Welcome to Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare - Sinjin's Guide to Shadow Island. You are about to embark on a terrifying adventure as you explore Shadow Island and the large mansion that occupies the island. You will face vicious monsters, horrible demons, and assorted undead creatures as you try to unlock the dark secrets hidden within the sinister mansion and solve the mystery and murder of Charles Fiske.

The New Nightmare looks and play like most other survival horror games. Those of you familiar with the Resident Evil series of games will instantly know what to expect and how to play/control this game. You basically control a 3D-character around 2D-backgrounds. These are often presented from various perspectives to heighten the tension and suspense and to offer an enhanced cinematic experience.

You can play as either Edward Carnby, a private eye looking for revenge or Aline Cedrac, a university student specializing in ancient Indian culture. Each character has their own unique adventures on Shadow Island and while they will interact at times, each must rely on their own strengths to solve the puzzles and complete the game.

Edward's game relies on weapons and combat and features more monsters while Aline's game consists of more puzzles that require you to use your wits. You can play either character first although for maximum enjoyment I recommend playing as Edward Carnby. He is the stronger of the two characters, and you will learn the layout of the mansion quicker and easier while playing as him.

There are no "secrets" or bonus items to be found in this game, but I will detail all the available item pick-ups and note them in white text. You can access each character's specific walkthrough by clicking on their image in the menu to the left. I've also included additional sections for Game Tips, Weapons, and Monsters, which should provide some useful information.

For those of you playing on console systems, you may find that certain items may appear in different quantities than those listed in my strategy guide. The numbers given in this guide are based on the PC version of the game. The type of item and their locations should remain constant across all formats.


Carnby's Customized Revolver
This is the weapon you start out with. It is suitable for some of the initial monsters you will encounter. It holds up to 12 bullets, but since it take 2-3 to kill just about anything you will still need to reload frequently.

Aline's Revolver
This .38 caliber pistol is pretty worthless but it should keep the monsters off your back until you can secure the shotgun. Ammunition is limited, so use this weapon only when absolutely necessary.

Triple-barrel Shotgun
Don't get too excited. It's only about twice as powerful as the handgun and only holds 9 shells. Its one advantage is that it blasts the target back a few feet so you can gain a few seconds then sidestep and run past.

Grenade Launcher
One of the more powerful weapons, you need to reserve this for the boss creatures near the end of the game. Ammo is scarce and wasting it on anything less than a boss will probably get you killed. Aline may have better luck with this weapon, as there is more ammo available in her scenario.

Rocket Launcher
This is another boss weapon with limited ammo. It is also slower and holds less ammo than the Grenade Launcher so make sure you have plenty of time to aim and shoot when using this explosive device.

Plasma Cannon
This is just a fancy name for a flamethrower. It works off of fuel canisters that you can find and it seems most effective on Zombies. This weapon is also available to Aline but she will be stuck with the initial fuel/ammo, as there is no additional fuel in her scenario.

Lightning Gun
This is definitely the best weapon in the game and once you get it you will have no reason to switch to anything else. It can kill most creatures instantly and even creates chain lightning to any other nearby targets.

Photoelectric Pulsar
This is the BFG3000 of Alone in the Dark. Its devastating firepower is seriously hampered by its slow charge-up time, which means that anything you are aiming at can (and will) dodge the attack. If you are lucky enough to hit anything with the energy burst consider it dead.


Dogs of Darkness These are some of your earliest encounters and should simply be avoided. Your ammo is better spent on other monsters, so just run past and keep running. You may take the occasional nip on the heel as you retreat, but you should lose them with each screen change. If you insist on killing them then don't use more than a revolver. You will meet their demonic "big brothers" later in the game.

Ophtalmicid These creatures are more ferocious than dogs. They warp in (often in pairs) with a flash of light and will pursue you relentlessly. They can be easily avoided, but if you choose to fight plan on spending six shotgun shells (2 blasts) or seven shots from your revolver.

Zombies No survival horror game is complete without zombies. They often appear (and reappear) in halls in numbers ranging from two to four. They are very slow and easily dodged, but if you get too close they will grab you and munch on your shoulder. Keep your shotgun ready to blast them back if things get too crowded. Once you get the Plasma Cannon you can light these guys up with no problem.

Arachnocid These giant annoying insects drop from the ceiling or spring from the floor and latch onto your head like a face-hugger from Alien. Fling them to the floor and dispose of them with a single shot from your revolver.

