Mob Rule
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                     released August 9, 2002

0    Introduction
This section is mainly about the FAQ itself and some legalese.
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This game is known as "Street Wars: Constructor Underworld" in

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09-AUG-2002         Initial Release


Q: Can you send me Mob Rule (or portions thereof)?
A: No. I bought it for $4.88, so can you.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: That's a portion of the game.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't repeat the stuff that's already in the manual. You can
read that yourself.

Q: What's the difference between regular and Platinum Edition?
A: The strategy guide comes free in the Platinum Edition.

Q: How do I create a Bribe Bag?
A: Go to your HQ and one of the options there is the bribe bag.

Q: What's the max amount of a Bribe Bag?
A: Ten clicks, at $2000 each, is $20000. So if you need to send
bigger amount, send multiple bags.

Q: How do I SEND a Bribe Bag?
A: Have someone pick it up and deliver it, like anything ELSE you
need to move...

Q: How do I use a police beacon?
A: Pick one up near the police station, then drop it at where you
want WANT police presence. You can move the beacon if you need it
elsewhere. Send someone to pick it up and drop it somewhere else.

Q: How do I GET a police beacon?
A: Send $2000 bribe to Police Station.

Q: I can't finish a specific stage/objective!
A: Open the MISSION window and confirm that ALL objectives IN RED
were completed.

Q: How do I take over a property?
A: Order fixer(s) to "attack" it. They'll convert the fence
around enemy property. When the fences are all converted, the
property is now yours. The existing tenant will leave, and now
you have a vacant property.

Q: Why I can't buy any more lots?
A: The city requires you to use up most of your land before
you're allowed to buy more. So don't waste any space on an
existing lot.

Q: I can't build certain structures!
A: You need to build BOTH level 1 structures before you can build
level 2 structures, and so on. If one of them was taken over or
sold back to city, you need to build another one before level 2
becomes available again. You do NOT need to upgrade them first.

Q: What is that second bar next to health for the units?
A: Experience. Experienced units have a bonus in doing their
jobs. Experienced workers perform their jobs faster. For
gangsters, more experience also means they can use the better
weapons, like clubs, pistols, and Tommy guns.

Q: Why can't I upgrade my gangsters to better weapons?
A: The gangsters need more experience before they can use better

Q: The godfather says heal everyone and I did! It's still not
A: Everyone means gangsters, fixers AND workers.

Q: How do I tell how much time have I got left during a time-
limit mission?
A: Click on the cousin's character should tell you when's the

1    Game Information


Mob Rule, known as "Street Wars: Constructor Underworld" in
Europe, is a real-time strategy game that mixes elements of Red
Alert and SimCity, with a 1920's Gangsters theme, in a cartoony

You work for the mob. You start with a certain budget and a
headquarters building. Buy a block of slums from city hall, and
put in your own businesses by putting in tenants, which makes
more money, more workers, or more tenants. Convert workers to
fixers, who will inspect your buildings for damages and repair
them. You can also use fixers to take over enemy properties. When
you have enough fixers, convert them into gangsters, who are the
true fighters. You can also upgrade your buildings by installing
the appropriate gadgets, which comes from a gadget factory (which
needs workers to run). Building the businesses (need workers) may
require other resources, some of which you may have to build
factories to build (which requires workers) and run (more

While all this sound simple, you will be competing against one or
more other mobsters. Turf war can and will happen, but don't
leave dead bodies about, as they attract police attention (use
workers to move bodies to a cemetery). You can also bribe the
rival gangs by sending bribe bags to their HQ.

Your businesses are seedy enough they will attract police
attention by themselves, and then your business will sit idle...
But you can also "buy" police attention to be focused on the
enemy, or when enemy is targeting one of your businesses and you
need "protection".

To throw even more wildcards into the mix, you can build special
structures, which will give you access to special units, like the
hooker, the saboteur, the psycho, the ghost, and so on. Each of
the special units has one or more special abilities you can

The game is divided up into 5 campaigns, each of which requires
you to perform several "missions", like build 4 businesses, kill
2 enemy mobsters, and so on.


Minimum configuration:
* Windows 95
* Pentium 166 Processor or higher
* 16MB RAM
* 2MB PC Graphics card (capable of 800x600 in 16-bit color)
* 4x CD-ROM drive
* 50MB of hard drive space
* Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound card with Direct X
* Microsoft compatible Mouse

Recommended configuration:
* Windows 95
* Pentium 266 Processor or higher
* 32MB RAM
* 2MB PCI Graphics card
* 8x CD-ROM drive
* 400MB hard drive space
* Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound card with Direct X
* Microsoft compatible Mouse

XP or Win2K compatibility information is not available at this


There are no patches for this game. It is quite stable in my

The original European website is gone.

The American website is http://www.simonsays/mobrule, but it has
lost all the graphics somehow.

Studio 3's website is at

There is a demo out there, but I can't find an URL for it. Try
searching on GamesDomain.


Mob Rule is an isometric 2D RTS with a weird bent. It's a bit
behind the times.

I personally think there are too many "upgrades" and "resources"
(bricks, cement, steel, tenants, money, workers) to keep track
of. With 15 different gadgets and 6 different special units,
you'll be clicking ALL OVER the place, all the time.  You also
need to dodge police... And track your tenants, and so on. This
game does NOT manage itself.

The resources are NOT traditional at all. Those who play it like
a traditional RTS will never figure it out. It look me almost a
week to figure out the links between level of business vs. level
of tenants.

It is in a rare genre... Not that many games deal with the
gangster era


Don't know of any sequels. Constructor was the "prequel" to this

The game was reissued in "Platinum Edition", which is bundled
with the official strategy guide.

Eidos publishes a similar game called Gangsters, but that is more
of an RPG. There's a sequel for that: Gangster II: Vendetta.

Supposedly GODGames will be making a game called Mafia coming out
later in 2002, but that's more of a shooter/RPG than a RTS.

2    Production
The resources in Mob Rule are quite different than most RTS.

In most RTS, you assign harvester unit(s) to obtain the resource,
which are used to build more units.

In Mob Rule, Cement, Bricks, and Steel are available in unlimited
quantities simply by opening a respective production plant
(Cement Plant, Brick Plant, Steel Works) and assign some workers
to make some more. You can stock pile each resource in the plant.
The resources are used to build buildings, but they are not
really needed for the actual UNITS, at least not directly.

TIP: You should NEVER need more than one of each plant, if you
keep your plants running and not stolen by the enemy fixers.

The REAL resources in Mob Rule are money, workers and tenants.

2.1   MONEY

To make money, you have basically two sources: you get rent from
the different businesses, and you get the money from the wasters,
who will visit only upgraded businesses.

The "money block" income (see [4.9]) will be most of the income.
Remember that the businesses paying rent get more income. So
separate the money block from the baby block.

The rent will be relatively minor. Still, the more upgraded the
business, the better the rent.

If it is an emergency, you CAN borrow money, but that comes
rather late in the game, and there is a limit on how much you can
borrow. The interest can be pretty hefty as well.

Don't forget to pay taxes (remember, it was IRS that got Al
Capone at the end, not Elliot Ness).


Workers usually come from breeding, which means you need to build
businesses, and assign some of them to breed new workers.

You usually start with a few workers.

