Disappearance From The Comity Inn
disc two
The Comity Inn, Everett  - April 2, 1996
Talk to the girl behind the counter. Show her your I.D.-badge. Ask her about the two missing agents. Nothing strange comes to her mind. Ask her about the rental car. This is a Ford taurus, plate 621517. The note she's written is now in your folder. Also the info is in your notebook. Ask the girl to show you the rented rooms 103 and 104.

Search the room. There' a newspaper with some ALF (as explained; alien life forms) related articles in it. There's also some sunflower seeds and a bottle of vodka mix. In the suitcase on the bed you can find a case file (number SE-75424, case 3X99) with some forms and a note on it: "Majestic Cover Op. Warehouse Dock Railroad Connect"

On the night stand near the phone there's a book. It's called 'From outer space' and it is written by Jose Chung, a famous sci-fi author. Take this.

Talk to Skinner. Ask him about Scully and Mulder and the case they were working on. He mentions the log of outgoing calls. The idea icon of a phone appears. Go to the motel office again and ask the girl about the outgoing calls by clicking on the phone image. Call the numbers on the form you get.

The first one is in Washington DC (called from room 103 by Mulder and took 8 minutes); 1-202-555-0149. You need to dial a 1 first! It's Frohike's (one of the 3 Lone Gunmen) taking the call but he doesn't identity himself to you.

The second one is in Seattle (called from room 104 by Scully and took 2 minutes); 206-555-0182. Nobody answers...

Return to the motel room. There's also a laptop computer. Take it. You need to answer a password you don't know. Too many attempts will make the thing lock itself up. You can ask Skinner for passwords and he will suggest 'faith' and 'descartes' but neither of them will work. Better take it to Crime Lab later.

Go back to the motel office and talk to Skinner who has followed you. Go back to the F.B.I. field office and hide behind your p.c. Use the ING function to look up stuff:

Go to the meeting room and find the closet which is for authorized personal only. Get items stored in there: binoculars, camera, lock pick, flashlight, night vision goggles and evidence kit. Leave the office and head for the Docks in Seattle.

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