Edward Carnby Walkthrough

"Welcome to Shadow Island. We hope you enjoyed your flight and will fly with us..." - Yeah, RIGHT! You're lucky to be alive...or maybe not. Things aren't looking too good even though you managed to land on the ground while Aline is stuck on the roof of the nearby mansion. Follow the path to the fork and exit to Edward's left. The right fork leads to a locked gate that you will return to much later in the game.

Follow the twisting path and you will be contacted by Aline. After you exchange a wave of flashlights you can continue under the tree and through the stone arch into the next area. You will automatically note the blood on the ground leading up the stairs into the mausoleum. Head up the steps and enter to meet an injured man and a dead dog. Talk with him to get your traditional "ominous warning" then exit and continue down the path. As you start to leave the screen you will hear a scream and a shot and a flash of light is visible from the door. Return to find the man is now missing. He did leave behind a Small Bronze Key.

The path ends at a locked gate that is a perfect match for your new key. Enter and head toward the box of bullets to trigger a disturbing movie of a dog getting mangled by an Ophtalmicid. Grab the bullets and continue through the arch into the next area. The stairs from the movie lead up ahead of you but you may want to check out the gate to your left. Enter and approach the dogs that break free. They are so frightened they run right past you leaving you free to collect the Medkit and 2 boxes of bullets. Return to the stairs and go up.

You can go either way at the top. As soon as you move in any direction dogs will attack. Save your ammo and just keep running. Use your map if you need to plan your route as you make your way around and up the stairs at the opposite end of this area. By the time you reach the stairs you will have 4 dogs nipping at your heels. Head up the steps and follow the path with the statues. A branching path leads to a locked gate that blocks your entrance to the mansion. Continue down the path (somebody's watching you from the window) and you will soon arrive at a dead dog being eaten by an Ophtalmicid. Run past this encounter and quickly run down the stairs and through the gate. If you are fast enough the Ophtalmicid will be temporarily trapped on the other side of the gate allowing you plenty of time to turn the valve wheel to the right of the cistern.

With the water drained you can quickly run down the stairs and enter the sewer to escape the Ophtalmicid. Wading through waist-high green water, make your way to the large room and prepare to fight your first monster (assuming you've been running from everything else). Your exit is the top-right passage. As you cross the large room a giant aligator will pop out of the water. Quickly turn and fire your pistol to send it back under the surface. Continue walking back and forth to trigger the monster to pop out again. Repeat for a total of six times to kill him, or at least cause him to give up.

Now you can head into the passage and climb the ladder at the end. Continue down this next passage and when you spot the door on the left climb onto the short ledge and head toward it. Collect the Charm of Saving from the floor before going through the door. You are now in the basement of the mansion and there is plenty of stuff to get. Collect the medkit, bullets, shells, and the Triple-barrel Shotgun from the left side of the room. Examine the casket and get the Guilded Key which unlocks the gate right next to you. Head up the stairs and go through the hidden door in the mirror.

Talk to Aline then get ready to dodge a surprise monster attack when the lights go out. When the creature is dead you can head toward the lantern and flip the light switch to brighten things up. This large room is the hub of your exploration in the mansion. Take the Charm of Saving from the table to the right of the locked doors then head back toward the mirror you entered through and examine the statue and the suspicious scrape marks on the floor. Push the statue to the right and you will see the initials HM in the mirror.

Note: This is your first moveable object so let me mention that this is a very "buggy" part of the game. You have to be in some unknown and unseen exact position to push some objects, so if at first you don't succeed, keep moving around and pressing the ACTION button until it finally works.

You can now enter these initials into the pedestal and a painting on the upstairs landing will unlock. Climb the stairs to the landing and note the pictures. You will eventually have to unlock all four of them. For now, head to the one on the right next to the cabinet. Aline will talk to you indicating she is on the other side of the door currently blocked by the cabinet. Examine the painting and get the Rusty Key then push the cabinet toward the wall so you can enter the next room.

Talk with Aline and give her a boost through the ceiling then search the room. The desk in the corner has an Acrobat Statue and a Tape Recorder with a disturbing message, which proves useful much later in the game. Examine the nightstand to read Alan Morton's Diary. A hidden door in the mirror next to the desk leads to a passage. You can follow this passage down some stairs and through a door. The path eventually ends at a locked door with a spy hole, but your journey is rewarded with a Charm of Saving.