Worker powers a LOT of things... A worker moves things around,
powers all the production plants, and converts to Fixers and
Gangsters. So you always need 2-5 of them.

If you need a level 1 tenant in a hurry, you can convert one from
a worker.

If you need a worker in a hurry, you can "buy" one from City
Hall. (Confirm?)


You start with a few level 1 tenants. You can only "breed" higher
level tenants from existing businesses that have been upgraded.
Level 1 upgraded can build a level 2, and so on.

If you need a level 1 tenant in a hurry, you can convert one from
a worker.

Tenants can die from old age, so you need to constantly breed new
ones to replace old ones.


Cement, brick, and steel can be made by respective factories and
at least one worker to crank the machinery.

You can stock up to 10 of the specific resource per factory. You
wouldn't need more than one factory per type.

If you are short on a particular resource, sending the priest
over to steal some is an option.

3    Attacks
You can attack the enemy in multiple ways, and we'll discuss each


Instead of burning the factory to the ground, it's usually easier
to send over 4 fixers to convert it (along with a few gangsters
as escorts), then sell the converted factory. You gain the money
also. Just make sure the enemy doesn't do the same to you.


Convert their businesses, start on the edges and work your way
inside. Send in a group of fixers (like 4) and you can convert
the whole place in like 10-12 seconds.

Try to convert the businesses making babies first, as that'll
hurt them more. If you keep doing it, they'll run out of units.

Once you've taken over the business, sell it back to the city and
it'll be torn down. If you keep it, you will have to send over a
tenant and maybe a fixer to help keep it up.

You should be CONSTANTLY converting rival businesses to shrink
the enemy turf in size and get money at the same time.


Attack the tenants may seem a bit low, but unoccupied buildings
will eventually grow roaches. After that, the building will
slowly grow worse and go BOOM. Remember, you're not fighting a
war, you're fighting fellow gangs.

To accelerate building decay, dump the dead body(ies) back into
the now empty building.


Fixers are usually pretty fast so it's hard to kill one unless
you corner one inside their property. However, workers move much
slower and are easier to kill.

Gangsters are harder, but if you have 4 gangsters together and
maybe a couple fixers tagging along, the gangster will go down in
no time. Weapon upgrades always help.

What's better... stuff the dead bodies into their properties.
That will accelerate building decay (then roaches and so on).


Attack with ghosts can accelerate building decay, causing the
resident to leave, or at least pay no rent and don't reproduce.
If you ghost their "money block" their pocketbook will take a big


If enemy has the special units built, send in the police should
make those units completely ineffective. Drop a police beacon on
that block and just wait until they're arrested. Then move the
beacon elsewhere, take over the building, and sell it. Now you
can build your own copy!


Enemy doesn't attack much. Usually enemy will simply send in some
fixers to attack your structures, attempting to convert them.

The earlier you chase off the enemy fixers, the better, as you
can pay less to do manual repairs.

Use the flaming barrels to mark your territory so the gangsters
on patrol will react.

4    General tactics


As in all real-time strategy games, create groups of units you
want to use.

Unlike other games, each unit in Mob Rule can only be in one
group at a time.

Group 1 should be half of your gangsters.

Group 2 should be the other half of your gangsters.

Group 3 should be ALL your fixers.

Group 4 should be all your "surplus" fixers (any one not assigned
to fix-up patrols)

Group 5 should be all your workers

Group 6 should be all your surplus workers (be ready to carry
bodies away from a massacre)


The subway boxes are very useful as quick escape routes, and to
get from one place to another. On the other hand, it also gives
enemy units a quick way into your territory.

Mark your territory clearly with those "barrels" and make sure
your subways boxes are inside those territories.

One box per block is quite sufficient. Spread them out evenly.

People holding items (bodies, bribe bags, etc.) cannot take
subways. (Confirm?)


You need tenants, money, AND workers. It's not easy to balance
among all three, but you need to, or you won't succeed.

You need workers to create more fixers and gangsters. The more
gangsters you have, the most the next one will cost. In an
emergency, you can BUY a worker from city hall, but it's easier
to "breed" your own. Just make sure you don't make TOO many and
neglect tenants and money.

Tenants die after a while due to natural causes. Thus, you ALWAYS
need replacements, just not immediately. You also need to breed
"level 2" and better tenants.

Money is needed for a variety of things... Building, bribing,
upgrading, and more. See [2.9] for a way to make lots of money.


A wounded unit in Mob Rule also fights less effectively and moves

Build a hospital, as it is the quickest way to heal your units.
Technically your HQ also heals units, but it does so VERY slowly.

A dead unit takes a LONG time to replace, so a hospital is vital.

While on attack, if one of the units falls into "orange" bar,
it's time to retreat. You can always come back later.

4.5   UPGRADE!

Your gangsters can be upgraded with better weapons. Do so as the
first opportunity. It makes them MUCH more effective. Knife
against Tommy Gun is no contest. Of course, that cost more money
as well, but it's money well spent.

Obviously, not all weapons are available all the time. As you
progress through the campaign you will get access to better

Your buildings also need to be upgraded in order to make MORE
money. Only upgraded buildings can be used in the "money block"


Use your groups to take out lone enemy units. Concentrate fire so
you take him out quickly. Then run for your territory and dispose
of the bodies [see next].

Repeat as needed.


When you "rub out" someone (be it enemy tenants, fixers, workers,
gangsters), the bodies need to be disposed of, since bodies
attract police attention, and police will get in your way.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to dispose of bodies...

Dump the bodies in enemy structure is probably the best way. This
will accelerate the damage to that structure, tying up their
fixers (or their building goes boom). Just have a worker pick up
one of the bodies and select an enemy structure to dump into.

Another way is to build a cemetery, which contains a cremation
oven that gets rid of most of the bodies. Again, you need a
worker to pickup the body, then head to cemetery to drop off.

4.8   THE "RAID"

One of the ways to keep enemy in check is to perform a raid. You
will need to "nibble" around the edges of the enemy territory a
bit and whittle down the opposition before you can take out the
enemy HQ. Raid can do that.

There are actually several types of raids: a property raid, a
tenant raid, and a sweep raid

A property raid is a way to keep the enemy gang from encroaching
in your area. Basically, you send over 3 fixers and 2 gangsters
(or 2 fixers and 1 gangster), and do a quick takeover of the
property. Have your fixers convert the property while your
gangster take on any defenders. Then you immediately SELL the
converted property. You get the money. Enemy loses a structure.

A tenant raid is basically sort of a hit-and-run raid intent on
killing tenants. This works best on one of their higher-level
upgraded houses. Look for enemy structure or block away from the
enemy protection. Send over 2-3 gangsters and 2-3 workers. KILL
any fixers and tenants that come along. Have the workers stuff
the bodies into each of the buildings, then retreat when the
enemy gangsters show up. If enemy cannot produce or reassign
fixers in time, that entire block will go BOOM.

A sweep raid basically means go after enemy units like fixers and
gangsters. Enemy gangsters usually work alone, so if you send 3
gangsters (and maybe a couple fixers) against a single fixer or
gangsters, you can kill them with no trouble. Then retreat.
Repeat until he has none left. Don't forget attacks on other
parts of his turf as well or he can always breed more.


