Aline Cedrac Walkthrough

Aline's adventure is best played after you have completed Edward's journey. Both games run parallel to each other, but you will overlap at certain sections and movie events. Radio conversations you had with Aline while playing as Edward will now be heard from Aline's perspective. Aline also has access to areas of the manor and surrounding areas of the island that Edwards didn't.

From time to time I will be making comparative remarks to the Edward portion of the guide. These will appear in a light green text and will make more sense if you have already played as Edward. If you are playing as Aline first then simply ignore these sections of text.

Aline didn't have as much luck with her landing as Edward did. Landing high on the roof of the manor, you need to make your way around the narrow ledge. After a quick radio chat with Edward you can enter through the window into the upstairs bedroom of Lucy Morton.

Talk to Lucy and she will give you the Small Bronze Key. You can also get the Medkit to the right of the bed and read the Magazine on the table next to the window. As you start to leave a snake-like creature rises from the rug and attacks. Shine your flashlight at it about five times and it will vanish for good. Lucy will encourage you to take the Charm of Saving from the table to the right of the door as you exit to the hall.

Plant Monsters attack when you enter the hall. You can repel them with your flashlight as you quickly make your way to the other end of this hall (past the junction) and flip the light switch next to the locked door. This will eliminate any future Plant Monster attacks in this area. Return to the junction and enter the door. This dark room has more Plant Monsters that you need to avoid as you make your way to the left and exit through the door. You are now in the room where Edward lit the candle to reveal the secret passage.

Get the Charm of Saving from the barrel then talk to Edward on the radio. Check out the crate with the candles and get the shotgun shells then make your way back to the previous room and follow it around to the left. You will come to another door and another Charm of Saving on the table across from the door. Head through this door and make your way through the shaking and screaming passage to the door at the other end of the hall.

You are now in the room where Edward got the Lighter. In this room you can get another Small Bronze Key just as you enter and a Medkit from the other side of the room. Return to the locked door by the light switch and unlock it with your new key. Head down the spiral stairs until you reach the first door on the left. You will overhear a revealing conversation before you finish your trip to the ground floor.

Go through the door into the short hall and you will find three more doors, one on each wall. Enter the door on the left and you will be in the trophy room. This is the room where Edward used the wolf mask on the owl statue. Flip the light switch next to the door you just entered and in the darkness you will be able to spot the glowing base of the statue that holds the Revolver. Use the small bronze key to open the base and get the weapon. An Ophtalmicid will spawn into the room. Don't waste any ammo yet. Simply run to the door opposite from where you entered and it will unlock as you approach.

As you enter this new hall you catch a glimpse of Professor Morton running away. Follow him into the next passage and dodge the Ophtalmicid that attacks. You are now in the hall where Edward first met Edenshaw. Flip on the light switch next to the statue as you continue to chase Morton down the hall. He ducks through the door just before the stairs. Follow him into this new hall and all the way to the end where you corner him. He will shoot you with a tranquilizer dart and everything goes dark.

When you wake up you will find yourself in a nice bedroom and minus your leather jacket. Talk to Edward on the radio then turn on the lights and search the room. Alan Morton's Diary contains nothing new that you didn't read while playing as Edward. Head to the desk in the corner and get 3 Medkits and the Allen Wrench. Head through the mirror/door and down the stairs to get the Triple-barrel Shotgun in the dark corner. Go through the door and down more stairs to the locked door. Get the Medkit and peek through the door to listen to a Oben Morton talking to Lamb.
This is the recorded message you heard while playing as Edward and visiting the radio room.

Return to the upstairs bedroom and meet Edward. This is a replay of the encounter from Edward's scenario and ends when Edward boosts you through the trap door in the ceiling. In the dark attic you will meet Judas de Certo, a ghostly figure who speaks to you through the nearby mirror. Leave the room and make your way back to the hall outside Lucy's bedroom. The doorknob breaks as you leave so you won't be going back. Head to the door leading to the spiral stairs and go down to the first door where you eavesdropped earlier and enter.

The sounds of lurking monsters should send you running for the first door on the left. Enter the study and get the Medkit just inside the door. Before going to the upper area you will want to take the large mirror from the chest. Now you can search the desk and get the Grenade Launcher that is under it and read Alan Morton's Diary that is on it. On your way out, make a note of the strange projector next to the stairs. The passage is filled with Arachnocids, but as long as you keep moving you should be able to avoid serious injury and save your ammo.