Make your way back to the bedroom and back down to the main floor of the large room. Head behind the stairs and go through the door into the next hall to have your first encounter with the mysterious Indian, Edenshaw. He will give you another Charm of Saving then leave you to explore this new passage. Locate the light switch to the left of the statue and use it to turn on the lights. Continue down the hall in the same direction as the switch past the two corner doors. Make a note of the first corner door as it leads to the Library later in the game. The door at the end of this passage is unlocked, so open it and prepare to fight some Zombies. Normally you can avoid these guys but this hall is smaller than most and there are too many of them.

Start blasting away with the shotgun to clear a path to the door at the end on the right and enter. Any remaining Zombies won't follow you in, but they will be waiting for you when you leave. You are now in a dark office. Flip the switch to turn on the light then continue around the room until you reach the desk. There are lots of things to get around here starting with the crowbar lying on the crate in the back corner. Search the desk for Richard Morton's Last Will and Testament and read Obed Morton's Notes that are on the shelf. Another shelf holds the Book on Abkanis Indians and a Medkit is in the large cupboard near the other door.

When you are done reading you can take the Flask from the table. This causes the lights to go out and a couple of monsters to appear. Quickly duck out the door next to the cupboard then go right back inside. The monsters are gone but the lights are still out. Check out the painting over the chest next to the door. It looks a little different in the dark. Turn the lights back on and head to the back of the room near where you got the crowbar. Locate the large container of water and use it to fill your flask.

Now exit this room through the door by the cupboard and go through the main room to the door under the stairs to get back to the hall where you met Edenshaw. This time go left and the hall will angle off. There are stairs leading up to a locked door and a chest of drawers at the end of the hall with some shells that you can get now or later. You will want to enter the first door on the left just before the stairs. There are a couple of Zombies in this hall. You can easily dodge the first one and duck into the first room on the left.

Inside this dark room is a large desk and a broken aquarium. Search the desk to get bullets and shells. There is also a Charm of Saving next to the fancy genie bottle. Search the dresser on the other side of the room and look at the picture to get a valuable clue on the next puzzle. You will also want to search the back corner of the room to get the Wolf Mask. When you take the mask and approach the aquarium you will be attacked by Arachnocids that drop from the ceiling and attach to your head. Fling them to the ground and shoot them with your revolver. Finally, use the flask you filled in the previous room on the aquarium to unlock another painting back in the main room.

Return to the hall and continue left past another Zombie until you reach the dead end. Do a quick search of the cluttered hall to get a Medkit and some shells. Dodge the Zombies and any other monsters that warp in and make your way back to the main room. Go upstairs to search the new painting and get a Guilded Key for your trouble. Examining the key in your inventory reveals the words "GND F EAST", so return to the ground floor and head east.

The quickest and safest way to the next room is back through the first office you explored earlier. Enter through the door by the cupboard and exit out the other door into the Zombie-filled hall. You should be able to make the short dash to the door across the way, unlock and enter. An Ophtalmicid attacks as you enter. When you have killed it you can explore the room to find several items. Get the Small Guilded Key from the table then examine the owl statue. Head to the wall opposite the statue and flip the switch to turn off the lights. Now look at the owl and it has changed into a wolf. Use your Wolf Mask on the morphed statue and it will open to reveal a Steel Key.

Leave this room and make your way back to the hall where you first met Edenshaw. Head left again and follow the passage around to the dresser with the shotgun shells (or where they used to be if you already took them). Enter the door to the left of the dresser and begin the long climb up the spiral stairs. At the top you can go through the door to enter the attic. Take the Grenade Launcher that rests on the crate as you enter and talk to Aline for a bit before continue to explore the attic. Use your rusty key to unlock the door and continue.

This next room is filled with Photosaurus monsters that are very hard to kill. You can scare them with your flashlight or spend serious ammo to kill them. Get the bullets near where you entered then continue forward until you find a desk in the corner. Take the Lighter from the desk and continue around to the door on the back wall and exit. The first door in this next room is sealed so continue forward until the passage narrows and you hear a creaking as you walk over the off-color floor boards.