Money block is the quickest way to make money in the game, but it
requires a big initial investment. Basically, you need a WHOLE
BLOCK of businesses, ALL upgraded, ALL paying rent (not making

Send a surplus fixer and locate some of those wasters/bums.
Attack the bum, then have the fixer carry the bum back to the
money block. Repeat until you have a whole SLEW of bums (3-8 of
them) going around the block. You'll see LOTS of money pouring

The cops may get more interested, so start adding deciduous trees
to the front yards of those places, and start pumping up the
bribes on each building.

You can have more than one money blocks in operation at a time.
Divide up the wasters among the two. This may even dilute police

Also see [4.12]


Your bank balance carries over from one city to the next, but
your buildings do not. So consider selling off EVERY BUILDING
except those crucial to your final objective, so you have more
money going into the next campaign.


City hall won't let you buy land if you have too much land
sitting vacant. So don't leave a corner that's not a part of any
business... Make that last business a bit larger if you need to.

You MAY want to try "rotate" the property so you can fit them

Not only the empty land may restrict you from buying more land,
other gangs may build on YOUR land. This "lot leeching" mainly
happens in the more advanced campaigns, but you should be
prepared ahead of time.

Therefore, either build as many buildings as you can on the whole
lot all at once, or don't start. Borrow money if you have to.


You should separate the baby-making businesses from the money-
making businesses. The money-making businesses works best on a
single LARGE block (using the "money block" method, see later),
while babies can be made anywhere.


Listen to the tenants' complaints. They are a good warning system
of enemy attack (enemy fixers coming to convert your properties,
houses on fire). They also warn of lack of maintenance (roaches
next door, things like that) and other things.


Cops can be pretty pesty, but you can put them to your use.
Basically, it's a matter of getting them to show up, and having
them bust a business or haul away some of your enemies.

To get them to show up, you need to either generate some bodies,
or use a police beacon.

Any bodies that falls to the ground will generate police interest
(watch the icon appear above it). However, you can decrease the
attention by picking up the body (yes, even fixers and gangsters
can pick up bodies). No body on the ground, no cops will show up.

Another way to get rid of bodies is use a cemetery. If you don't
have cemetery, just dump the body into an enemy business. That
has the added benefit of accelerating building decay.

If enough police interest appears near a building, that building
will be raided by the cops and closed for a year.

A police beacon will bring police to patrol, but they won't do
anything unless they witness a crime, or they spot some

Keeping cops away can be a problem. You will want to attract
their attention elsewhere. Use Fifi, or just generate some bodies
somewhere else.

5    The Units
Here's some quick discussion on the units


5.1.1      Workers
Combat Rating: almost useless (2/10), may be semi-useful in
groups of 6-10

How to get: They can be generated from "breeding" buildings that
are not generating tenants or money. You can also BUY them from
city hall, but they cost more.

Usage: Workers, by definition, work. You need them to build
structures, work in factories, move things around, and other

If you have extra workers, convert them to Fixers and Gangsters.

If you are extremely short on tenants, you can convert workers to
level 1 tenants, though that's not very efficient.

Other uses: If you are having a big gang battle... bring some
workers to move the bodies, even if you don't have a cemetery.
Dump the bodies into enemy structures, and those structures will
eventually go BOOM if not cleaned up.

Comments: You need a decent pool of workers, and you need to
constantly make more. You need more advanced units and workers
are the only way to get them, and the cost goes up the more of
that unit you have.

Save the most experienced workers if you can. Experienced workers
work faster, but the difference is not that great.

5.1.2      Fixers
Combat Rating: somewhat useful (4/10), has a small revolver

How to get: create them from converting workers

Usage: Fixers don't get you jobs... They actually go around and
fix things.

Comments: You need to assign one per block of your property for
auto-repair, plus another 2 or more to take over enemy territory.

Fixers also can be used to knock over those "bums" and bring them
over to your "money block" to generate more revenue.

5.1.3      Gangsters
Combat Rating: quite useful (5-8/10), start with knives, can go
up to Tommy guns

How to get: convert them from workers or fixers

NOTE: the cost goes UP based on the number of gangsters you
currently have. The first gangster takes 3 workers. The next
takes 4, then 5, and so on.

Usage: Use gangsters to fight off other fixers and gangsters that
encroach on your territory in defensive actions. If you are on
the attack, you have two strategies. Take a group of gangsters
and take out a lone enemy gangster or fixer, or take a group of
gangsters and fixers to take over enemy buildings. Combine both
for easier takeovers.

Gangsters can be upgraded with better weapons for faster kills.

Comments: Remember to send your guys to the hospital to
recuperate between battles.

5.1.4     Tenants (N/A)
Combat Rating: noncombatant (1/10)

How to get: breed them. You can convert worker to level 1 tenant
from your HQ.

Technically tenants are not under your control, but you do create
them, and you will encounter hostile tenants when you attack
hostile buildings.

Tenants can cause slight damage if they attack you in groups, but
they are easily killed.

There are five classes of tenants, level 1 through 5. Each class
has two slightly different types.

You need to have level 2 buildings before you can create level 2
tenants, and so on.

You need to match tenant level to building level to optimize

Tenant will complain to you about their building need certain
things, like fix-ups, someone messing with their fence, need
certain upgrades (like heavy curtains), and so on. They will also
complain about their neighbor's house (roaches, on fire, etc.)


The undesirables will be arrested ON SIGHT by the cops. If you
have a specific target in mind. build the "home" structure AS
CLOSE to the target as possible, to minimize the chance of
running into the police on the way. You may also want to call in
Fifi to distract the police.

Undesirables are useful in certain situations. More often, they
are required as part of the objectives.

5.2.1     The Thugs (Undesirable)
Thugs are also known as "hoodlum" in some references.

Combat Rating: can be useful (6/10), as there's several of them

How to get: build a pool hall (you may need to take one over

Usage: Thugs have two uses. One is to kidnap an enemy unit
(usually a tenant, though some missions may require you to hit
special targets). The other is to torch an enemy building. Both
require a bit of time, and no police presence.

How to stop: police presence, firepower (kill one or arrest one
and the rest will retreat)

Comment: You only get to use them twice. After that, build
another one.

Really stupid things to try: kidnap your own tenant.

5.2.2      Priest (undesirable)
Combat Rating: noncombatant (1/10)

How to get: build a church (take over one first)

Usage: this priest steals resources or money. He also frees
kidnap victim or prisoners.

How to stop: install alarm system or safe on/in the building you
want to protect. Heavy door will slow him down.

Comment: Only three uses, so decide carefully when you want to
use him. When you need a lot of gangster out of prison so you can
clean up is a good time. Some missions also require you to
acquire resources in enemy territory.

5.2.3      Bruto the Nutter (Undesirable)
Bruto is also known as "Psycho".

Combat Rating: this guy is nuts! (10/10)

How to get: build a slaughterhouse

Usage: Bruto has several attacks... the Tazz (tasmanian devil)
attack is very devastating, but hard to use. The regular attack
is not bad though.

How to stop: police presence

Comment: stay away from Bruto if he's doing the Tazz attack. Send
him into enemy structures and he'll whack just about everybody,
and almost wreck the place.

5.2.4      Ghost (Undesirable)
Combat rating: noncombatant (0/10)

How to get: build a haunted prison

Usage: possess a guy (if it's your guy, makes him invisible. If
it's enemy, makes him come under your control), haunts a house
(scares tenants silly), or raise zombies (scares the whole block

How to stop: Ghost Gunk Generator (from gadget factory)

Comment: Can be useful as economic sabotage. A few missions will
require you to use him. A few missions will require you to get
rid of him.

