You will visit this island twice during your adventures. To escape the island on your first visit you must:

Survive the Volcano and its Traps
Find RedJack's Diary
Locate the Repair the Horn of Summoning
Light a Signal Fire

If you are here for your second visit then click here to skip to the text about the Reunion.

You wake up on the beach and Anne is ready to explore. The first (and most obvious) thing to search is the large crate at the end of the beach. Of course the crate is locked but there is a convenient crowbar leaning against it which you can use to pry open the lock.

Inside is a letter with some background info and some voodoo masks. There is also a strange artifact that looks like some kind of horn. This is the only item you can take from the crate, so get the horn then explore the rest of the island.

If you follow the beach you will head up a spiral ramp until you can see the ocean and the top of a sunken ship. A large stone door blocks your way into the mountain and a recessed symbol on the door gives you an idea of what to look for to open it.

Heading inland from the beach you will reach a stone archway leading to a bridge. DO NOT cross the bridge until you have examine the faces on the left side of the arch. There is a deadly dart-trap guarding the bridge. To disable the trap you must make BOTH faces spin until you get the faces with the CLOSED eyes. When both faces match and have their eyes closed, you can cross safely.

The next puzzle is a bit of a challenge. First of all you will need Anne to help you complete this puzzle. When you turn to talk to her to get help you will notice a colored pattern of gems behind her. This is the pattern you must match to open the passage into the mountain.

Each time a gem is inserted or removed from the wall the other person will move up or down a certain number of spaces determined by the color of the gem being used. Green gems move 1 level, while a Red gem moves the other character 2 levels. The Blue gem will move 3 slots. Click on the character to remove a gem or click on the gem along the bottom to insert it back into the puzzle. By arranging the gems in the proper sequence you can match the pattern and open the door.

Once inside the mountain you must now cross a deadly lake of lava. The key is to KEEP MOVING. If you stand too long on any stone rock you will eventually burst into flames. When you first head out into the lake - jump twice out then turn to the right and jump over to the right wall. There you should find a slanted pillar that looks like an oil drum sticking out of the lava. Jump over to that to find a pressure plate which will cause some new stones to appear along the opposite wall.

Now jump back all the way to the other wall and cross over these new stones to another slanted pillar. A second pressure plate will trigger more stones which will let you reach the exit door. Jump back out to the center of the lake and head towards the exit in the most direct route you can take. There are very few places where you can actually jump to your death. Just make sure there is always a stone within jumping distance before you click that mouse button.

You should now be at an intersection. Stairs lead up to a locked door, and the door to your right is also sealed. A long hall of flaming statues is your only way to proceed, so study the pattern of the flames then click like crazy to run down the hall and flip the lever. This shuts off the flames and opens the door behind you.

Through this door is a smaller lake of lava and a swing chain. Wait until the chain swings toward you then grab on and swing across to the other side. As you near the skeleton (background image on this page) you will get a small movie of a stone slab in the ceiling. This is a clue so study the rock and the vine which is tied to it. When you think you have it figured out go up to the skeleton and take the mask from the altar.

As expected, the skeleton will come to life. You can fight him for eternity, but he will always reassemble and continue to fight. The only way to defeat this undead creatures is to hack the vine on the right edge of your screen to cause the rock to swing out of the ceiling and knock the skeleton into the lava.

Swing back across the lake and go up the stairs to the door which you can now open. Somehow Anne managed to beat you to the top. You can talk to her if you want, then go exploring. One hut has a locked chest and a ladder leading to a lookout tower. There is a squid-shaped gong on one side of the village and at the far end are some balistas; one of which you can take control over and fire into the ocean.

Stone steps lead to a magnificent lookout area where you find the skeletal remains of none other than RedJack himself! A glint under his coat leads you to a key and also triggers an amazing movie which reveals several important plot elements.

When you have returned from dreamland you can return to the hut and use the key to unlock the chest and get RedJack's Diary. This book contains even more background information and a handy recipe for an old pirate drink. You can now return to the beach via the stairs, lava, and stone bridge.

Back at the beach, head up the long stone ramp and use the Mask on the door to enter the next area. Go down the curving stairs and up the opposite stairs to a lookout room with a strange device. Combine the horn (which is actually just the mouthpiece) to the main horn in this room and give it a blow. After the very cool movie you can now go back downstairs and out through the open door. Just on the other side of the door is a wooden torch. Take it and return to the beach where you can finally light the signal fire and escape this island. Don't'll be back.

Your second trip to the island begins the end sequence of the game. Your goals are well defined.

Break-up the Reunion
Rescue Anne and Kill Marquez
Rescue Blackbeard
Sink the Attacking Spanish Fleet

Everything is pretty much automated on your second trip to the island. Your first interaction will be at the reunion where you can accuse Marquez of being the traitor. He doesn't deny this and tries to ambush the party with soldiers hidden in the jungle. Blackbeard lays down an impressive spray of fire with his "single loader" pistols and you must fight off a soldier in a sword fight.

After you have finished off the soldier you will get cries of help from both Anne and Blackbeard. Go help Anne first. Warning: If you attempt to help Blackbeard first you will be forced into a dead-end situation where you will be unable to finish the game.

Marquez has Anne chained to the sacrificial altar and is waiting for you behind the door. You can open the door by pressing the circular button. Marquez is an expert swordsman and you don't stand a chance of beating him in a fair fight. When he starts to attack, click that door button again to slam the door shut on his arm. Now he must fight you left-handed and you will have that extra advantage to drive him back to the steps leading to Anne.

Meanwhile, Anne is picking the lock with her dagger and when you force Marquez back far enough she will clamp him in irons, and you can run back and blow the horn to summon the Kraken. Enjoy the nasty demise of the traitor. Anne will encourage you to go help Blackbeard - like that wasn't on your list of things to do today. Quickly make you way to the stone bridge where Blackbeard is outnumbered three to one.

Do NOT try to fight these guys. You will die before you even draw your sword. Instead, turn the spinning faces so their eyes are open and the dart trap is reactivated. The three soldiers will each get hit and die and you will have saved Blackbeard. No time to rest now - the Spanish fleet is just offshore and they aren't happy. A quick talk with Blackbeard will send you to the controls of the balista on top of the cliff where you can start shooting at the ships. After you sink two or three of them, Lyle will come sailing around the island in the Marauder and take out the rest.

After the short animation you will appear on the beach for the final reunion. Enjoy the closing movies and interactive conversations. You can't say anything wrong, so just have fun with it. Congratulations!