Jane Doe And Train Cars
disc six
Presbyterian Hospital, Gold Bar  - April 6, 1996

Meet the nurse and tell her you are looking for a Jane Doe. She will ask for a name and you'll just tell her the name is Dana Scully. Then give her the name of the superior, Walter Skinner. In other words; be honest. With all this formality done, ask her anything you like. Walk on to Scully's room and be honest, again. Show her some I.D. and just tell her the story as it is. Make sure you show her the stiletto X gave you. Only then will she trust you! Once she trusts you, she will reveal a bit of the mystery... as far as she knows it.

RR1121 / 82434 - April 6, 1996

At the train yard, go between the wagons and walk all the way to the end. Climb the pole and use the binoculars on the top. Look to the right and see the number 82434 on the car. Go down and to the wagon. Look inside and examine it's burned remains.

Go outside and meet the bum. He's got something for you but doesn't want to give it to you easily. Play his guess-and-win game. Finally, the answer is 'videotape' so you might as well spoil his game (as I'm spoiling yours right now). get a videotape. And pay some bucks. Hey, where's feminism now?

F.B.I. Field Office, Seattle  - April 6, 1996

Return to the beating heart of this investigation. Go behind the computer and put the videotape the bum gave you in the video player to the right of the computer. Watch the video and capture a frame of the doctor's face. Run it on ING and find out he's Colonel Jonathan Rauch, stationed at Eisenhower Field in Alaska.

Connect with video conference and meet the Lone Gunmen. Listen to their stunning information and receive the email with coordinates of Rauch's house. Read mail on your PDA and click on the attachment to put coordinates in your navigation section. Now go to Alaska.

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