Shoot Out At Smolnikoff's
disc five
F.B.I. Field Office, Seattle - April 5, 1996
 Find Cook in the meeting room. To cut a long story short; he prepared a raid on a warehouse owned by a guy named Smolnikoff. Go there.
Smolnikoff's warehouse, Seattle - April 5, 1996
Select your gun from the inventory and then click on Cook's weapon for cover. Move in and shoot the bad guys. There' three, coming from the right, middle and left, one time from each direction. When killed them, go upstairs (twice) and find the next two bad guys. Kill them too. The second one might be a bit hard to find, but look for the door opening barred with lumber. When he passes, shoot to kill.

Go upstairs once more and find the staircase in the corner room. Go down and meet Smolnikoff himself. Talk to him. Cook will tell you a gun is to be found on the first floor. Go all the way down again and find the gun. return to Smolnikoff and Cook and talk to them both about all items.

King County Crime Lab, Seattle - April 5, 1996
Give John the gun from Smolnikoff's warehouse and have him trigger it to match bullets. And they do match, meaning the gun from Smolnikoff's was used in dockside warehouse to shoot Scully.
Smolnikoff's warehouse, Seattle - April 5, 1996

Return to the warehouse and talk to the Russian again about his fire arm. Cook will escort him out to his new barred home down town. Then you'll receive a call from John Amis who went on the Tarakan at your request and caught radiation sickness on that spot...

Eavelyn Apartments, Seattle - April 5, 1996

As home is where the heart lies, Astadourian will come to you when you're home to step on that heart of yours some more. Seems Cook didn't call her at all for the raid on Smolnikoff's so get yelled at a bit more. Talk to her to calm her down. Meanwhile, the phone rings and a mysterious man will ask you to come to Sand Point at dawn. Astadourian leaves. Check on new email messages and read them. Go to bed, wake up and head for:

Hangar 4, Sand Point Naval Station, Seattle  - April 6, 1996

Go to the office looking rooms and meet X, a dark and mysterious informant. He's got little time and even less patience so do not make jokes. Get the stiletto and almost shoot Astadourian. Talk to her and head for the hospital in Gold Bar X mentioned. Who can be the Jane Doe?

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