Whip out your trusty crowbar and pry the boards loose to reveal a Small Key and a Small Guilded Key. Continue to the next door and enter the next dangerous room. Have your pistol ready as there are many Arachnocids in the rafters waiting to drop on your head. Make your way quickly around the perimeter of this room. Collect the bullets and shells from the shelves. A crate in the back corner has a candle that you can light with your new lighter. The flame reveals a strange breeze and a clue. Use the crowbar to pry open the boards on the wall to create a new opening. Hit ACTION to enter.

You will be under immediate attack by a pair of Photosaurus monsters. Run past them using your flashlight to keep them at bay. Turn left at the intersection and flip the light switch by the door to kill the monsters. Return to the intersection and continue down the other path until you reach the door on the right. Get the pair of Medkits from the table in the corner before you enter. Talk to Lucy Morton then return to the hall and exit through the door by the light switch. Head down the spiral stairs and exit through the first door on the left.

Talk to Aline after you enter the hall then sprint for the first door on the left as an Ophtalmicid attacks. You are now in the second floor study. Take the Medkit from the right as you enter then search the desk. You can read Alan Morton's Journal then use the small key to unlock the drawer and get the Library Key and a Torn Photo. Before you return to the hall you may want to consult the map to plan your next two destinations and also get your shotgun ready.

Return to the hall and dodge the monsters as you turn left and run to the intersection. Turn left (Edward's left) and follow the twisting hall to the locked door. Use the steel key to unlock the door and enter. Flip on the lights to scare off the Photosaurus monsters then search the room to get a Charm of Saving, shells, Large Ornate Key, and another Torn Photo. You will also want to read the Letter and Obed Morton's Diary.

Return to the hall and have your shotgun ready. All those Ophtalmicids have now been replaced with Zombies and they are stacked pretty tight. Dodge or kill them as you make your way to the far door at the other end of this floor. Enter the large bedroom and get the Charm of Saving from the dresser on the right then check out those shiny objects on the other dresser to the left. As you approach, a giant monster bursts from the bed. Shoot the lamp hanging above the bed to burn the bed and the monsters. You can now get the Rocket Launcher and some shells.

Exit the bedroom and dodge the zombies to reach the double door just down the hall. Unlock the door and enter to find yourself on the upper landing with the four paintings. Go downstairs and enter the door under that landing. Turn right and follow the hall to the pair of doors in the corner. Unlock the first door on the left and enter the library. Talk to Aline then turn on the lights with the nearby switch. Read Jeremy Morton's Diary on the table and the Morton Family History on the podium. It's almost 50-pages but has several important clues for later. Locate the stairs and head up to the second floor collecting the box of rockets at the top.

Go around this walkway until you reach a small console that requires a 4-digit number. The answer is hinted at in Alan's Diary. Go into your inventory and combine the two pieces of torn picture then rotate the object to get a pair of numbers that must be added together to get the combination. Enter 3926 to open a secret bookcase behind you then enter the secret room. Get the Telescope and read the backward-text clue on the shelf. You can also use your Acrobat Statue to complete the pyramid and open a panel on the wall. Inside is a Abkanis Statue and another puzzle you don't have the code for yet.

Exit this room and go up the next flight of stairs. At the top is a ladder leading to a window. Climb out onto the ledge and follow it around to the left. Be prepared to kill a pair of dogs as you near the turret. Climb up the next ladder into the tower and get the Charm of Saving. Mount the telescope in the windows and use it to locate a window with some numbers over it. Use the ZOOM function to get the numbers 1692. This is the code for the box you just opened a few moments ago. Return to the secret room and enter the code to unlock a third painting. Only one painting to go.

To unlock the final painting you need to solve a very difficult puzzle. If you look at the last page in Richard Morton's Will you will find a 3D-wireframe map on the final page. It gives you a rough idea of the location of four books hidden in the library that need to be pushed in a certain order. The books also contain symbols on the spines that will help you solve the puzzle if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, here is the solution along with screenshots for the locations of all four books. Start by climbing all the way to the third level and go to the very end. Push the book that glitters.

