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Flipendo Challenge

Collect 8 Challenge Stars and find 3 Secret Areas.

[1.2] Prof. Quirrell gives instructions to Harry: Hold d-down the left mouse b-button to aim the Flipendo Spell. Release the b-button to c-cast the Spell.

T-t-try on that b-b-barrel


Cast Flipendo on the barrel: hold down the mouse button and aim with your directional arrows at the barrel until you notice the Flipendo spiral sign over it. Then, release the button and Harry will shout: Flipendo! The Spell will make the barrel roll into the corridor. Run into the corridor and cast Flipendo on the barrel for a second time.

Casting Flipendo


Now the barrel will roll down the ramp. Follow to your left, go down another ramp and stand on the blue balcony for a while: observe the bridge. Turn around and look right. There is the first Challenge Star behind a grilled door. Follow the ramp all the way down on your left side to a room where the Professor is waiting for Harry.

Prof. Quirrell goes on: C-cast your Flipendo Spell at the switch on the wall to open the d-door. Then he points at a copper cauldron: Flipendo affects all sorts of things, such as this c-cauldron. Knock it over, Mr. P-P-Potter.

Cast Flipendo on the cauldron and take out the Bertie Bott’s Beans. On the opposite side there is another cauldron to knock over with Flipendo. Get more Beans. Cast your spell at the Flipendo switch and the grilled door will open. Ascend the ramp and seize your first of eight Challenge Stars.

Harry discovers his first ever Challenge Star


Follow the red carpet, cross the bridge, and cast Flipendo on the cauldron collecting some Beans. There is a Flipendo switch on the wall to your right. Cast a Spell at it and you’ll see the bridge rotating through 90°.

Flipendo at the switch...

...makes the bridge rotate


Well d-d-done. Now g-go on and c-collect your Challenge Stars. I’ll meet you further on.

Jump down and go see Prof. Quirrell: You may c-cross the b-b-bridge now, Mr. P-Potter.

Go up the ramp again and on top cross the bridge on your right.

Your 2nd Challenge Star is on the other side. Descend the next ramp and you’ll hear a door closing down behind Harry’s back.

Enter the room on your right and make acquaintance with a new character: Nearly Headless Nick (played by Monty Python Actor John Cleese).

Hello, Harry Potter, I am Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor House Ghost

Now, this is a Save game book


When you touch it your game will automatically be saved. The game will restart from this point if you faint. You can also load a Saved Game from the Main Menu. Goodbye!

Save your game now.


[1.3] Turn around, cast Flipendo at the jar on a pedestal and extract a BB Bean.

Further in the room are two Flipendo switches on the walls. Charm any first one to open the door. Charming the next switch will open the grille.

Follow the blue carpet, up the ramp and on your right. You’ll enter a room with three switches on the walls. First apply Flipendo on two cauldrons to receive some Beans.

Charm each of the three Flipendo switches and the 1st Secret Area in the middle will unlock. Go inside and capture the 3rd Challenge Star and four Beans. Follow the blue carpet and meet Prof. Quirrell:

C-cast your Flipendo Spell on this b-b-block to knock it out of the way.


Approach the Professor again: The b-block can be moved but only so far. And again: Run t-towards the b-block and d-don’t stop, you’ll c-climb it.

Cast Flipendo on the block. Come down from the step and charm it a second time. Climb the block and jump to your right. Now you’re on a green carpet. Cast Flipendo twice on the next block and climb it.

Jump to your right and proceed along the dark green carpet. You’ll be entering a new passage with a brilliant green carpet. Turn left and cast Flipendo at a jar between two lit candles on a table. That’ll augment your number of Bertie Bott’s Candies. Turn around and go save by the next Book.

Save your game


[1.4] Cast Flipendo on the jar and receive a few more Beans.

Continue around the corner to your left and cast Flipendo on another block. The block will move on and drop down a bit, thus forming a bridge to the opposite side. Jump and follow the brilliant green carpet to the right where you’ll see another tall block. Cast Flipendo. Follow the moved block and turn left. Harry will climb the ledge.

Turn left and cast Flipendo on the cauldron at the end of the carpet. Take out the Beans. Turn back and cast Flipendo at the switch on the block standing on the balcony. That will open the grille on top of the ledge on your left. Return to the edge and jump to the high block.

Cast Flipendo...

...and jump from here


Jump to the ledge and seize your 4th Challenge Star and some Beans.

The 4th Challenge Star


Hop to the block and jump off on your left side. Turn left and climb the two steps. Cast Flipendo on the next tall block. That will move and drop down.

Run and jump to the block and from here jump left to your 5th Challenge Star.

The next section will be tricky. There is a river of blue goo below a number of floating blocks to jump on.

The river of blue goo


Cast Flipendo at the switch on the left wall and the first block will start gliding towards Harry. Jump to the block when it slows down in order to reverse and ride it to the next stable ledge. Jump to that ledge and cast Flipendo at the wall switch. Now the block on your left starts gliding. Jump to it and cast Flipendo at the switch on the left wall. That will open the grilled door next to the switch.

Cast Flipendo on the switch

Jump to the next block. This is the trickiest of all jumps. You should jump when your block is still away from the next one.

Jump left to the 2nd Secret Area, and acquire your 6th Challenge Star. Flip the cauldron for a couple of Beans and turn around. When the block approaches jump to it and ride it to the next stable ledge. Cast Flipendo at the switch on the wall. Now you’ll have to jump to two more blocks.

Let the first block arrive and jump to it and from this one to the second one when it is near. Turn right and cast Flipendo on the tall block.

Cast Flipendo on the tall block


Jump to the ledge and cast Flipendo on the block once again. The block will move and sink halfway into the floor. High on top you’ll spot the Challenge Star.

The 3rd Secret Area


Enter the Secret Area and climb on top of the ledges. Grab the Beans and your 7th Challenge Star.

Let the block approach, jump and ride it to another stable ledge. Jump to it and cast Flipendo on the switch.

The next block starts moving now. Jump to that block and ride it to the final ledge where the doors will open wide.

Harry will enter a corridor with a red carpet once again. Go right and down the slope you’ll find a Save Book.


[1.5] Proceed and the doors will open. Listen to Prof. Quirrell: This is a Gnome, Mr. P-Potter. They like to p-p-pester young Wizards. Knock him on his b-b-backside to c-complete the Challenge.

They move quickly and c-can be q-q-quite a nuisance.

This is a Gnome


If a Gnome will hit Harry he’ll take away three of your Bertie Bott’s Beans. 

First take care of the Gnome sitting behind the left armchair. Go easy on the second one on your right, sitting behind the first armchair, and then stun the third Gnome hiding behind the second armchair.

When the three Gnomes are stunned the door to a next room will open. Before entering cast Flipendo on two jars each standing in a corner and take away the Beans.

Collect your 8th and last Challenge Star from the alcove opposite to the fireplace.

Harry’s final Challenge Star


Enter the next room and meet Quirrell:

C-congratulations, Mr. P-Potter. You c-c-completed the Challenge


You c-collected all the Challenge Stars! 20 p-points for G-Gryffindor! Now hurry on to b-broomstick p-p-practice.

Back in their Gryffindor Common Room, Harry, Ron and Hermione talked about their exciting first days at Hogwarts. There was much talk about the break-in at Gringotts Wizard Bank. But there was little time to dwell on this, since Harry and his friends were expected at their flying lesson with Madam Hooch.

Our three new friends in the Gryffindor Common Room

Let's follow Harry into the