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Sneak up to the Tower

Sneak down from the Tower

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Sneak down from the Tower


Use the Invisibility Cloak to avoid Filch and Mrs. Norris.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card. Find 1 Secret Area.


[4.5] Harry came down from the tower and we’ll find him back by the bridge that turned before. Filch walks over the bridge and meets his dear cat, Mrs. Norris.

Mrs. Norris! I could have sworn I heard footsteps in here, but … bah. Let’s check the Library, my sweet.

Obviously Filch is fond of Mrs. Norris!


Filch walks away and a door closes behind his back. However, the door has an Alohomora lock! Don’t go after the jars with Flipendo, there is nothing in there.

Cross the bridge to the room where Filch just disappeared and open the door on your left with Alohomora. Inside turn right, Harry will be walking on a green carpet.

Go down the stairs, follow left and you’ll watch Filch going into the Library. The door closes behind his back, but again, there is an Alohomora lock on this door too.

Open the door and a cut scene shows Filch spitting out his angry sentences: Aha! I’ve heard you for sure this time! Quick, Mrs. Norris – you keep watch from above! You’ll not past me now, you rotten little guttersnipes. Now Filch is really getting mean.

Mrs. Norris is patrolling on top of the bookcases. You’ll have to be careful here! Turn right and Harry will arrive at another section of the vast Library in Hogwarts.

Go left and you’ll notice a Flipendo switch on the bookcase in the middle of the room. Cast Flipendo on it: the bookcase will fall down and create a ramp to the upper banisters. Mrs. Norris is jumping from case to case. Let her jump to the central bookcase and then you should jump over the banister.

Take that Bean and run to the end of the walkway. When Mrs. Norris returns you’ll have to make it to the opposite walkway: jump over the bookcases.

Go left and take that green Bean. Turn left and follow the staircase down. On your right side, Filch is standing with his back to Harry. Better don’t disturb him. Go straight to the door with the lock and cast Alohomora on it to open. Go in this room, turn left and run to the Save Book. Filch will “sense” Harry being there and shout: Intruder!  That guy has no happiness in his life. Filch will disappear through another secret door. Meantime, go to the Book and save the game.

Your new Save Book


[4.6] To your right there are three Library rooms in a row.

Filch and Mrs. Norris are patrolling in the third room. Go to the right side in a fourth room. You’ll see a Flipendo switch on a bookcase there.

Cast Flipendo on the switch


That will tilt the bookcase forming another ramp to the second floor. Nearly-Headless-Nick will show up: Hello again, Harry. How’s the Bean collecting? Fred and George are up to their usual tricks, I presume. I heard about your Quidditch victory. Yes, well done, Harry. On to the Cup, eh what?

But now comes the important thing after al that babbling: Nick points to the left, and that’s the direction that Harry has to follow.

Ascend the ramp and jump over the banister, turn left. Past the corner jump on the banister and from there to the bookcases. First jump to the left bookcase. Filch is patrolling down there, so better don’t fall down! You’ll see Nick on the opposite side.

Nearly-Headless-Nick points in the direction Harry has to follow


From this bookcase jump to the other balcony with the green-and-purple colored Bean. Behind the corner you’ll see Nick on the opposite side point again in the direction you’ll have to follow. Climb the banister and jump to the two bookcases and from there to the opposite walkway (make sure you jump SKEW: Harry always has the tendency to jump too far, and he would fall down). Go right, pass behind the corner, and climb the banister. You’ll see Nick once again on the opposite side pointing to the left. Jump to the bookcase with the red-and-black Bean. Then, jump to the bookcase on your right and take the blue Bean.

Turn left and jump to the next bookcase, in front of the balcony where you just spotted Nick. Climb to this balcony, pass behind the corner and you’ll see Nick disappearing through a grilled door. Turn left and climb the banister. Mrs. Norris is jumping from bookcase to bookcase. When she’s on the opposite walkway, jump to the bookcase with the red-and-black Bean. Jump to two more bookcases and finally to the second section – where Nick is now standing.

Follow left and go down the stairs. Cast Alohomora on the door to open it. In this corridor turn right and on your left side there is another door to open with Alohomora.

Now Harry is arriving in a room with a mirror. Reflected in the Mirror of Ensed were Harry’s parents, James and Lily Potter.

Harry sees his parents in the Mirror of Ensed


Harry stared hungrily back, as though hoping to fall right through the glass and reach them. He was startled when a voice sounded behind him. Harry turned slowly about.

So you, like hundreds before you, have discovered the delights of the Mirror of Ensed, said Professor Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore joins Harry


He went on to explain that the Mirror showed nothing more or nothing less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts but that it would give neither knowledge nor truth.

The Mirror of Ensed will be moved to a new home shortly, Dumbledore went on, adding, ominously, that if Harry ever came across it again, he would be prepared.

But prepared for what? Thought Harry


After that, Filch orders Mrs. Norris to guard this part of the Library, while he disappears through a secret door: Filthy whelps gave us the slip, Mrs. Norris. I’ve locked the only door out of here for the sake of the nerves. Stay here and watch the Library for a bit, my dear.

We’ll find Harry back in a corridor. Cast Alohomora on the door and open it. Harry enters the Library again. Go up the stairs. There is something magical blue over there: cast Alohomora on it. Doors will open and you’ll find your way to a next Save Book. First cast Alohomora on the mirror left of the Save Book.

A Secret Entrance


The mirror becomes transparent: enter the Secret Room and open the chest with Alohomora. No, not a Wizard Card... just some Beans! Now go out of this room and save!


[4.7] Turn around and go right. On your right there is a door to be opened with Alohomora.

Harry will be in the Library again. Climb from the table to the bookcase and jump over the banister. Proceed to a door with a lock and open it with Alohomora. Now Harry will enter some sort of a chapel and Filch is there again:

Only way out of this room is past that gate. It makes an awful racket. You take that side of the room, and I’ll take this one. We’ll catch them, Mrs. Norris. Filch really doesn’t give up. Jump to the banister. By the far window you’ll notice a red Bean.

Jump from beam to beam.


Take the Bean and jump down to a stone wall. Turn left, and when Filch and his cat are out of sight jump down and run to the room. There is a statue you have to move with Wingardium Leviosa.

Move it onto the plate and you’ll watch a cut scene where a heavy weight will be lifted.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the statue...

...and a weight will be lifted


Now you’ll have to run out of here and find the other rooms with similar statues. Run to the opposite side, there is a second room. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to lift the other weight.

Go out here and run right, there is a third room with a statue. Move it and go to the opposite side, to the fourth room. Move this statue and the two weights will have fully uplifted. You can leave here. Not before Peeves opens the door, that is.

It’s Peeves who opens the door for Harry


Filch is angry with Peeves again and is escaping once again through a secret door that opens and closes. Mrs. Norris stays in the chapel room.

Run past the door and watch how Fred and George are emerging from behind another secret door. Join them and you’ll be taken deep down by an elevator.

Once in the cellar go to the Twins: Hy, Harry! Do you have 25 Beans for us?  Well you know the procedure by now.

Harry will get the Wizard Card #82: Rowena Ravenclaw, Medieval Wizard, dates unknown. Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts houses.

Harry gets a Wizard Card from the twins for the last time


Return to the elevator and go up. Harry will be in that corridor again. On the other end there is a spiral staircase. Go down and your game will be automatically saved.


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