Head left as you exit the study then turn right at the intersection and go to the door just before the light switch and enter. You are now in the room where the tentacle monster burst through the bed when Edward was here. There is no monster hiding under the bed this time, but there are some creepy sound effects as you collect the Charm of Saving from the mantle on the right and some shell on the dresser to the left.

Move behind the changing screen and Judas appears in the mirror inviting you to join him. Save your game then enter the mirror. Judas asks you to return the mirror you collected from the study. You must choose and there is only one right answer but both have interesting movie results, which is why I just told you to save. If you want to see the BAD ending then give him the mirror, otherwise say "No" and Judas will be vanquished for good. Get the Abkanis Statue and chat with Edward. As you leave the bedroom you will have a chat with Edenshaw and another chat with Edward.

Return to the hall and quickly duck through the large double doors before the monsters can reach you. You are now on the upper landing of the main foyer. This is the landing with the 4 puzzle paintings from Edward's adventure. Go down the stairs and note the mirror next to the statue. This is the mirror that leads to the basement that Edward used to enter the manor. If you look closely you'll note the top-right corner is missing a decorate piece of molding. Something to keep in mind for later. For now, return through the door under the stairs and turn right when you enter the hall. Follow the passage past the first two doors and go through the last door.

You are now in the short hall that leads back to the trophy room only now it is filled with Zombies. Quickly hug the right wall and dodge the undead creatures and enter the door to the right at the end of the short hall. You are now in the office. This is the office where Edward got the Crowbar and Flask. Search the room to get several items including a Medkit from the table where the Flask was in Edward's game. You can read the Book on Abkanis Indians that is on the shelf and get some shotgun ammo from the table.

Examine the mirror opposite the shells and note that it is cracked. Fire your revolver three times to shatter the mirror and get the Abkanis Tablet Translation. As you near the cupboard it may appear that someone (or something) is trying to get out. Do NOT open the cupboard. It is empty, but if you do open it the lights go out and a pair of demon dogs attack.

When you leave the office you will automatically return to Lucy's bedroom. Listen to more of her ramblings and she will give you a Prism. Leave her bedroom and return to the spiral stairs and exit at the first door leading to the dark hall. Make the first left to find yourself back in the study with the strange projector. Turn OFF the lights as you enter (if they are on) then approach the project. Use the Prism with the projector and then use your Flashlight to watch a short movie. When the film is over you can take a small gold cube from the projector. Before you start having Hellraiser flashbacks, this is only a 3D map of the library that you will use to solve the next puzzle.

You now need to go to the library. The shortest path is to exit the study and head down the spiral stairs. Enter the short hall, which now has two Zombies ready to surprise you. Dodge them and go through the opposite door straight ahead. You exit right next to the library door, so turn right and enter. Flip on the lights and explore. The books on the desk and the podium are the same as the ones from Edward's scenario and contain no new information. You may still want to browse them just to enter any valuable info into your log. Don't overlook the box of grenades next to the podium.

Now head upstairs to the second floor and enter the secret room behind the open bookcase to get 2 boxes of shotgun shells then move up to the third floor and climb the ladder to go outside to the ledge. Make your way to the tower and collect more grenades. This is the tower where Edward used the telescope. Now make your way back to the ground floor of the library. As you circle the walkway you may note the pattern of the bookcases below resembles the diagram on the 3D cube you recently acquired. Note the location of the white dot on the "map" and head to that section where you will find four fake books that are really a panel. Enter the number "1991" (this is the number that appears on the cube map) into the books to access the secret room.

Collect the Abkanis Tablets, 2 Medkits, grenades, and a Charm of Saving then flip the switch to trigger the next sequence of events leading to your first boss encounter. Meet Howard Morton. You will learn to hate this guy really fast. Grenades work best on this beast, but he is only vulnerable to damage during his attacks. You'll know you hit when he growls and gets knocked back. Four or five direct hits will put him down...for now.