5.2.5      Fifi the Hooker (Undesirable)
Combat rating: noncombatant (0/10)

How to get: build the Riverside Bar

Usage: distract police, throw block party

How to stop: police presence (after her show's over)

Comments: get the police away from the places you need to take
over. A good time to use would be during the "final attack" on an
enemy HQ, for example.

5.2.6      Junior the Saboteur (Undesirable)
Combat rating: noncombatant (1/10)

How to get: build junk yard

Usage: bomb enemy property, mis-plumb enemy property

How to stop: a fixer and the tenants can fix the mis-plumbing.
However, the bomb is another matter... The bomb will go off if
you don't grab it soon, but you'll have to sacrifice a worker
unless there's enemy property nearby you can dump the bomb on. Do
it quickly.

Comments: one of the most deadly units... Use him properly!

Stupid trick: Have junior dump the bomb on one of YOUR
properties, then send in a worker to pick up the bomb THEN dump
it into an enemy property. The countdown clock starts after
Junior dumps it, so using your worker for the final leg will
minimize the time the enemy can pick up the bomb and run with it.


5.3.1      Wasters / Bums (Neutral)
Wasters (i.e. Bums) spend their money, and hopefully you grab any
many of them as you can to make the money.

How to get: find some fixers, have them shoot the wasters (yes,
shoot them), then have the fixers carry them back to your block
of businesses and dump them there. They'll spend their money on
your block then.

Comments: they only spend money on UPGRADED businesses, so find
the biggest block, put in all the businesses, upgrade them, then
hit all the wasters you can find and start earning money!

Side effect: all the wasters tend to attract police attention,
and eventually your business will be closed down. You need to
raise the bribe for the building up, and up... Up to 100%.

5.3.2      Police (neutral)
Police watch over any illegal activity. The more bodies pile up,
the more likely police will start patrolling. You can see the
police interest by those different color "stars" over specific

Police will arrest any undesirables they spot, or any one
observed performing illegal activities, namely fighting in public
(shots, knives, kicks, etc.).

Your businesses will also gather attention of the police due to
their seedy nature. Some trees can help disguise some of that,
but be prepared for your business to be closed every once in a
while. You can prevent that by allocating more and more of the
rent to police bribes.

You can use the police by "buying" some police beacons (send some
bribe to city hall). Then have workers dump the beacon to where
you need them. They are a great defense against enemy attacks and
undesirables. They don't protect you against enemy fixers
though... For that you need gangsters. To get more police
beacons, send more bribes to city hall ($2000 per beacon). Send
them in blocks of $2000 each.

There are two ways to use a police beacon: on a property, or on
the pavement.

If you drop a beacon on a property, the police will camp on that
property, thus giving it permanent protection. Of course, this
also means it won't make too much money.

If you drop a beacon on the sidewalk or in the street, the police
will patrol that entire block.

Also see [4.14]

5.3.3      Cousins (neutral)
Cousins are visiting mobster cousins and as such, they are
untouchable. Don't even TRY to shoot them. You don't ever need
to. In fact, you'll need to protect the cousins who come to visit

In general, Cousins are bad news for you, as they usually arrive
with some sort of a time limit.

6    The Buildings

You build the business, then build the appropriate gadget (with
gadget factory). Plant the gadget on/in the building, then pay
for the upgrade to push it up a level.

Just click on the business and click on the "upgrade requirement"
to see what is needed to upgrade this to the next level.

You need both businesses in level 1 in order to build a level 2
business. You need both businesses in level 2 to build a level 3
business, and so on.

There are FIVE levels of tenants as well, and they really WANT to
be in their own level of business. Don't mix them! When you breed
tenants, keep that in mind.

Plain                 Upgrade 1             Upgrade 2
Level 1
Soup Kitchen          Diner                 American Restaurant
Drinking Den          Brewery               Distillery
Level 2
Peep Show             Brothel               Burlesque Theater
Quack's Office        Pox-Doctor's Office   Clinic
Level 3
Coffin Maker          Undertaker            Funeral Parlor
Flop House            Boarding House        Grand Hotel
Level 4
Flea Pit              Nickelodeon           Cinema
Hack's Office         Print Office          Newspaper Office
Level 5
Saloon                Speakeasy             Nightclub
Gambling Den          Bookmaker             Casino


Cement Factory -- makes cement

Brick Factory -- makes bricks

Steel Works -- makes steel

Gadget Factory -- makes gadgets, see [7]


Hospital -- heals your units (workers, fixers, and gangsters)

Cemetery -- disposes of dead bodies, leaving no trace

Prison -- no real use for you, they help to police lock up more
people, needed for some missions


Pool Hall (Thugs, a.k.a. Hoodlums), see units.

Church (Priest), see units.

Old Haunted Prison (Ghost), see units.

Riverside Bar (Hooker, a.k.a. Fifi), see units.

Slaughterhouse (Psycho, a.k.a. Bruto), see units.

Junkyard (Saboteur, a.k.a. Junior), see units.   Sometimes called
"scrap yard".


City Hall -- where you pay the bribe to the cops, and the taxes

Police Station -- where the arrested go (though some go to

Headquarters (yours or theirs) -- do I need to spell this out?
you pay the other gang bribes by delivering a bribe bag to their

7    Gadgets
Some gadgets are upgrade only, some are enhancement only, some
are BOTH (depending on what building it's installed to.

Interior gadget goes on the INSIDE of the building. When you
deliver it, just click on the building you want it installed it
and it'll go there.

Exterior gadget goes on the outside, in the "yard". When you
select the building, you'll also need to select where on the
exterior to install at. Beware that not all spots are legal, so
try a couple different ones to find the optimum spot.

7.1.1     Oven (Interior)
Oven is used to upgrade soup kitchen into a diner. Cost $200

7.1.2     Still (Exterior)
Still is used to turn Drinking Den into Brewery, and Salon into

7.1.3     Evergreen Tree (Exterior)
Evergreen tree decreases stress of your tenants. Best used on the
buildings doing the breeding (workers or tenants). Cost $50

7.1.4     Deciduous (Exterior)
Deciduous trees decrease police interest in a site. Best used on
the "money block" where all the wasters/bums congregate. Cost $50

7.1.5     Heavy Curtains (Interior)
The $100 extra heavy curtains are used to shield the tenants from
the factory noises and loud explosions at night.

The $100 extra heavy curtains are also upgrade triggers for
Brothel and Nightclub

7.1.6     Deluxe Bed (Interior)
The upgraded model increases breeding output of tenants making
workers and tenants. Remember to replace them from time to time.

7.1.7     Home Repair Shed (Exterior)
This $2000 shed allows the tenant to repair their own house, no
more fixer visits needed.

7.1.8     Cockroach Trap (Interior)
This $200 trap will prevent unoccupied buildings from being
infested by giant roaches.

7.1.9     Emergency Exit (Exterior)
Allows the tenant to escape enemy attack or police raids. At
$5000, it doesn't seem to be very cost effective.

