Investigating The Dockside Warehouse
disc two
Dockside Warehouse, Seattle - April 2, 1996
Arriving at the docks will be a kind of deja vu. Mulder and Scully have been here. Is it a higher spirit or did you just watch the intro very good? Open the lock with your picklock and enter. Walk towards the barrels. Some evidence can be found here: Go inside the small office Skinner is searching. Find the steps hidden behind the white closet and use your flashlight to find your way. Go upstairs and move left on the second floor. Find the tool box and get the crowbar. Go down again and go to the wooden crates in the large area. Open the crates and find the black powder inside. Again, collect it with your evidence kit.

Go through the narrow hall or go outside but do go to the boat. Ask the fisherman who he is. His name is James Wong. Show him some I.D. and ask him questions. The questions will give you info on activities in the warehouse. Strange things are happening, such as fish running dry. Ask him all questions and drag icons from the upper left of the screen to his face.

Go back inside and talk to Skinner. Also drag all items to his face and have him give some comments. Then leave the warehouse. Outside, Skinner will mention the black sedan. Take one step forward towards it and then select your camera. Make a picture of the sedan's license plate. Go to the crime lab.

King County Crime Lab, Seattle - April 2, 1996

Talk to John Amis and give him the evidence you've collected. Listen to his comments on all items.

F.B.I. Field Office, Seattle - April 2, 1996

Go into your office and put on the computer. Run a check on James Wong (name + citizen) and find out he's not from Canton but just a born American... Download the pics from the camera and run a check on the license plate (license + government/ militairy) and find out this info is in a restricted area.

Leave your office and go to the meeting room. talk to Skinner until he gets a call to get back to D.C. a.s.a.p. Return to your office and meet Cook. Talk to him. You can tell him everything you've found out or less as possible. Although nothing's determined yet, I didn't tell him much as I didn't completely trust him (trust no one, remember!). This is based on a previous attempt when I asked him to put an APB on and he did show a weird reaction. Better not tell him all!

Leave the office and put the laptop away in the closet. Leave the office and head for:

Dockside Warehouse, Seattle - April 2, 1996

Watch a dark car park in front of the warehouse. Sneak around the back and get in by using your lock pick. Put on night vision goggles and walk till you see two guys get out a crate. When they are gone, open the hatch (in front of you, to the left between two wooden pillars). Nothing there anymore.

Eavelyn Apartments, Seattle - April 2, 1996

Go to your apartment and look around to get some in-depth information about yourself. Send the information from your notebook to Skinner and Shanks by email. After that, go to bed. Wake up. Investigations will have to proceed!
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