MOO2(Part 1)
This Games basically depends how u manage your scarce resources
,colonization,diplomacy and lastly war strategy with the other alien on

Some Tips that I Found after spending Hours for this game.

1.During Custom Mode...try to pick Charismatic(help u to get better
Heroes and leaders..)Creative ( this is Utmost important ..enable you to
learn all Tecnologies
Basically If u desire more picks...try to put Low Gravitation (-5)since
Land combat (-2) as u realise most of the time we will ended up war in
the space rather on the land.

After settle down..try to reasearch...Fuel technologies...which enable u
to fly further and meet other nation.
use this tricks...
1.try to get non agression treaty at the beginning..then combine it with
trade ...this two treaty are the best ..since the first one prevent
enemy attack u and the other one provice u extra income + good
relationship with other

Never never attempt to build colony at earlier  stage..that is too
One way if u really wish to have new colony...get it from your enemy..
Of course this is not by go to diplomatic scenes...then asked
them to surrender the colony ..(note : this only appicable is the colony
only have one million population.

Try to build colony within your own sistem...this much cheaper compared
with the other to other star system.

During game when u keep contacting more alien..make sure u boost up the
internal defence..(by bulid more spies around.)

The first decent ship to build..most probably the ships( destoyer) with
Mass driver ,Mass driver (DP) and heavy armor..

Terraforming is the crucial technologies at the medium of the games..use
that to expand your total population

Hydroponic and bioshpere should be reaserch earlier..the advantage of +2
can enable u to transfer some farmer to scientish..Biosphere provide
additional 2 million population to work around.

With care and tender love surely your empire will growth
just make sure don`t expand to early and excessively

Note: Never aim Stellar converter at planet...this will killl all the
population..unless u want to have something nicer..
wait at the screen combat use the command you will know
that being God awhile is worthwhile you don`t like those assface just
Zap them and killed them...*(ha ha more asteroid belt around)

Good luck to all gamer...

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