7.1.10    Ghost Gunk Generator (Exterior)
This is the equivalent of Roach Trap, except it gets rid of
ghosts. You can't preinstall these though, even at $500 a pop.
You need to wait until ghost infestation occurs before you can
install them. Consider building them in the gadget factory and
have them ready first.

7.1.11    Telephone / Telegraph (Interior)
This $500 device has multiple uses, including telling you that a
priest/thief came by, call for reinforcements, and serves as an
upgrade triggers. There may be a mission or two where you need to
add this to a building or two.

7.1.12    Steel Door (Interior)
Also known as "heavy door", this $100 upgrade slows down enemy
attacks and enemy thief/priests.

7.1.13    Safe (Interior)
Safe can be used to lock up important resources, preventing
Hoodlums and Priest from getting them. Your HQ is a good place so
enemy priest can't grab your money. If you don't want your
resource to be stolen, add one to your factories. Cost $100.

7.1.14    Burglar Alarm (Interior)
Can deter thief/priest, it's really more of a mission objective.

7.1.15    Kennel (Exterior)
This $1250 upgrade adds a nice attack dog that attacks any
hostile units that come visit. Great for those properties that
seem to be constantly under attack by enemy fixers.

When attacking, have your gangsters take out the dogs first
before sending in the fixers.

8    Hick Town Campaign
The campaign in Mob Rule is really a long mission with multiple
objectives. We'll explain each objective in the order it was
given and tell you how best o accomplish each.

TIP: Push the MISSION button to review your objectives.

Hick Town is sort of a tutorial. We'll start easy on ya.

8.1   PART 1

OBJECTIVES: Build soup kitchen next to your HQ, put a tenant
inside, and breed some workers.

Build the soup kitchen.

Put a tenant inside, set to "breed workers".

FUN STUFF: Watch the property and you may see a little baby
running around on the property.

When you get the new worker, the objective is done.

8.2   PART 2

OBJECTIVES: Buy some more land, build cement factory and gadget
factory. Build 10 units of cement, and breed 2 more workers.

Your existing plot can't fit both factories, so you need to buy
another block.

TIP: It's best to buy land next to a block owned by you, to
decrease travel time and defense.

Buy a block nearby, build your cement factory, call everyone to
work on it. Soon you'll get your cement.

On the block with cement factory, build gadget factory, and
again, get that up and running. Just one to go.

Wait until your tenant produced two more workers, and you're

8.3   PART 3

OBJECTIVE: Upgrade the Soup Kitchen by making an oven and getting
it installed. Change diner to "pay rent". Make a fixer and have
him start patrols.

Go to gadget factory and produce an oven (call over a few workers
if you need to). Then have one of the workers carry the oven to
the diner. That little "gear" icon means "install upgrade".

Once the oven is in, click on the soup kitchen, and click on
"show requirements before upgrade". As you've already installed
the oven, there should be none. So click upgrade, and call over
some workers. Soon, you're looking at a level 2 business.

TIP: Now that level 1 business has been upgraded to level 2, you
can breed level 2 tenants.

TIP: Only level 2 tenants can move into level 2 businesses,
though the previously level 1 tenant can continue living there.

Change the diner to "pay rent", and you're almost there.

By now, you should have quite a few workers. Go to your HQ, then
"summon" a couple of the workers. You need to convert one to
fixer. Once you get the first one, the objective should be done.

8.4   PART 4

OBJECTIVE: build another soup kitchen and drinking den (making
workers and tenants, respectively). Add some trees as well.

Add soup kitchen and drinking den, and assign them respective
tenants, and set one to make workers, the other to make tenants.

While you're at it, make another fixer so you have two. Set each
fixer to patrol one block of your turf. Turn AUTO-REPAIR on and
let them patrol.

Build some evergreen trees and have the workers plant them in
front of the 3 structures you have. Trees go OUTSIDE the building
but still on the plot of land. Once you got enough trees planted,
you're done.

8.5   PART 5

OBJECTIVE: Start making gangsters, and be ready to take out an
opposing mob family...

Call at least 3 workers to HQ and make a gangster. If you have a
lot left (say 8) make another gangster.

If you move quickly, the enemy building should be still under
construction. Bring over all gangsters and fixers, and attack ONE
enemy unit (the most dangerous first). Repeat, and repeat until
they are all gone. Voila. Objective complete

8.6   PART 6

OBJECTIVE: Destroy all enemy buildings, but do NOT attack the
Barbinos. Build hospital to heal your units, then breed a level 2

Wipe out those buildings as requested.

Your tenants should start complaining. Send fixers back to their
patrol routes, and maybe build a subway booth or two to keep them

Do NOT go anywhere NEAR the Barbino's places.

Build a hospital when you can. Your guys are probably wounded and
need some tender loving care after destroying hostile buildings.
Send them to hospital for some R&R. You may need to purchase
another block to build this.

You'll probably receive a "territory marker" (flaming barrel)
when the hospital is done. You should put that first one near the
hospital to mark that area. Remember to make the barrel's areas
"link up" so it's one large contiguous area.

Keep upgrading your businesses and tenants. Upgrade, upgrade...
Start making level 2 tenants and when you get one, you're onto
next set of objectives...

8.7   PART 7

OBJECTIVE: Now it's time to do the Barbinos. Take over one of
their businesses and sell it. Also, bring over a couple wasters
and have them patronize your "money block". Build more
businesses, of course.

You can either do the enemy business first or do the "money
block" first. It doesn't matter.

Do the enemy business basically means perform a "property raid",
see [2.8]. Set one or two gangster and two or three fixers over
and pick out an enemy business not too close to their HQ or the
cops, and no guards nearby. Send in the fixers to convert while
the gangsters stand guard. When converted, sell the property and

The money block is a bit difficult to explain. I'll refer you to
the long explanation at [2.9].

Remember to defend your property against hostile property raids
(though they usually send only ONE fixer, whom you can easily
chase off). Remember to do manual repair on a semi-converted

8.8   PART 8

OBJECTIVES: Now we'll take out a few of the Barbinos, but keeping
it quiet. Build a cemetery, get rid of the bodies, then mark the
cemetery with our marker.

If you got a notice to pay taxes, pay it immediately. The
government do NOT negotiate, and the interest can kill you faster
than bullets.

Build a cemetery, probably near the hospital, or anywhere you
have land.

Take your gangsters and 3 workers on this raid. Look for one of
their workers on the edge. Kill him, then have one of your
workers pick up the body and dump it into the cemetery. Repeat
until you get 3 kills. Retreat.

When all 3 bodies are gone, have the workers move the barrels a
bit so the cemetery is fully covered. Mission accomplished.

8.9   PART 9

OBJECTIVES: Collect a couple police beacons and plant them around
our blocks. All businesses should be paying at least 10% police
payoffs. Send $10000 bribe to the rival gang to keep them happy
for a while, and build some group 2 businesses.

There are two ways to use a police beacon: on a property, or on
the pavement.

If you drop a beacon on a property, the police will camp on that
property, thus giving it permanent protection. Of course, this
also means it won't make too much money.

If you drop a beacon on the sidewalk or in the street, the police
will patrol that entire block.

Right now, it doesn't matter. Just pick up those two beacons and
drop them ANYWHERE in your territory.

Now it's time to bribe the rival gang. Go to HQ and create a
bribe bag of $10000 bag. Send a worker to pick it up and have it
delivered to Barbino HQ.