Check out the broken tank in the center of the library and get the Medallion Piece then leave the library to automatically return to Lucy's room. She will give you the other Medallion Piece, which you can combine to make a complete symbol which looks amazingly like that missing trim from the mirror in the main foyer. Return to the foyer (all paths are filled with monsters so take plan your own route) and use the Medallion on the mirror and enter.

Go down the stairs and enter the basement. There is nothing to do or get down here so make your way to the back of this area and locate the ladder leading up to the trap door. Use the Allen Wrench to open the door (this is automatic) and enter the greenhouse. Talk with Edenshaw as you head around the corner then search the NE corner of the greenhouse for some grenades lying on a crate. Now head back toward the trap door and go through the broken door that leads outside. CRASH! Howard is in hot pursuit! RUN!

Keep moving and you should easily avoid Howard. You can always fire grenades at him but he will always get back up to pursue you so save your ammo and just run away. Keep running and check your map to plan your escape. When you pass through the gate you will be attacked by a pack of dogs. Depending on how bad you want some shotgun ammo you can make a dash for the dead end (1) and get the box lying on the ground. When you reach the arch (2) prepare for a surprise attack from Howard. Circle around to the north and make your way to the mausoleum (3). Once you enter you are safe from Howard for the moment.

This creepy place has all the tombs for the Morton family. Enter the tomb on the left as you enter marked "Jeremy Morton". Inside you will be able to get the Rocket Launcher, box of rockets, and a Medkit next to the coffin. Make sure to get the Charm of Saving and the Metal Cover resting on the coffin lid and also read the inscription for a valuable clue. Return to the main room and locate the strange pattern of reflective panels in the alcove opposite the entrance.

This is your next puzzle and the solution is kind of vague. If you have already played as Edward then you will probably known what to do because you have already seen the Family Ring with the symbol. You will probably need to use your mouse (or analog stick) to get the precision and speed required to complete this puzzle. Combine the Metal Cover with your Flashlight then starting from the lower-left (S) shine your light on each reflector to make it glow. Your goal is to form a glowing "M" by shining your flashlight on each reflector in the proper sequence ending at the lower right (F).

When this is done the door to Richard Morton's crypt will unlock and you can enter. Examine the body of Samuel Gibson for a disturbing message from the deceased then head down the passage. Run past the Photosaurus monsters and when you reach the outdoors you can climb down the cliff.

As you begin CD#3 you find yourself next to the fence where you met with Edward in the other scenario and traded items. This encounter is yet to come. For now move away from the fence and head deeper into the forest. Follow the path until it splits. You can take either direction as they meet shortly at the long bridge leading to the fortress.

The main gates of the fortress are locked but the vines along the right side of the entrance are climbable. Before you begin you may want to follow the path around to the right side of the fortress and collect some shells hidden behind some rocks. When you reach the top of the wall you can follow the ledge around to the left. Make a note of the locked wooden door. This leads to the Workshop and I will be sending you here in a little bit after you get the key. For now, head down the stairs. You can unlock the main doors but don't exit unless you want to fight off a small pack of Luxrats.

Continue down more stairs and enter a dark passage with a Medkit at the end. Turn and go down some more stairs. Make a note of the arched entrance in the wall. There is no need to go there just yet. Instead, climb the wall and get the shotgun ammo. Turn sideways to take the box otherwise you will climb down. You can either kill the Photosaurus monsters or run past them up the steps into the next room. A pair of Zombies will try to ambush you if you enter too quickly. Stand in the doorway and wait for them to move together then fire a single grenade to blow them both to bits.

You are now in a creepy passage with several options. First, head left up the short stairs and enter the small room where you can finally talk to Obed Morton. When you are done check out the corner of the room to the right of the door and get the Black Metallic Card and the Charm of Saving. Return to the previous room and take the other passage leading down then enter the first door on the left. Head down the first flight of stairs leading to the circular landing then go down the next flight to the ground floor.

This large room has several objects scattered about. Simply walk around and shine your flashlight to find them all. You should be able to find a Charm of Saving, rockets, shells, 2 Medkits, and a workbench scatter around the floor and in various alcoves. You can get Blueprints, Wire Cutters, and Perforator Notes from the workbench. The stairs leading up behind this workbench lead to another alcove with the medkits and a box that cannot be opened. Before leaving you will also want to get the Tripod Support and the Mould also located near the workbench. Taking this last item will summon a trio of Ophtalmicids. As long as you took it last you can simply run away and exit this room at the top of the stairs.

