OK heres some info I've gained about UFO, along with some tips.

Craft statistics:

Max Speed 3100 Acceleration 8 Fuel 30 Weapon points 1
Damage    800  Cargo cap   12 HWP   0

Max Speed 5400 Acceleration 10 Fuel 60 Weapon Points 2
Damage    1200 Cargo cap    26 HWP 4

Firestorm 4200 Acceleration 9 Fuel 20 Weapon Points 2
Damage    500  Cagro cap    0 HWP 0

The firestorm is the new fighter craft you can research, lightning the new
fighter transport and the avenger is the ultimate craft.

Craft Weapons

Fusion Ball  Damage 230 Range 65 Accuracy 230% Reload 25s
Laser Cannon Damage  70 Range 21 Accuracy  70% Reload  4s
Plasma Beam  Damage 140 Range 52 Accuracy 140% Reload  6s


Type                  Aimed    Snap  Auto  Dam Type Dam Type Dam Type
Pistol                 78/30   60/18        26  AP
Rifle                 110/80   60/25 35/35  30  AP
Heavy Cannon           90/80   60/33        56  AP   52  HE   60   I
Auto Cannon            82/80   56/33 32/40  42  AP   44  HE   48   I
Rocket Launcher       115/75   55/45        75  HE  100  HE   90   I
Laser Pistol           68/55   40/20 28/25  46 Laser
Laser Rifle           100/50   65/25 46/34  60 Laser
Heavy Laser            84/75   50/33        85 Laser
Grenade                                     50  HE
Smoke Grenade                               60  HE
Porximaty Grenade                           70  HE
High Explosive                             110  HE
Heavy Plasma          110/60   75/30 50/35 115 Plasma
Plasma Pistol          85/60   65/30 50/30  52 Plasma
Plasma Rifle          100/60   86/30 55/63  80 Plasma
Blaster Launcher      120/80               200  HE
Small Launcher        110/75   65/40        90 Stun
Alien Grenade                               90  HE

AP = Armour piercing  HE = High Explosive I = Incendiary

The pairs of numbers indicate accuracy and tu cost to shoot.

Base Facilities

Type           Time to Build Cost Maintainance Def Value Accuracy
Laser Defence   24 Days      900K    10k        600       60%
Plasma Defence  36 Days     1200K    12K        900       70%
Fusion Ball     36 Days     1800K    14K       1200       80%
Grav Shield     38 Days     2300K    15k
Mind Shield     33 Days     1300K     5K
Psi Lab         24 Days      750K    16K
Hyper Wave Decoder 26 Days  2000K    30K


Alien Race      Attacks with     Resistance to  Vulnerable to
Sectiod         Weapons & Psi
Snakemen        Weapons           fire?
Ethereal        Weapons & Psi
Muton           Weapons            AP
Floater         Weapons
Celatoid        Venom
Silacoid        HTH               fire I
Cryssalid       HTH *                               HE
Reaper          HTH                                 I
Sectopod        Weapons           plasma          laser

* When a Cryssalid attacks a human a zombie is made

Alien Missions

Research: Samll vehicles, least threat to earth and Xcom
Harvest: Any size ships, great concern to governments
Abduction: Causes great alarm
Infiltaration: Make pact with earth govt, greatest threat to Xcom
Base: Build alien base (you need to let them build one to win game)
Terror: causes hysteria, troubles govts
Retaliation: Attack Xcom base
Supply: supply alien base

UFO stats

Ship type      Damage Weapon power Weapon Range Speed
Small Scout       50       0            0        2200
Medium Scout     200      20          120        2400
Large Scout      250      20          272        2700
Harvester        500      40          176        4000
Terror Ship     1200     120          336        4800
Supply Ship     2200      60          288        3200

(Anyone got the stats for a battleship? and any others I've missed?)


Build a few bases at the start, make sure they all have long range radar.

If you have engineers with nothing to do have them make something like laser
weapons and sell them. You can sell them for more than it costs to make them.

Don't have too many tanks in a bases stores, the game will crash if aliens
attack your base (I had fifty once, expecting to wipe out the aliens in a most
humiliating manner, but it crashed on me :-( )

Always leave enough TU's for a snap shot.

Unload any weapons using ammo at the end of a battle or during the equiping
stage otherwise you will lose the ammo.

If you are running short of elerium use interceptors from multiple bases and
give your troops laser weapons. If you feel confidant let the aliens attack your
base, you can get lots (eg 3000+) elerium in a single battle.

When you have troops when psi skills and amps they can use psi against any alien
you can find, they don't need line of sight. (yes you can leave troops in the
transport and use HWP's to scout for aliens *snigger*)

If one of your men in under alien control at the end of a battle he counts as
MIA, therefore wiat until he is no longer in control before finishing off

Don't research the same thing at different bases, there is no benefit.

To find out about ship stats research alien engineers, to find out about
missions research navigator.

To find out about Psi research ethereals (and maybe sectoids)

To find out about armour research alien alloys.

To ge tnew ships research UFO power source, UFO navigation, Elerium & UFO

The hyperwave decoder lets you find out what mission UFO's have and other

On missions like retaliation, base and terror, small ships scout before the
larger ships come in. If you destroy the scouts no larger ships will appear.

Hacking soldier.dat

In a quick fix to the strength bug I worked out some details on how information
in soldier.dat (one of the files in the save game directory). This applies to
games saved from the geoscape, I'm not sure whether they all work in Battlescape

Each soldier is made up of 72 bytes

9th byte is the number of missions the soldier has been on.
11th byte is the number of kills
13th byte is the number of days till wound heals
17-29 bytes the soldiers name(may be longer I don't know)
43-? initial stats

Initial stats are those the soldier had when he was a rookie, not the total for
each. I didn't work out where the information on stat gains due to experience.
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