Confirm all businesses are contributing to the bribe at least

Now you get access to group 2 businesses like Peep Show and
Quack's Office. You'll need to build a brick factory first though
to make them. Build up some spare bricks first.

Remember to keep the businesses making money. You build quite a
few things including those bribes and you may be feeling a bit of
cash crunch. Feel free to turn some of the older buildings to
paying rent (you should have enough workers for now). Locate more
bums/wasters and have them frequent your money block.

Remember to boost the bribe if the police starts to pay more
attention. If the police gets too interested, that business gets
closed for a year and you get no money at all. Paying the bribe
is worth it usually.

Once you got both level 2 businesses built, you're onto the last
set of objectives...

8.10  PART 10

OBJECTIVES: Now take over an enemy pool hall, then build one
yourself... And have some fun with it.

Gather a group of 3 (or more) fixers and 2 (or more) gangsters
and locate the enemy pool hall. Convert it. As it's a pretty big
structure you may be interrupted. Keep the fixers working and let
the gangsters handle the incoming. Remember to retreat if one of
them gets heavily wounded or the police show up.

If wounded, get healed in the hospital, then reassemble the group
and come back to finish the job.

If police, go away until the police lose interest and move away.
Continue job until done.

Now the pool hall is yours, click on it, and you'll see the thugs
can do two things... torch a building, or kidnapping.

Pick a nearby Barbino establishment and tell the thug to torch
it, preferably pretty low-key one far from police patrols. Order
them to retreat before the whole building goes boom.

Now order the thugs to kidnap a tenant from another Barbino

Consider selling off ALL your buildings except those needed to
build the final pool hall, as your bank balance carries over to
the next campaign (see [4.10]).

Finally, build your own pool hall anywhere there's space. As soon
as it's built, you win the Hick Town campaign.

9    Cripple's Bend
Congratulations, as a junior mobster you aren't doing too bad.
Joey the Runt and Limp Lenny have teamed together and taken over
this town called Cripple's Bend. Supposedly one of them has some
nice gold...

9.1   PART 1

OBJECTIVES: Build Quack's Office, Peep Show, Soup Kitchen,
Drinking Den. Breed workers, don't attack any one.

What's there to say? Get started building things! Buy a lot or
two and build those businesses! You will need to spread them over
the entire lot, don't waste any space or you may not be able to
buy more land lots! Set them all to make workers, and you should
be done.

9.2   PART 2

OBJECTIVES: Build FOUR Soup Kitchens near RED TEAM businesses,
but use no tenants. Put a few bodies inside... We want them to go

Now that you have enough workers, make a fixer or two, as you
need to fix things now. Keep making workers until you get a

Well, do what the objective says... Buy a lot near them, put four
soup kitchens in them. Then snipe around the edges to create a
few bodies with your gangsters and fixers... Dump them in there,
and watch them go boom.

9.3   PART 3

OBJECTIVES: Nice, time to do the BLUE TEAM. Make extra workers
for a suicide mission... Have to attack the defenders at his
funeral parlor... We want the cops to RAID that place... Create
at least one gangster for protection.

You should have already made at least one gangster, so that
part's done.

Build a hospital while you're at it.

Now create 4-5 extra workers, and pick the least experienced
ones. Put them NEAR the BLUE funeral parlor, but don't attack
yet. Put them INSIDE the property, but don't attack yet. Then
pick one, and attack the defender lounging around. If that guy
leaves, attack someone else on the property. One by one, they all
would die horrible deaths, and the cops should be very close by.
Do NOT attack this time... Just get as close to the cop AND the
defenders as possible. As defenders attack and your worker die,
the police will raid the building.

Worker will either attack relentlessly (attack mode), or retreat
if attacked (goto mode). So you must CONSTANTLY order the worker
to goto the funeral parlor, and make sure he doesn't attack.

Soon you can see the "red star" above Lenny's place, then the
cops arrive to haul Lenny off.

9.4   PART 4

OBJECTIVES: make at least 3 gangsters. Take over FOUR of Joey's
businesses (RED TEAM). Dispose of the bodies.

To dispose of the bodies means you need to build a cemetery,
which also means you need a brick factory.

If you haven't built a hospital, you should do so now. You will
need those gangsters in tip-top shape for this job.

Use the time here to expand your business. Build gadget factory
and upgrade those businesses, and start making a "money block".
You will need some workers, but not as much as before. Make
enough fixers so all the blocks are watched. Make enough tenants
so you have enough for these four businesses you'll take over.

Keep your gangsters low by using the two police beacons near the
enemy place or where the enemy fixers often come to visit. Call
in police protection. Cops will watch your place while you go
cause some havoc.

Make gangsters until you have enough, and a couple spare fixers
(3-4 is best). Bring a couple workers as well.

Send the team and pick a target, and take it over. If any one
gets killed, send a worker, pick up the body, and send it to the
cemetery. You don't want ANY police trouble.

After you capture the place, immediately send in your tenant and
let the fixer fix it up. Send the team to hospital to get rested.

Consider working on two separate edges of the place. After you've
taken over the place, move a police beacon there, and attack a
different side of enemy business. Alternate and let the cops
defend the new turf for you.

Repeat until you've taken over FOUR businesses.

9.5   PART 5

OBJECTIVES: Finish off Joey (RED TEAM). Take out his HQ and all
businesses. Capture one of Joey's POOL HALL before you finish off
the HQ.

This objective can be tough. The trick is don't let any of your
gangsters die. If any of them gets seriously weak, off to
hospital they go.

Get a group of 4 fixers together, and take over the pool hall.
You may not be able to convert it in one shot, so just retreat,
heal, and come back and do it. Obviously, no cops around... You
should do this first. If you do this later, you risk the RED TEAM
fall over before you capture the pool hall.

Slowly, work your way around and wipe out the Red businesses one
at a time. Upgrade the gangsters when you can. You'll appreciate
the efficiency. Take over and sell, or wipe out. It's your

You may see enemy undesirables. Deal with them as outlined in the
specific step above.

After you get rid of the other units and buildings, the HQ should
be pretty open for the picking.

Sell off YOUR buildings now as you need the money for the next

Have a bunch of workers ready to haul away any of the bodies.

Use fixers if you need to. Attack with all your gangsters and
fixers, haul away the bodies, and the HQ will be toast.

10   Rangoon Rumpus
Joey's toast, but Lenny have escaped to Rangoon, Burma, with the
gold. We think he's swapped the gold for a huge Ruby... Get it...

10.1  PART 1

OBJECTIVES: Build American Restaurant, and kidnap Lenny.

You start with a couple workers, one fixer, a soup kitchen and
drinking den. That's not much to start with... So you need to
build up quickly. You need workers. Assign your tenants and have
them start making workers.

You have no gangsters yet, but you do have money... So send some
money to city hall and pick up a few police beacons, and use them
for protection.

You need oven to upgrade, so you need a gadget factory and cement
factory. Buy a small plot of land near your HQ and build gadget
factory first, and get the oven done so you can upgrade the soup
kitchen to a diner. Then power the cement factory so you can have
enough cement to upgrade it all the way to American Restaurant.
You'll also need electric light.

Now you need to grab Lenny, and that means you need a Pool Hall.
Build one, then make sure your business is making enough money...
You need two or more gangsters as escorts, and a hospital to
patch them up after this fight.

