The Investigation Continues
disc four
Eavelyn Apartments, Seattle - April 3, 1996
Once you are in your apartment, turn on the computer. Read your email and find John Amis' message about the fingerprints. Run his attachment through the F.B.I. database and find out prints are Cook's! Turn off the computer and open the door cause it's being knocked on. It's buddy Cook running scared while being followed by black cars...

Cook will try to get info from you. Be peaceful and tell him what he wants to hear. Ask him about the fingerprints!

Dockside Warehouse, Seattle - April 3, 1996

The warehouse at night looks spooky. Go to the truck and enter on the driver's side. Go out at the passenger's side. Look at the door to see the firm's name; Gordon's Hauling. Get back in the cabin and open the glove compartment. get the piece of paper with the numbers. A guy comes up to the truck so leave quickly from the passenger's side.

Eavelyn Apartments, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Go back to your place. Turn the computer on and get your mail. It's from the harbor master. Check the phone numbers he gave you but find out zip. Go to bed and wake up the next morning by knocking on the door. It's Astadourian. Talk to her and let her insert the video tape. Just buzzing... Talk to her again. She has the Russian log books translated. Pages 1 and 5 are the most important. Then get the fax from the machine. Give the fax to her. Watch the complete video and see an almost identical incident as happened to Mulder and Scully. Talk to her again and find out the guy is a truck driver for Gordon's Hauling but cannot be identified. The other guy? Mulder? And the connection with the Tarakan! Decide to leave... but ask her if you can take a shower.

King County's Medical Examiner's Office, Seattle - April 4, 1996

Ask all questions in Truitt's kingdom. Find out some more about the victims of the probable blast.

Gordon's Hauling, Charno - April 4, 1996

Go towards the fence and go through it. Enter the building. Look around and get the shovel. Then look for the manifest between the papers on the floor. Then the both of you will be attacked by a strong stranger. Astadourian finds it necessary to find a highly unpleasant explosive device which urges you towards a solution! Look left of the refrigerator and hit the panel with the shovel to escape. Just in time... Talk to Astadourian. Talk about the guy's strange eyes. You might even wanna kiss her. Can't keep a man from trying!

Eavelyn Apartments, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Go home and forward new information from the notebook to Skinner and Shanks. Go to bed until you will wake up by the alarm.

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