Level 7 - Tree Of Life

"The air in this vaulted chamber is thick with the scent of spices... and old death."

Climb down the ladder. Go to left. Climb down (1) and kill the three soldiers (itīs better to kill them now instead of risking death later). The lever you see in the picture will be visible later. Pick up the Medi-Pack or save it for later needs. Move the top brick on to the middle. Move the brick on the right as far to the right as possible (2). Jumb and climb the rope. When on top (3) stand by the statue. The action indicator (questionmark) should appear. Use ACTION and select the Ornamental Sceptre that you found in level 3. A brick will move on your right revealing a new passage. Pick up the Uzi and the Medi-Pack or save it for later needs. Go back to the statue. Pull the lever and the bricks you stand on will move down. Go back down to the brick you moved earlier (2). Jump to the right to enter the new opening.

Beware of the moving spears in the floor. Walk past them when they are down. Drop down to the ledge. Wait for the spears on the ledge beneath you to disapper. Drop down to the left. Pull the lever (4) (cut scene: showing the now visible lever at 1). Jump up and enter trough the new opening on the left. Walk past the soldiers you killed earlier. Pull the lever and the brick you stand on will rise. Pull one of the bricks underneath the rope. Jump up and pull the lever (5) (cut scene: on your right a block with a rope will move). Climb down and move the brick back. Go back to the first brick you moved (2) and jump to enter the passage with the spears. Jump up (6) and collect the Explorer's Notebook. Go back to the brick (2) and move it to itīs original place. Move the top brick to the left. Climb up on it and jump up to climb he rope. Kill the two snakes and pick up the Medi-Pack. Go through the door and end this level.

Level 7 - Tree Of Life

New items found in this level

Item Code CX6350: Explorer's NotebookItem Code CX6350
Explorer's Notebook

"An inscription reveals that the owner of this notebook was one Dr E. Brendan Caldwell, a name familiar to Lara Croft. Dr Caldwell made many discoveries in this region during the twenties and thirties. Many of the pages have perished with time, but the little that remains is intriguing... The notes and drawings seem to relate to a particular part of the tomb. ‘We are certain we have discovered a secret room to the west of the chamber which bears the mark of Horus. Alas, without a new stock of dynamite I fear we will be unable to blast through. It is so disheartening; we are almost there. I resolve to return and continue this exploration after my trip to Tibet."

Because this map didnīt exist on the official site (only a broken link) when i wrote this walkthrough I had to draw the map myself. Hope it contains everything. The map is built by copying details from the other maps.

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