Once you got two gangsters and the fixer over to the restaurant,
just wait outside and don't attack any one. Wait until you see
Lenny (in his ridiculous green hat) walk into the restaurant.


Have your hoodlums from the pool hall come over do the kidnapping
deed. Then have the fixer try to take over a business next to the
restaurant, like the factory. That ought to attract all the enemy
attention, allowing the hoodlums to enter the restaurant. When
your thugs nab Lenny, send your gangsters to attack whoever gets
in the hoodlum's way, and you should be able to get Lenny.

If that didn't work, heal the gangsters and the fixer, and do it
again, or just reload. They have no hospital, while you can build

10.2  PART 2

OBJECTIVES: Build a Brothel to house Carlos, a cousin. You have

Brothel comes from Peep Show. You may need to buy a new plot of
land for this new business. Get it built, but no upgrade yet. You
may be seriously hurting for money now. Convert ALL businesses to
pay rent instead. Borrow money if you have to. Build the two beds
for the Peep Show upgrade to Brothel, then pay for the upgrade.

Once you got the Brothel, go over the HQ and you'll see Carlos's
icon. Send him over to the newly opened Brothel and that should
be done. Wait until the time period is over.

Try not to run out of money.

10.3  PART 3

OBJECTIVES: Build a hotel with good security and communication
and we'll send you two Tommy Gun boys... Make sure Lenny doesn't
have a hotel.

Problem here is MONEY. You are SERIOUSLY hurting for money now,
so don't expand too much... You have no money for it.

Build a Flop House, sell your level 1 businesses if you need to,
borrow if you need to. Then get it upgraded to Hotel. You also
need the following upgrades installed:

     * Telephone / telegraph
     * Steel door / heavy door
     * Safe
     * Burglar alarm

Once that's done, your Tommy Gun boys should be waiting at your

10.4  PART 4

OBJECTIVES: Carlos was ambushed at the airport. Hit Lenny's
Restaurant, take it over, and get rid of all the bodies.

Got a hospital and cemetery yet? Build them if not. Then keep a
couple workers, and convert the rest to fixers. Upgrade the
gangsters to better weapons if you got the money. Create the
attack group.

Pick one of Lenny's outlying business, and take it over. Then
immediately SELL IT, and use it to pay off the debt. Heal, and
repeat. Keep the fixers and gangsters in separate groups, so the
fixers can keep converting while gangsters can keep fighting.

Pick up the bodies as you generate them. You need a worker or two
working as "runners" to deliver the bodies to the cemetery.

Don't let ANY of your gangsters die. Retreat to hospital if you
need to. Attack only if you are at FULL STRENGTH.

Try to attack the businesses making workers, so the enemy can't
replace his losses of gangsters. Concentrate fire so you take out
the gangsters first, then everybody. Remember to get rid of the
bodies before you re-attack.

Once you've cleaned out all of Lenny's businesses except the
restaurant and the HQ, he's pretty much toast, and you should
have plenty of money (and paid off all your debt). Now, just take
over the restaurant.

10.5  PART 5

OBJECTIVES: Lenny escaped. Find Lenny, hunt him down, and take
him out.

If you've taken out everything else, the only thing left of Lenny
is his HQ. Run around it a couple times and take out the
defenders. He can't have many workers or fixers or gangsters

Now is the time to sell off ALL your buildings, as you need the
money for the next campaign.

Now, keep the fixers to deal with the occasional workers, while
the gangsters take out the HQ. Keep a few fixers and workers
around to get rid of the bodies.

When the HQ goes down, you win!

11   Dead Dog Ditch
While you did great, our deal in Mexico is really going south
(both literally and figuratively). Apparently the Colombian gang
is in town, and our guys are left out in the desert. The only
steel plant is on the other side of the border... So be careful.

NOTE: If you have any debt, they would have been carried over.
You REALLY should have paid them off in that previous campaign...

11.1  PART 1

OBJECTIVES: Get rid of ALL of Colombian businesses on this side
of the border. Make at least two gangsters (keep them at the HQ).
Get the police to arrest EVERY Colombian that cross the border...
You get a bonus for every one that does.

You start with hospital, which is good. However, an enemy priest
may come by and deplete your account. So your first job is to
grab a police beacon and drop it right in front of your HQ to
make sure that priest can only go to jail. That's bonus money you
can always use.

You may think you can just take over those two businesses, but
consider that you have NO level 3 tenants, that's NOT good at
all. Instead, buy a nearby plot and start building Soup Kitchen
and Drinking Den, and start making workers. Soon you would have
extra fixers and at least one gangster around.

Once you get two or three fixers, and you have enough higher
level tenants, you can take over the Colombian businesses. Now go
grab a couple wasters and start making some money with those high-
level businesses.

Do NOT cross over the border yet.  Group your gangsters and chase
any other Colombian units across the border, do NOT cross the
border yourself.

11.2  PART 2

OBJECTIVES: Get a priest over to sneak some steel out of the
Colombian's Steel Plant. Then build the prison.

To use a priest, you need a church, but why build one? The
Colombian church is there... Right next to the target. So use it.
Of course, we'll need to take it over...

Start building ghost gunk generators as you'll need them VERY
soon. (Gadget factory, of course.)

Take your gangsters and fixers (at least 3) and cross over... And
convert THEIR church. You may need to retreat a couple times to
the hospital. But eventually, you'll get the church.

Pick up the bodies and dump them into enemy's businesses (except
the Steel Plant itself!)

Continue to build up your businesses. You will need money. Build
EVERYTHING you can (one of each) and upgrade them all. You will
need more and more workers. You can always use more gangsters.
Start building the hotels, night clubs, brothels, and so on.

When you see the ghosts, deploy the ghost gunk generators.

Once you get the church, which is right next to the steel plant,
send the priest over and voila, you got the steel.

Now that you have the steel, build the prison.

11.3  PART 3

OBJECTIVES: Use a ghost to possess one of their gangsters, then
use that gangster to take out two of their fixers. Use the cops
to patrol the border.

You will need to take over a haunted prison to create the ghost,
but obviously, you don't have one... So, you need to take over
the one south of the border.

If there are cops near the haunted prison, you have two
choices... Send NO gangsters, or send in Fifi (but to do that,
you need to BUILD a strip club/whorehouse, which needs some more
steel, so send in the priest again).

Any way, take over the haunted prison any way you can.

If the enemy priest is bothering you again, add burglar alarm,
safe, or whatever that will stop the priest in your HQ. Leave the
beacon in front of the HQ.

Get another police beacon (send another $2000 bribe to the police
station) and plant that at the border crossing. You should have
another beacon that's not in use (the third one is in front of
your HQ). Get that extra beacon to the other crossing. That
should take care of the border (check MISSION screen to be sure).

Once you closed off the border, it's time to do the possession
thing. Save the game now, as time is limited.

Take over one of the Colombian gangsters and try to corner one of
the fixers (right around the HQ?) away from the cops and nail
him. You have more ghosts on stand by in case you only kill one.
Don't worry about the health of this gangster... He doesn't
really work for you after all...

11.4  PART 4

OBJECTIVES: The Colombians are not too happy, and we'll calm them
down with a $50000 bribe. Build plenty of businesses (Brothels,
Night Clubs, Hotels...) to make that much money.

