board, Harry, to start the game.

Ron is hurt in front of the board


When you run to the board two pieces will fight and slaughter each other. The other pieces all move one square. Move the marker with the arrow keys and stand in it.

The last two pieces


Move the marker away from the last two pieces and go stand in it. Theyíll slaughter each other. Come on, letís go!  Says Hermione. Both leave by the door on the opposite side of the board.


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