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The Final Encounter


Stop Quirrell from reaching the Philosopher’s Stone.


[5.7] Follow Hermione running up the stairs. She’ll leave through a door.

Find your Save Book by the door.


[5.8] Walk through the door to the table with the potions.

Oh no!  Hermione is coming in: The exit is blocked by magical fire! Looks like you have to choose the right potion. Be careful Harry, it could be poison!

This one looks like it would help us through the fire!


Watch closely and keep your eye on the correct potion. Then choose wisely.

The potion Harry will need is the smoking one. Then, all potions will be shuffled: just follow the correct one and cast Flipendo on the bottle.

The shuffling will be repeated three more times, and always faster. There is no straight pattern: it’s always different with every game you play. If you keep picking the correct Phial, eventually Hermione will say: You’ve got to find Snape on your own. I’ll go back and help Ron. She will leave through the door.

Harry drinks the potion


Harry is now able to run through the magic fire. Turn right and open a chest with Alohomora. You’ll get some Chocolate Frogs.

Proceed to the other side and head to the Save Book. A cut scene will show how Quirrell leaves through a door.

Save here


[5.9] Turn right and jump from platform to platform. The music is getting really wild now.

Harry has to jump to the platforms...

...and he will reach a door.


Approach the door and it will open. Go inside and the door will close behind Harry’s back.

I wondered whether I’d be meeting you here Potter. I suppose you were expecting someone else. Well it’s me:

Scared, stuttering Professor Quirrell


No one could have expected this: Quirrell is the mean guy, not Snape!! You are far too inquisitive to remain among the living, he goes on.

Quirrell will start throwing magic fireballs at Harry: watch them. You can hide behind the Flipendo blocks. You will have to move the blocks with Flipendo.

There are two Chocolate Frogs. Quirrell will try to push the blocks back; so make sure you place them behind the squares on the floor.

The squares prevent Quirrell from pushing the block backward


Move a small and a tall block close to the balcony and climb from one to the other, and on the balcony.

Curses, Potter.

You will not succeed again


Quirrell leaves for the back room with the mirror of Ensed. There is a Save Book and four Chocolate Frogs. Get fully healthy and save for the final battle.

Prepare for the final battle


[5.10] Enter the room and a cut scene will show how the image of Harry in the Mirror of Ensed has the Philosopher’s Stone!

He has the Stone!


Give me the Stone, says Quirrell.

And another voice comes in: Let me speak to him, face to face.

Quirrell: Master, you are not strong enough! I have strength enough for this!

Quirrell removes his turban and he rotates his head through half a circle: another face is unveiled! That face was behind the turban all the time!

Lord Voldemort!


Dieeee Potterrrrrrr!

Lord Voldemort charms a ring of fire so Harry could not escape. Hide behind one of the big pillars and wait till Voldemort starts shaking it with magic spells. He’s right behind the pillar: cast Flipendo on the pillar and it will fall on his head. When it falls, promptly run away because he will fire a green shot.

Each pillar may hurt Lord Voldemort badly


Keep an eye on Voldemort’s life meter down below the screen. And, especially, watch Harry’s stamina. It may go down fast when you should get hit.

When all pillars are down, Lord Voldemort’s life meter should be halfway down. Go to the center of the arena and cast Flipendo on the Mirror of Ensed when Lord Voldemort will cast his magic spells. They will be reflected and hurt him.

Rotate the Mirror of Ensed with Flipendo

In this position, Lord Voldemort’s magic will reflect on him

Keep running away from the green shots


Not an easy thing though, you may try it several times. The important thing is: keep running left and right and avoiding the green magic balls that Lord Voldemort is constantly firing at Harry. Get him behind the reflection side of the Mirror and his own magic will be returned. Quickly cast Flipendo on the mirror and keep running around again. This is a hard battle, but it merely illustrates what a magnificent game this is.

Professor Quirrell/Lord Voldemort is defeated

Hell is breaking loose at the Mirror of Ensed


Harry faints and Albus Dumbledore will rescue him. Dumbledore smiled. What happened down in the dungeons between yourself and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret, he said, so, naturally, the whole school knows.

The Stone had been destroyed, but Harry remained fearful that its loss would not prevent Lord Voldemort’s return. Dumbledore nodded, sharing his concern.


Nevertheless, Harry – if our battles do no more than slow Voldemort’s return, with luck he may never regain his power at all.

So, the Stone’s gone? Said Ron, finally. Harry nodded and wished it good riddance.


Then Ron produced a brand new Famous Witches and Wizards Card from his robes and handed it to Harry:


You’ve got the whole set now, Harry, Ron said. Harry was stunned.


Harry made his way down to the end-of-year feast alone that night. The Great Hall was decked out in green and silver, to celebrate Slytherin winning the House Cup. When Harry entered there was a sudden hush. He took a seat between Ron and Hermione, trying to ignore the stares of the other students.


The House Cup, announced Dumbledore, is awarded to the team with the most House points. At the moment, that would seem to be Slytherin.


A storm of cheering and stamping broke out from the Slytherin table.


However, continued Dumbledore, in recognition of Mr. Harry Potter’s pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor sixty points.

Harry’s table erupted with cheers and applause. The additional points had won the House Cup for Gryffindor!


It was the best evening of Harry’s life. Better than winning at Quidditch or Christmas, or knocking out mountain trolls. He would never, ever forget tonight.


The End

[5.11] And now we’ll all see what kind of joke the twins Fred and George had planned for the Headmaster of Slytherin, Professor Snape: he’s buried under Beans!

Snape is overwhelmed with Beans

Beans keep flowing in!!


Meantime let’s find out what special Wizard Card Harry got form Ron:

The Bonus Card that Harry got


Wizard Card #100: Harry Potter, ???? – present. The boy who lived.

Quite touching, isn’t it? Harry receiving his own famous Wizard Card?

This is the end of your wonderful game, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! You’ve completed it with great success! Got all of the Wizard Cards, and hopefully you had a good time with it.

It’s goodbye to Harry now!

You may always play it again!


But... we’ll all soon meet again with Harry’s new thrilling game:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!