If you haven't built the higher-level businesses by now, you're a
bit late. Usually, you would have already DONE this part. Still,
you have a little time, so you can make it up.

Find all the wasters you can and make your "money block" (or even
two of them). You'll need a LOT of them to make your $50000.
Start increasing the bribes to keep the cops away.

Take over ANY enemy business you can and sell it, which gets you
MORE money. In fact, you need to do this a LOT. DO NOT send in
that last $10000 until you've whittled down the Colombians by
quite a bit.

When you have $20000, make a bribe bag. Get one of the gangsters
(yes, I said gangster) pick up the large bribe bag and deliver
it. Do NOT attack any one. If he was forced to drop the bag, pick
it up and keep going.

Repeat until you've delivered all $50000 to the Colombians.

11.5  PART 5

OBJECTIVES: Guido (cousin) is coming to observe. Make FOUR
gangsters to protect him. SMASH the Colombians.

The problem here is... You have ONLY two years to do this.

If you already have FOUR gangsters (and you SHOULD, if not more),
call them to HQ and that's that. Else, make some! I would
recommend at least 5, if not six gangsters.

Work around the edges and keep taking out the Colombian

Give yourself enough time to take out the enemy HQ.

Once you blew up the enemy HQ, that's it...

12   Capital City
Capital City has no less than THREE factions already established
before you came in.

To the west, you have Frankie O'Flaherty.

To the east, you have Harvey Goldsteen.

To the north, you have Tony Padella.

You need to take them ALL out, one at a time.

The plots are smaller, so you need to plan ever better on what
goes where. Leave the BIG blocks for your money blocks and baby
blocks. The small blocks should be reserved for factories,
churches, hospitals, and so on.

12.1  PART 1

OBJECTIVES: Release your gangsters with the priest. Upgrade all
the businesses with electric lights and telephones.

You have only TWO gangsters in jail, so it's NOT a major loss.
Also you don't have any businesses to upgrade... So you need to
build some... And of course, plenty of workers.

You can see that Capital City is NOT a friendly place at all...
There's plenty of Undesirables around, including Bruto... So you
will need a police beacon in front of your HQ ASAP. And stay away
from the Psycho...

Try to locate a block nearby and start your "money block" ASAP.
Pick somewhere else for a church as you WILL need to release
those gangsters soon. Don't forget to send in fixers on patrol
routes do to auto-repair.

Build the church on a SMALL plot so not to waste any land.
Release the gangsters using the priest.

You can see your gangsters are pretty weak from all that time in
prison. Better build a hospital quickly for them.

Build and upgrade your businesses. You need money first. Use the
police to keep Psycho and other gangsters and fixers away. Expand
your business. Keep a couple level 1 businesses to produce
workers. The rest should be cranking out some more tenants and of
course, money.

12.2  PART 2

OBJECTIVES: Kidnap Frankie and make him disappear, then take down
his distillery...

Kidnap is the job for the thugs, so you'll need a Pool Hall. Set
one up as close to the distillery as possible...

Remember to keep the pressure on all the other guys. You don't
want one faction to become suddenly very strong.

When ready, group your force of at least 3 gangsters and 3
fixers. Get the hoodlums over to kidnap Frankie. As soon as
Frankie is out, convert the distillery. When the distillery is
yours, you win this part.

12.3  PART 3

OBJECTIVES: Frankie's boys aren't too pleased, so take over a
Slaughterhouse and send Bruto at three of their businesses. Then
use the police to keep Tony Padella's undesirables away from
you... Make sure you have enough prisons to hold them all...

You should have noticed SEVERAL slaughterhouses nearby you can
take over... Pick one away from protection and take it over, and
Bruto is yours to call. Do NOT let him get caught... You have
only 3 chances, don't blow any of them. Pick a target with NO
cops around. Pick your targets carefully.

Now it's time to build prisons, as there will be quite a few
arrests. You'll need THREE prisons. Find a plot that'll fit three
prisons before you are ready to get the police involved.

Now that the prisons are ready, send over $2000 at a time to get
a beacon. Then have the workers drop one beacon at EACH of the
Undesirable buildings (slaughterhouse, junkyard, whorehouse,

NOTE: Drop the beacon ON THE PROPERTY, not right next to it.

Now watch the cops haul them away...

12.4  PART 4

OBJECTIVES: Nice job, but Harvey's gang are expanding to the
east... Capture THREE of his businesses. Cousin Carmine is
coming... When he gets here, make sure he visits all three and
leaves town in one piece. Finally, take out three of Harvey's
gangsters in the cemetery.

This one can be tough if you still haven't built a nice
respectable set of businesses yet. You need to have positive
cashflow and all that. Upgrade your gangsters ASAP, as you need
the better weapons.

You'll need at least three gangsters (more like four) and at
least three fixers (four's better) as your "strike force".

Obviously, don't attack any businesses with cops nearby. Pick
around the edges.

When you take it over, do NOT sell it. You need to operate it
with your tenants. Pick level 1 or level 2 businesses (matching
whatever you took over). Sell your copy of it, and move the
tenant over to that new place you just acquired.

Save the game now, so you don't have to start all over when the
timer starts.

Cousin Carmine should have shown up by now at your HQ. You have
TWO YEARS to show him the sights.

Take over all three businesses, and have him visit EACH ONE. Be
sure to provide gangsters as escorts. Click on him to make sure
he's happy with what he saw, THEN sent him back to the HQ.

Now... It's time to do in those gangsters. Group together your
gangsters and start taking out the opposing gangsters. Kill,
heal. Kill, heal. When you take out three, you're good. No one
said anything about doing them together, so take a break in

12.5  PART 5

OBJECTIVES: Frankie's brother Cecil wants revenge, so play dirty.
Build Pool Hall, Haunted Prison, Strip Joint, and Junk Yard, and
use ALL the undesirable's abilities.

You won't need the Church any more, so you can sell that. You can
also sell any businesses that are not really making money. Keep
enough so you still have a positive cashflow and enough births to
replace any tenants and workers.

Now build those places... and use up all the space, as the enemy
is building too and they WILL build next to you if you let them.
Use all the special abilities... And chip away at the enemy while
you're at it. You REALLY want to shrink them down for the final

12.6  PART 6

OBJECTIVES: Wipe out all opposition.

This one is not that tough if you've been chipping away at all
your opponents throughout the game... Constant property raids.
Raid, sell. Raid, sell.

You can sell most of your properties now, as you don't need the
burden of defending them and maintaining them. Keep a few to keep
producing workers in case you lose some gangsters and fixers.

You may need a couple of Strip Joints to create Fifis. You need
to keep the cops away while you destroy the enemy HQ's.

Once you destroyed all opposition, you've won the game.

13   Misc. Info

Enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] at the team
color selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Enter any other codes as needed, then start the game. Press C
during game play to toggle the selected cheat(s).

Effect                                            Code
Faster network game                               speed364
Always produce workers                            worker928
All weapons available for gangsters               weapons563
Pick any tenants                                  tenants872
Get unlimited bank loans                          loans458
Buy any land                                      estates216
Build any structure/houses                        houses462
Structures are built IMMEDIATELY (no build time)  build830
All gadgets now available                         gadgets215
Upgrades are done immediately (no build time)     upgrade934
All maps now available                            maps029
Worker can pick up enemy houses                   pickup036


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