The next two books are on the ground floor so climb down all the stairs and head for the entrance. Go past the light switch and you should spot the glimmer of the next book to push. Before pushing the third book you need to prepare yourself for a major boss battle. Save your Game for starters then plan your strategy. The final book is naturally on the third floor and a giant Winged Demon is going to try to keep you from reaching it. He's not so tough once you learn his weakness and his pattern. The trick is to find a good camera angle - the wider the angle the better.

Locate the book that glitters at the base of the stairs on the first floor and push it. Start up the steps and the Winged Demon will crash through the skylight. Continue forward through two screens to get the best angle then get out your shotgun and fire. When you attack the creature will protect itself with its wings. This gives you a few seconds to switch to either the rocket or grenade launcher. As the demon unfurls its wings to attack it is momentarily vulnerable to explosive attacks. FIRE! If you are successful the demon is blown back across the room. Switch back to the shotgun (or revolver) and repeat the process three more times. After the forth attack the demon vanishes.

Continue up to the third floor and head past the ladder you used to climb out onto the ledge. When you get the "zoomed out" view (see image) you should see the sparkle of the final book. Push it to complete the sequence and unlock the final painting. Return to the ground floor and leave the library through the same door you entered. Follow the hallway back to the door leading to the main room and go up the stairs to the landing. You will probably have to kill a few demons along the way.

Search the two new painting and get the Plasma Cannon, a Bronze Key, and a Metal Plate. You can examine this plate in your inventory to get four symbols that will unlock a future puzzle. The title plates under each picture now rotate to reveal your next puzzle. You must enter the birth dates of each Morton depicted in each painting. To solve this puzzle you will need to reference the backward-text clue as well as many of the books you have read up to this point. All of the birth dates are given except the first which you must figure out. Here are the answers starting with the left painting:

Richard Morton - 1852 Built Shadow Island. Birth date can be calculated by noting that he founded Morton Oil in 1889 at age 37.

Archibald Morton - 1874 Famous Explorer

Jeremy Morton - 1899 Friend of Edensahw

Howard Morton - 1931 Newest painting in the series

When you have entered all four correct dates a clock opens up on the table down on the first floor (don't ask me how these are tied together). Head down and search the clock to get an Ornate Bronze Key that unlocks the main door to the manor. Head outside and get ready for action.

After you exit the house turn right and circle around to the back of the mansion until you reach the tool shed. Inside you should find a Fuel Canister and 3 Medkits. Return to the front gate and use the small bronze key to open it and prepare to make one long and fast run for your life. Your goal is the locked gate clear back down the other path (you didn't take) where you first started this game. Between here and there is a small army of undead and demonic creatures. You can save lots of ammo by doing a non-stop run past most of them, but you may want to save your game just in case things turn bad.

The first part of your run is easy as you make your way through the courtyard dodging the Ophtalmicids. As long as you keep moving they won't catch you. Head through the arch and start down the stairs. A pair of Zombies stagger around at the base of the steps. Move to the left and wait for them to both wander over that way before dashing by on the right. Another Zombie is lurking through the arch and you probably won't see him until its too late after the camera change. Be prepared to shoot if necessary. Go through the doors leading to the forest and watch the disturbing movie.

Many Zombies are approaching and the movie prevents you from defending yourself until the very last minute forcing you to shoot. You've saved enough ammo up to this point so start blasting these guys until they are all dead and you have a clear path ahead. WARNING! Do not enter the mausoleum. There is a Zombie inside that I found impossible to target and he did much damage before I escaped. Follow the path to the locked gate and enter the symbol code from the metal plate into the combination lock to open the gate and enter the next area.

Note: After you enter CD#3 you need to hit ACTION to regain control of Edward.

Search the headless corpse to get a pair of medkits and a Fuel Canister then start across the bridge. Aline will radio you then you will be attacked by a small pack of Luxrats They die easily with a single shot each from your revolver. Continue across the bridge to the next screen and a loud crashing noise comes from behind you. Return to the previous screen to see that the bridge as collapsed into the chasm below. Guess you won't be going back. Return to the last screen and examine the severed head and get the Charm of Saving lying on the ground. Head up the steps.

