OK! I just want to say something more about games UFO and UFO2.It is simple add
on letter of Paul James prj91@ecs.soton.ac.uk 

I hack little in file unitref.dat.That file is made when you save status while you are playing a mission on ground.In that file the record of every soldier is
long 124 bytes.First few bytes I dont understand but byte number 12 is byte for Time Units.Byte number 15 is for Energy of soldier. Bytes 19,20,21,22,23 are for armour.
It is simple to find what byte is for what.
Just start to play game and on first misson against aliens save position,remember all characteristic of soldier and exit game.After that use some editor and go on bytes 12,13 etc and compare what you remember and what is in file.

It is very important that file unitref have SAME number of bytes as it have befor you change it.

And than again if you dont have any knowledge for programming or you dont have time for that I made WWW page specialy for spoilers in wich is little program called cracker.zip with little help in it.Download it if you want...

				Have fun in playing UFO,
						Goran Pizent

P.S. All this is same for UFO2.Everything...But you must know HWP's is little longer.One byte.... :))))))

URL for program cracker is http://fly.cc.fer.hr/~gpizent !

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