Photosaurus These creatures resemble the Ophtalmicid but are virtually impervious to normal weapons. You can keep them at bay with your flashlight and kill them with the flick of a light switch. The Lightning Gun is also very effective on these creatures later in the game.

Luxrat These annoying monsters are not quite as bad as the Arachnocids. The will swarm in small packs and do minor damage. They can easily be killed with your revolver, but often it's best just to run away.

Night Ripper You won't encounter these scorpion-like creatures until near the end of the game. Hopefully you will have the Plasma Cannon by then, otherwise you can expect some very serious and ammo-draining battles.

Bosses There are several bosses and special creatures you will encounter throughout the game. Details about them and strategies for defeating them will be given within the text of the walkthrough.

Strategy and Survival Tips

  • Save Often. Even though your saves are limited by the amount of Charms you collect, if you are following my guide you will have more than 100 Charms with which to save your progress for each character. Save smartly, like when entering a new level or an area that is obviously going to be filled with monsters. You only have 4 slots to save your game, so make sure to use them ALL before overwriting the oldest. Do not save over the same game continuously, or you may end up having to restart the entire game if you mess up.
    WARNING: When you save your game, any actions or items taken in that room will be reset. This means that anything you may have picked up in that room will no longer be in your inventory and you will have to get them again.

  • Run - don't fight! There is nothing cowardly about running and I recommend it highly. Most of the monsters in this game are slow and stupid and you can easily run right past them. They won't follow you into new room, and they often disappear when you return. Save your ammo for the bigger monsters that come later that you cannot escape. Some monsters can even be eliminated with the flick of a light switch.

  • Use the right weapon for the right monster. Basically this means don't use a shotgun to blow away a Beetle when a pistol will do just fine. Save the more powerful weapons for the more powerful monsters. From time to time I will even tell you which weapon to have ready when entering a new area. Also, keep your weapons fully loaded at all times and manually reload during combat. The game will pause while you do this, and it is much faster than having the character do it for you while you get munched on by a Zombie.

  • Always use your Flashlight. Even with the lights on, the flashlight will reveal all the available items in a room that can be picked up or examined. Batteries are not an issue, so just leave the thing on the entire time and make sure to spin around in each room you visit looking for those blue flashes of light.

  • Use your map. The auto-map feature of this game is quite helpful. It will show you doors and rooms that you have yet to explore and should make it easy for you not to get lost.

  • Take everything. This is a basic rule of adventure gaming. Everything that glitters may not be gold, but it probably has some value otherwise it wouldn't be in the game. Some items do not glitter. You will have to manually search places like desks and shelves to find hidden items. Of course I will tell you where these items are throughout the guide. You will also want to examine many items more closely within your inventory and spin them around for additional clues.

  • Read everything. There are plenty of books, papers, and journals scattered about the mansion. It should also be noted that when you read these items that these documents are recorded in your inventory but the actual objects remain in the room. This could cause some confusion until you realize what's going on. Also, any text that appears in these documents in a red font will be important to solving puzzles later in the game.

  • Use your ears. Sounds play a big part of this adventure and not just to scare the crap out of you. Creaking floorboards may reveal a trap door. Moaning Zombies may indicate an ambush around a blind corner. You never know what lies ahead, so keep your ears just as wide open as your eyes. You can also use your Radio to talk to the other character and sometimes even learn helpful information.

  • Work with the camera. While the camera angles for most screens are quite good some are not suited to combat situations. If you are about to engage multiple enemies you may want to retreat to a screen that has a camera angle that will allow you to fight effectively.

  • Follow Directions. Throughout the course of the walkthrough I will make references to RIGHT and LEFT. These directions are ALWAYS given in relation to the direction your character is facing and NOT the screen. I will also use compass directions when you are outside or using a map. North is always the TOP of the screen unless otherwise noted on the map itself.

    Cheats and Codes

    PC Cheat Codes

    Add a Windows shortcut (or modify your existing one) changing LAUNCH.EXE to ALONE4.EXE and add "wizardmaster" to the end.
    (Example: "C:\Program Files\Infogrames\Alone in the Dark\alone4.exe" wizardmaster)

    Once in the game, go to your Inventory screen and the Cheat Menu will appear with many cheat options.

    PC Bug Exploitation: "Infinite Saves"

    As Carnby, when you leave the lobby of the manor, a cutscene begins and you meet Edenshaw. At the end of the cutscene he gives you a charm of saving. If you save immediately after the cutscene ends, then reload, the cutscene will begin again. Repeat. You will gain 4 saves each time.

    PlayStation Cheat Codes


    Dreamcast Cheat Codes