Dockside Homicide And Tarakan
disc three
F.B.I. Field Office, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Go to the field office and find Cook, knocked on the head. Look in the closet to find out Scully's laptop is missing. Go to your room to answer the phone. It's agent Pendrell. He examined the blood. It's Scully's...  Agent Pendrell seems worried to you? In the tv-series he's got a major crush on Scully. Cook comes in. Talk to him and learn Wong is shot near the warehouse. The leave the office.

Dockside Warehouse, Seattle - April 3, 1996
Go to the warehouse. Go to the back and show your F.B.I. I.D. to the guard. He'll let you pass. Talk to the coroner and then to the guy standing next to him. After asking all questions, turn around an talk to the handsome looking female detective. Be nice and cooperative and she'll take you onto the boat. Talk to her about the hold and the fish. Look around in the cabin. Find pills in a closed cabinet and a yellow slicker with the word 'tarakan' written on it. Go outside and discuss it with agent Astadourian.

After a while the harbormaster will return. Talk to him about everything, both questions and items. When conversation is over, go back to your car and take a ride to the Tarakan.

Ocean Tug "Tarakan", Seattle - April 3, 1996

Look up and examine the hull. Go on board and take a walk downstairs. Find a large crate with a ball shaped item in it (check your field notes and find out it's some kind of sphere). Also find crates with a black eagle like symbol on them.

Go back on deck and take the steps to the deck above. Search the cabin's and find two log books in Cyrillic writing. Go outside and examine the wall of the hull and see strange white markings... a hand?

Go to the upper deck and meet agent Astadourian again. Find the fingerprints on the table in front of her. Give her the log books and ask her to share possible info on them. Cal agent Amis at the crime lab to run some checks on the fingerprints. You can also take agent Astadourian to see the strange burn marks. You can also wait till later.

King County Crime Lab, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Talk to John Amis and drop the lead sphere to be examined. You can also ask about the fingerprints but he won't have had the time for examination!

F.B.I. Field Office, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Go back to the office and check the media section for the Tarakan. Some info on when and where it was retrieved. use the PDA to mail Skinner and Shanks your results. Checked incoming mail yet?

Ocean Tug "Tarakan", Seattle - April 3, 1996

Return to the ship and meet up with Astadourian again. If you didn't take her to the burned shapes, do it now. Also show her the sphere. Scared easy type, she is. The guard will disturb your little chit chat and tell you about the corpse being at the coroner's.

King County's Medical Examiner's Office, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Go to the coroner's and ask Astadourian the first question. Then ask coroner Truitt all questions and show her all items. Get the bullet from Wong's brains. Find out that the Tarakan crew victim's bodies have been stolen. Astadourian, which you're calling Mary already, has some conspiracy theory which has to be checked.

King County Crime Lab, Seattle - April 3, 1996

Give Amis the second bullet. he'll check it out and will compare it to the slug you gave him earlier. Return to your apartment.

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