You now need to head back outside and climb over that broken wall and go through that arched entrance I mentioned earlier. Inside is a locked door, but more importantly is a locked box. Use your wire cutters (they are called Pliers in your inventory) to snap the chain and open the box. Get the Steel Ingot and the Rusty Key. With these items you are ready to return to the workshop located behind that locked door at the top of the fortress. You know the way. Climb back up all those stairs and fight off the monsters that are sure to be there to block your path.

Use the key to unlock the door and enter. Head to the right and circle around the dark room. Your flashlight should reveal three items on the table. Get the Stock, Barrel, and Orange Accelerator and make a note of the strange machine and ladder behind you. Continue around the room and read Jeremy Morton's Diary on the workbench in the corner. This book has a very important clue on the last page. Continue around the room and flip the light switch by the exit then keep on going until you reach the locker. Search it to get the Glass Lens then get the pair of Medkits from the nearby alcove.

Return to the machine by the ladder and use the Steel Ingot and the Mould to create a Perforator Barrel. Now return to the exit by the light switch and go outside. Use the Glass Lens to repair the telescope then look through it to spot a strange statue in the distance. Ignore the stairs leading down and follow the ledge along the top until it crumbles sending you plunging into the water below. Get your shotgun ready, as a giant alligator is about to attack. Blast him, then follow the water around until you can exit the water. Go through the door and get the shotgun ammo.

Climb the ladder to the top ledge and search the box to get Gold, Red, and Silver Metallic Cards then head through the door and up the stairs to return to the telescope. You now get to make the long journey back to the bottom of the fortress. You can be sure the route is filled with fresh monsters. Climb back over the broken wall and go up the stairs. Head down the hall past the door that lead to the large room with all the alcoves and you will come to a locked door with four card slots.

It just so happens that you have four cards in your possession. If you remember back to those important words from Jeremy's Diary you will know which card goes in which slot. Silver-Flash, Golden-Star, Red-Sun, Black-Moon. Manipulating the cards is actually more difficult than solving the puzzle. The game seems to pick the cards for you so just insert whichever card it picks into the proper slot.

When the door is unlocked you can enter the Planetarium. A quick search of the large room reveals two doors. The east door can be unlocked and leads back to the passage where you cut the chain to open the box earlier. The other door cannot be opened yet, but you will want to get the Metallic Half Ring from the top of the crate near this door. Don't overlook the Plasma Cannon or the Charm of Saving in the small alcove near the door you entered. There is also a Medkit under the stairs near the east door.

Head up the spiral stairs to the top of this large room and locate the control panel. Talk with Carnby and after giving him several instructions and making notes of his findings you should have a series of numbers that look like this: "10312001". This is the same radio conversation that played out while playing as Edward when you investigating the circle of stones. These number are actually a date, today's date to be exact. Enter them into the console to calibrate the planetarium display then stand back and watch the spectacular show. When it's over a panel will open on the ground floor revealing a Seal, Small Rusty Key, Large Bronze Key, and an Abkanis Statue.

Use the large bronze key to open that locked door by the crates and go outside. Follow the path down to the overlook with the creepy statue you saw through the telescope earlier. Get the grenades and the Charm of Saving then examine the statue and talk with Edward. Turns out you need to meet and swap some items.

Dodge or kill the pack of Luxrats that appear and make your way back through the planetarium and through the fortress to reach the main gate. Exit and cross the bridge to have another surprise encounter with Howard. This guy is starting to get annoying. He still cannot be killed so avoid him as you run into the woods and return to the iron gate. Make the swap with Carnby at the fence. This is the same movie that you saw while playing as Edward. When you have the Stone Stela you can return to the woods and will automatically be transported back to the statue.