You are now in a circle of ceremonial stones arranged at compass points. You need to locate the stone that is located at the North point. This is the large stone opposite the stairs leading to this area. Go look at this stone and verify that it is the North stone when asked. You will chat with Aline who will start asking you to go to various stones to verify certain symbols on each. You will actually need to use your Radio to give her your findings. When you are done, approach the East stone and repeat the the chant that you heard on the Tape Recorder you found at the beginning of the game. The words are: OGoul'ai - Hypor - Harnis - Koma. A swirling mist appears on the center pedestal and you can collect the Stone Stele and another Abkanis Statue.

Leave the stone circle and continue to the follow the path. You will talk to Aline again then head down some steps. A small pack of Luxrats will run away and you can collect the Charm of Saving from the ground. Get your Plasma Cannon ready and enter the narrow cave ahead. You will encounter at least one giant Night Ripper creature as you pass through this area. Along the way you will spot a ladder leading up to a small cave filled with skulls and a box of rockets. You can either make the trip now or wait until later as you will be coming back to this cave later.

You will eventually arrive at a swamp that is full of Zombies. You should be able to avoid them as you make your way to the crashed plane located to the west of your starting position. When you locate the plane climb the ladder and get the pair of Medkits just inside the door. You can also get some Wire Cutters and a Blue Lens from the floor and search the seat for 2 boxes of rockets and a Charm of Saving. Enter the cockpit and talk with the pilot. This triggers a 15 second countdown where you must exit the sinking plane or die.

Leave the sinking plane and exit the swamp to the north. Keep the Plasma Cannon ready for any Night Ripper creatures that may suddenly appear. One will most likely ambush you as you enter the arch and another attacks near the church. Follow the path north and don't overlook the Charm of Saving off to the side in the grass. Continue forward and take the wooden ramp leading up to a path that ends at a locked gate. You will meet up with Aline who exchange an engraved Morton family ring for your Stone Stele.

Return to the church and use your wire cutters to cut the chain on the door and enter. There are several things to get inside the church including a Medkit on the shelf and a box of rockets near the back. There is also a book you can read near the door and a panel on the wall that requires a code to activate. The symbols you need to enter are cleverly hidden on some of the previous screens you have visited. Combine the blue lens with your flashlight and you will now be able to see the dried blood that was used to draw these symbols.

Shine your new blue light on the church door to reveal the first symbol. Creepy! Now exit the church and prepare to do battle with more Night Rippers. The other two symbols are located nearby. The first is back up the ramp where you just met with Aline. Locate the symbol on the rock then head for the swamp. Dodge the Zombies and make your way back to the cave that leads to the ladder I mentioned earlier. Inside is the third symbol and those rockets if you didn't get them already.

You can now return to the church and enter these symbols on the panel by pressing the Top-Right, Center, and Lower-Right buttons.

When the buttons are pressed the altar will slide open revealing stairs leading down. Head down this passage and use the engraved family ring to activate the spinning door and continue into the creepy underground passage. A sinister FMV will play then you can enter the next door that leads to a large room filled with creepy blue lights and many large empty cages. Follow the path around and when you reach the first intersection you can get a Charm of Saving off the stone ledge (see picture). Don't take the branching path just yet. Continue down the initial passage until you arrive at Alan Morton conducting some sort of demonic autopsy. Naturally he escapes locking you in total darkness.

Talk with Aline who will give you directional clues to locating three switches you need to activate to open the locked door. Watch out for a fresh batch of Zombies that will try to stop you. These are weaker versions and will vanish with a single shot or after they attack you. The first switch is to the left of the locked door. The second switch is clear back near the door where you entered this room and the third and final switch is down that branching path I mentioned earlier. When you flip all three switches the door will unlock. After flipping the last switch, head through the obvious door to the left and read the pair of letters lying on the table. Cross this room and go through the door Alan escaped through earlier.

You are now going to make another one of those long runs past lots of monsters. As long as you keep running you shouldn't take any damage or have to fire a single shot. Dozens of Arachnocids will drop from the ceiling as tremors shake the cavern. At the top of the stairs you will find yourself in a storeroom. The door to the left as you enter is the radio room. Enter this room and play the tape machine to listen to a conversation with Charles Lamb and Oben Morton. You can then return to the previous room and enter the other door.

