Level 4 - Temple of Khepri + Baptism Of Fire

"Suddenly the chambers open out and Lara finds herself faced with a difficult problem."

Walk forward until you reach the edge. Descend the high wall by pressing DOWN a couple of times. Jump over to the small ledge and descend to the floor. Push the block (1) all the way to the right. Get back to the weak wall and place the dynamite there. Take cover! Enter and get the Medi-Pack. Note: it is not necessary to use your dynamite if you donīt need the Medi-Pack. Continue to where you pushed the block. Climb down the ladder. First go and pull the block (2) but only one step (that way you will be able to reach the lever from the othe side later in the game). Go to the right and enter the door for Baptism Of Fire. Climb up and pull the lever (3) (cut scene: the floor moves revealing a new ladder). Donīt take the Medi-Pack if you donīt need it. You will later! If you used the dynamite earlier,

you have to get more: go through the door, climb down the new ladder and take the dynamite (4). Make sure to keep your head down while youīre down there because the statue in the wall shoots arrows. Get back up and place the dynamite by the weak wall (5) and quickly jump up before it explodes. Get the Medi-Pack (if you didnīt earlier) and enter the new passage. Climb down to the bottom where you will find the Golden Beetle. Make sure not to stand up directly after taking the Beetle (6)! Otherwise you will be baptised with fire. Jump and grab the ledge on the right. Climb up and exit the door. Climb down the ladder (4). Now you need to get to the far left. Walk to the edge of the holes and jump over them using ACTION. Duck every now and then to avoid flying arrows. Climb up and pull the lever (7). It will cause the block on the left to go down. Jump to the ledge and go through the door to end this level.

Level 4 - Temple of Khepri

New items found in this level

Item Code CX1943: Golden BeetleItem Code CX1943
Golden Beetle

"A classic Egyptian beetle created from solid gold. The beetle's legs have been designed to attach to something. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game."

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