Insert the stone disc into the statue base and get the Abkanis Statue and Abkanis Stone as your reward. You now have everything you need to complete the Perforator Weapon. Refer to your blueprints to assemble the pieces you currently have in your inventory. It goes like this:

  • Split Tripod to get Metallic Half Ring
  • Combine Half Ring with other Half Ring to make complete ring
  • Combine Ring with Energy Stone to create Power Source
  • Combine Tripod with Barrel
  • Combine Butt with Orange Accelerator
  • Combine Butt assembly with Tripod/Barrel assembly for Unpowered Weapon
  • Combine Unpowered Weapon with Power Source

    This is all you can do for now. Return to the fortress and enter the workshop at the top of the wall. Climb the ladder next to the machine and enter a large chamber. Flip on the lights with the switch if you wish the climb the next ladder. Flip the lever in the center of this catwalk and watch the movie that should give you a clue as to your next action. Head past this central control lever and locate the ladder set into the far wall. Climb up to the roof and use your Rusty Key to open the padlock. Climb back down and flip that lever again to open the roof hatch and setup the next action. Climb back down to the previous chamber and locate the other machine. Flip the switch to raise the lightning rod and being a two-minute sequence of events.

    Howard is back and this time you get to finish him off once and for all. Defeating Howard isn't too hard when you know the secret. You have two minutes to finish him off, but if you can't do it in that time limit you can always flip the switch and get two more minutes. Of course Howard will beat on you while you reactivate the machine.

    To beat Howard, simply run around the perimeter of this room. Your goal is to stay opposite Howard with the lighting device between you. Every few seconds lighting will zap the collector on the roof and filter down to the center of this room. Howard will not jump into the lightning so you need to time it just right that he makes his jump right after a thunderclap so he is in midair when the lightning strikes. It only takes three hits before he is down for good. It's actually quite easier than it sounds.

    What comes next is actually harder than beating Howard. You now need to flip the switch to put another two minutes on the clock. If you have time left after beating Howard just wait for it to run out. Once you have activated the machine you need to run really fast back to the basement with all the alcoves. Naturally there will be plenty of monsters between here and there but don't stop to fight any of them. There are several paths you can take but the fastest is this:

    Climb down to the workshop and then run down the stairs to the area with the broken wall. Enter the first arched door and go past the box you opened with the pliers. Enter this door and you are back in the Planetarium (you should have about 50s left on the clock). Run across to the first door to the left (this is the puzzle door with the four cards) and exit to the hall. The door to the basement is right here. Enter and head down the stairs to the ground level with about 30s to spare. Run to the workbench area and move around behind the shield portion of the cannon. Go to your inventory and use the Perforator. Aline will take over from there.

    With a fresh hole blasted in the wall you have a new area to explore. Enter and get the Photoelectric Pulsar in the corner and read the warning message to the right. Follow the path and climb down the ladder. Run past any monsters (and there will be a lot) and cross the rope bridge into the next area. You will eventually meet up with Carnby in a large tunnel. This is another replay of the same movie you saw in Edward's adventure when Aline deciphered the glyphs on the large stone. After the ominous reading of the glyphs you can both head out of this passage and across the stone bridge.

    In this next passage you will most definitely want to search the wooden trap door, which conceals enough supplies to finish this game and the next sequel. Get the 5 Medkits, Lightning Gun, Battery Charger, and 5 Charms of Saving. Equip the lightning gun as you won't be needing anything else for the remainder of the game. Proceed into the next area and watch the story unfold just like it did with Edward's game. After everyone is sucked into the gate you can talk with Edenshaw who convinces you to enter the gate as well.

    The "World of Darkness" is a bit more complicated for Aline than it was for Edward. She has many more objectives but the gameplay is the same. Run across each of the maps avoiding as many monsters as you can and kill the ones that really annoy you with your lightning gun. Collect the blue crystals to keep your battery charger filled which in turn keeps your lightning gun fresh for combat. Keep following the obvious paths shown on the maps and you will soon arrive at the Abkanis Village.

    Watch out for deadly packs of wild dogs that roam the village. There is a large area with a respawning crystal in the background but many dogs will attack if you attempt to get it. Head up the large flight of steps to the right after you enter the village and enter a very creepy dark area. It's impossible to get lost, so just follow the path and make a note of the pyramid structure with the missing top as you proceed to what appears to be a dead end. Aline opens a secret door that leads into the next room.

    This next room features a rotating outer wall with a single opening. This opening is currently in position to allow you to enter. The center of the room has seven rings (or switches) that you can flip to rotate the room to six other position. You will need to flip each switch and collect the six unique Stone Seals and documents for each seal. Make a note of the animal symbols on each seal, as these will be used to solve the next puzzle. When you have all six seals you can flip the seventh switch to reveal the stairs.