You are now back in the basement from the beginning of this adventure. Walk around the corner and talk with Edenshaw, then you can climb up the ladder and go through the trap door that Aline has unlocked for you. You are now in a large greenhouse, which is naturally full of those vicious Photosaurus creatures. Kill them before proceeding to the center of this area then climb the ladder leading to the catwalk. Locate the statue on the catwalk and push it back towards the ladder until it is near the broken railing then push it off the catwalk.

Climb back down and search the broken statue to get another Abkanis Statue and another Morton Family Seal. Explore the rest of the greenhouse (check your map) and you can find a Medkit in the storage shed and shotgun shells on the shelves in the other area. Retrace your steps all the way back to the rotating door under the church. Leave the greenhouse and go back through the basement and make the long run back through the underground cavern. The Arachnocids have been replaced with Ophtalmicids who are faster, but you should still be able to outrun them. Go back through the cage area and when you arrive at the rotating door use the seal to spin the door and enter the next area.

You will meet up with Aline who will translate some glyphs on a large stone. You can then follow this passage until you arrive at another passage lit with torches. There is a trap door in the right wall that you can open to reveal a lot of equipment including; Lightning Gun, Battery Charger, 4 Medkits, and 5 Charms of Saving. All of these free goodies must spell certain trouble ahead. Equip your Lightning Gun and you shouldn't need another weapon for the rest of the game.

Enter the next room and watch the drama that unfolds. When you are back in control you are now in the demonic underworld that is as dangerous as it is creepy. There is little I can show or tell you to do in the next several areas.

The World of Darkness consists of many maps you must cross killing monsters along the way. Keep on the lookout for blue energy crystal and pick them whenever you can. These refill your battery charger, which in turn reloads your Lightning Gun. There are LOTS of monsters ahead, so always keep your gun and battery fully charged. Monsters will respawn infinitely so don't stick around. Clear a path and exit each map as quickly as possible. You will eventually arrive at a narrow ledge with a rope rail you can use to cross.

After the encounter with Alan you will be on a new ledge. Explore the cave and find the remains of Archibald Morton. You can read his diary and collect the Flash, and Photoelectric Pulsar weapon. Return to the ledge and climb down the dangling rope. You will meet up with Aline and Alan again as well as Obed who isn't quite himself these days. When the action is over you can head through the door and follow the passage until you arrive at a rope. Climb up to the bridge above.

You will get a radio transmission from Johnson. Now check your map and locate the green pool. Enter this cave and fight the giant Night Ripper then fill your empty flasks with the liquid in this glowing pool. This liquid will restore you to full health and can be refilled at any of these springs. There is also a spawning crystal in this room so make sure your weapon and battery are fully charged. Leave this cave and head across the bridge. You will go through more exciting rooms including a very cool volcanic maze full of Night Rippers.

Eventually you will arrive in a large cavern. After a quick chat with Aline you can head down the path and a tremor will knock over a column. Use this as a bridge to reach the other side. Another green pool marks your last chance to fill your flasks before the final battle. This is also a good location to save your game. Follow the stone ledge and enter the next door into the torch lit room where you will find many skeletons lying around as well as three statues resting on an altar in front of another stone door.

There are three statues and two are missing heads. Aline is coming with one of them so you need to find the final missing head. Locate the rope and climb down to the lower area and enter the large crypt area where you will encounter Alan Morton for the final time. This is pretty easy considering it is a boss battle; not to mention the FINAL boss battle. If Alan manages to grab you he will fling you across the room taking you down to half damage. Make sure to keep yourself fully healed. If you take more than two consecutive hits you are dead.

To defeat Alan you need to locate the room with the spear. There are several side rooms but you can only enter one (see image). The first time you enter Alan will be there to greet you and throw you back out. Heal yourself then get your rocket launcher ready. Keep a safe distance and fire several rockets at Alan. After 3-4 hits he will drop to his knees for a few seconds giving you just enough time to reach the spear. Once you touch the spear the game takes over and Alan is vanquished. If Alan blocks your path to the spear you need to be closer to it before firing the final rocket.

When you have control of Edward again take the Statue Head and the Abkanis Statue from the center of this room then climb back up the rope to the previous room. Use your statue head on one of the statues and Aline will arrive with the final head. The gate will open and the closing movie begins.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have escaped Shadow Island and lived to tell about it.