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Flying Lesson


Flying lesson with Madam Hooch. Fly Harry through the hoops.

Find 1 Secret Wizard Card. Find 1 Secret Area.


[1.6] Harry meets Madam Hooch outside: I am your instructor, Madam Hooch. For your first lesson, you will fly through these magic rings.

Control your broom with the direction keys. The speed up and slow down keys adjust your flight speed. Ready Potter? On my whistle, then.

Now you’re going to fly on that broom! There are 82 rings to fly through and it all depends on your speed whether you’ll find enough time for them to pop up.

First you’ll have to fly through 11 lilac rings.

Lilac rings


Next, 11 blue and then 11 yellow rings. The yellow rings will bring you upward. Speed up and you’ll get another 24 orange rings and finally 25 red ones.

When you approach Hogwarts’ symbol fly in.

Hogwarts’ symbol


The circular symbol will open and you can enter the Secret Area with the Wizard Card and a number of Beans. Capture your Wizard Card #1: Merlin, Medieval, dates unknown. Most famous Wizard of all time. Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters. Advisor to the Court of King Arthur.

The Secret Area


If you want to go as far as the red rings you’ll really have to speed up! Your average score will be 15 house points.

A yellow ring


When time is up Madam Hooch will give you the points: From now on you may practice flying at any time. You will find the option on the main menu.

If you can fly through all 82 rings, you’ll eventually get 20 points!

I also congratulate you for being the first student to find the Secret Room since 1867.

Time for your Charms lesson, now. Good day, Mr. Potter.

Let's follow Harry into the