    Make your way back through the previous passages and return to the village. At the bottom of the stair you can move off toward the left and locate the building with a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the roof. A pack of barking dogs will surround the building making your exit a bit more dangerous. Locate the hole in the roof and climb down the ladder. The passage behind you leads to your next objective but your path is blocked with a huge gap in the floor. Return to the main room and get ready to solve the next puzzle.

    There are six altars in this room. Three are visible on each screen. You need to examine each altar then match the appropriate animal seal with the animal shown on the stone altar. Some of these pictures can be a bit tricky, but you should be able to solve this puzzle quite easily, even if you have to resort to trial and error at each altar. Here is the final answer from left to right if you are totally stuck: Horse - Snake - Bear - Bison - Fish - Bull. When all six seals are in place a stone slab rises up allowing you to go down the previous passage and get the Charm of Saving and the Stone Pyramid. There is also an Indian Skin Flask you can get before leaving.

    Climb back to the roof and then down to the ground. Avoid the dogs and run back to the stairs and return to the pyramid I mentioned earlier. Place the small pyramid you just got on the top of this one to complete the structure. After an amazing transformation with a speech from unseen power and lots of gold light you can get the Statue Head from the pyramid and leave.

    Return back to the ladder that Aline climbed earlier and go back down. You will pass through a cool room (actually it's probably very hot) with veins of lava and lots of Night Rippers. Consult your map to get through this area quickly and avoid contact with the giant monsters. Cross the stone bridge and enter the next area.

    This dark cavern has more monsters and a green pool of water you can use to fill your skin flask. This water will restore you to full health should you run out of medkits. There is also a respawning crystal you can use to charge your weapon and battery charger. Move to the back of this chamber to locate the blue wall that you can climb to reach the next area. You will ultimately arrive at a dead end overlooking a bridge below. You can see Alan running across the bridge and you need to head him off.

    Make your way back through the previous locations and when you exit the chamber with the green water look out for an ambush by a pack of Luxrats. Note the spine-like formation on the wall and the large boulder with the rope tied to it. Climb down at this point to the area below and follow the path to a meeting with Carnby, Alan, and Obed in a very large room. After Alan and Obed go into the pit Carnby will take off to finish his quest while Aline drops down to the ledge below and collects the Abkanis Statue and the Charm of Saving.

    After a brief radio conversation with Carnby you can go through the crack in the wall. More Night Rippers await in the next passage and you will get a radio call from Johnson - the "scumbag" who lied to you to get you to come to this island. Exit this room and enter the swamp. This can't be good. Follow the map to the other side and kill the alligator that attack about halfway across - like that was any big surprise. What is surprising is that you can use a lightning weapon while waist-deep in water and not die.

    Exit the swamp and talk to Johnson some more. You now exit at a high opening in the wall with a couple of Ophtalmicids waiting below. Make sure you have plenty of health, as I couldn't figure out a way to kill them before dropping down. You will most likely take a few hits from these guys before you can target them or simply run away.

    Head for the exit down the passage opposite this high opening and you will return to the large cavern with the deep chasm and towering spires. An earthquake rocks the cavern and causes a large column to topple over creating a handy bridge to the other side of the chasm. As you cross the bridge you come face-to-face with the hideous mutated form of Obed Morton. Ignore his "Darth Vader" attempts at convincing you he is your father. This is another one of those boss encounters that you cannot win but must avoid. Obed blocks the narrow bridge and in order to get around him you must wait for him to back up then stun him with your lightning gun. In the brief second he is frozen you can run past him and down the path to the left.

    TIP: If you are quick you can run past Obed right after the initial movie before he even steps onto the bridge. This way you will not have to fight him at all. Rather anti-climactic but it works!

    Follow the passage into the next room where you will find the three statues, two of which require heads. Move behind the statues and place your head on one of the headless statues. Edward will show up with the other missing head and the gate will open. You can then exit through the large doors behind you and meet up with Edenshaw. HEY! How did Aline get her leather jacket back? After a brief conversation you can run to the chopper and leave this crazy island. Enjoy the closing movie.

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have escaped Shadow Island and lived to tell about it.