Level 8 - Tomb Of Renenutet

Level 8 - Tomb Of Renenutet

"Lara notes these richly ornamented tunnels are the burial chambers of a high priest - a fact that does little to ease her nerves."

After finishing the previous level you may need to finish this level too before the game is automatically saved. Start this level by climbing up the ladder. Watch out for the flying arrows. Go left and pick up the Medi-Pack and the dynamite. When you see the statue that spits the arrows (1) jump towards it to avoid the spears underneath. Drop down and move the brick (2) two steps to the left. Climb and enter the opening. There is a staue that shoots arrows. Drop down to the floor and crouch. Walk to the right and crouch every now and the to avoid the arrows. Stand on the brick (3) and notice on the other side the two flying arrows. Run until you reach the opening in the ceiling (4). Jump up. Go to the right and step on a button in the floor. An opening is revealed. Climb up the ladder. Kill the snake and pick up the Stone Fragment. Place some dynamite by the weak wall (5) and take cover. Enter and pick up the Medi-Pack. Climb back down to the hallway with the flying arrows. Run to the right. You will fall into a pit with a snake (6). Kill the snake.

Continue to the right and drop down on to the ledge. Drop down once more and press LEFT until your reach the edge. Jump to the brick (7). Jump once more to reach the other side. There are some snakes on the lowest level. There is a way to continue without having to go down there risking your life when killing the snakes. Pull the lower brick (8) to the right. Now you can jump up on to the uppe brick (9). Climb down on its left side and pull it once. Jump to the left ledge. Drop down and jump over to the ledge on the right. Push the brick (8) and jump up. Stand on the upper brick and pull the lever (cut scene: a small ledge appears). Push the brick (9) to left. Go through the middle level to the left. Jump to the other side and jump up. Jump to grab the brick and haul up. Jump left on to the little ledge. Continue to the left until your reach the statue of stone (10). Place the Stone Fragment on it. A ladder will rise from the floor. Climb up and pick up the Golden Fang (11). Now you need to run to the left through the hallway with rising spears. When the spears close to you go down, step down on that floor. Double tap left to run. Go through the door and end this level.

New items found in this level

Item Code CX4486: Stone FragmentItem Code CX4486
Stone Fragment

"This appears to be the tip of a stone needle. It would be appropriate to see if we could return this to its original place."


Item Code CX1864: Golden FangItem Code CX1864
Golden Fang

"This snake's fang has been designed in gold complete with a hollow centre. Careful examination of this hollow channel reveals stains from what is probably an ancient poison. Knowing the Egyptian's predeliction for fast-acting contact poisons, it would be wise not to touch this. The roots of the tooth are designed to fit into a structure of some sort, probably a statue of a snake. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game."

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